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Happy First Birthday Celia Claire

May 19, 2017                                                                                                 Most Recent Posts:
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Celia’s very first birthday is actually today but she came early to visit us and we spent 3 days having fun with her.  Here are some of the seriously too many pictures taken of our darling grandaughter. 

For Christmas Grandpa and I got Celia her very own Pooh bear and she brought him with her along with her sweet Mama of course.



She’s such a happy and busy baby, crawling all over, investigating everything and pulling herself up to see what she can find in every corner.



We’ve learned the purpose of grandparents is to spoil grandchildren.  My friends have been telling me this for years. So of course there are too many presents for this cutie.  But we don’t do them all on one day.  Only one bag or box per day.

Celia takes this job of her first birthday bag very seriously.


Although when she finds the hat, she tosses it aside and keeps looking.



Mom plops it on her head anyway.




P1060844 (2)


Here’s what Celia finds, those classic stacking rings.  Carrie had a set of these when she was one, I think I might even have had a set.  Did you??  She starts figuring it out right away.



Later, Carrie has arranged to have lunch with two of her high school friends and they chat while Celia crawls and entertains.





And boy does she entertain. Click here to take a look.  There are 3 short videos in this post and they are all better if you make them full screen. Sure wish I could figure this video thing out.  Now you may have to hit the back button after the video to go back to the post.  SIGH….

Anyway Celia is definitely a busy busy chatty girl.



Nothing like having a mother and two aunties to get you set in your stroller for a walk over to one of Carrie’s favorite lunch spots, Bodo’s bagels.  Of course I totally forget to take any pictures of our lunch.




But I do get these afterward.  She’s a happy baby at the bookshelf.  A birthday elf told Nana that Celia loves books and needed hats.





How about those cute teeth?  She has two uppers as well.



Next day there’s a visit to the park. where Celia and her mom play on the swings and the slide.   Aren’t these just the greatest swings for little ones? 







Looks like we wore her out.



Sweet baby!


Short nap.  Grandma puts one of Celia’s new hats on Pooh.  Celia is non plussed.

P1060853 (10)C


The next day for lunch she gets to try out her mama’s high chair in the company of her Grandpa’s Polar Bear straight from his trip to Churchill Manatoba to see the real Polar Bears while we still can.  Sure hope there will still be ice and glaciers and polar bears for her to visit and take her children.




It’s day 2 and more presents.  More hats. 



And books including Giraffe’s Can’t Dance which is a great one she’s looking at.






She particularly likes the large and low Victorian windows in the farm’s living room bay.  They are just perfect for her to walk herself around and look out.


Her mama plops her latest hat on her head before going outside.



Outside she’s interested in her Mama’s Strawberry Shortcake clothes which have been packed away in a Strawberry Shortcake tin for a LONG time.  Perfect for little hands.  Grandpa supervises.


P1060908 (5)


Where did Granpa go?  What is he doing now? 


Few things cuter than Celia in the buttercups.



Grandpa left a whole patch just for her.  Oh the wonder!



There are even more things to investigate and find out about outside.


Next visit, she’ll be running around.



Celia tries her hand at the piano.  Wish we had video’d this.



Someone is getting tired.  Well actually maybe two girls are getting tired.




Everything fun doesn’t have to be a toy, the old cast irons used as doorstops will do.



And so will all the jars and baskets on the canning shelf.





Oh my, playing is hard work.




Grandpa is looking at the camera but Celia wants to turn his attention to something else.  Finger pointing and clapping are big behaviors this visit.



She looks pretty cute in Grandpa’s hat as well.   She may like it better than any of hers.



She and Granpa play with her Mama’s wooden blocks.  First they are building.  Then she’s practicing her throw.   Short video of the game of catch is here.



It is an absolutely beautiful day at the farm so a walk up the farm lane through the woods and down the farm lane by the fields is in order.







In the evening, they get to see lovely clouds over the Blue Ridge Mountains from the backyard of the farm.  They will be leaving tomorrow.   Boo Hoo!



All good things must come to an end and on their last morning we go out to breakfast at the Tip Top Breakfast Diner where Celia tries chocolate chip pancakes.  YUM!!




Then it’s time to open one last present. 



As she and I open the present, she has her own ideas of what to do with the books and things in this box.  To see the short video, click here.



They are our girls and we love them more than words can ever tell.





Many Many more HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYS Celia Claire!!