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Afternoon at Epcot

Tuesday April 12, 2016                                                                              Most Recent Posts:
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Orlando, Florida


It took 14 hours for my previous post on our morning at the Flower and Garden Festival to show up on blog rolls.  So I’m not surprised if you didn’t see it.  There is a link above it you want this post to make more sense.


First stop over the bridge for our afternoon – well it’s already actually it’s almost 2:30 by now – is Britain where we find Tudor architecture.   Some of the very best part of the World Showcase is the authentic architecture. 


We also find  Peter Pan, and below him, Captain Hook facing off with Tick Tock the Crock.





Look up for Pan, David missed him.





It’s for you David.  Seems the doctors and the pharmacy can find you anywhere.




We head across the water to France where we find Cinderella and her prince.




The clock is striking midnight. 


Further on, it’s beauty and the beast.



I have to say my favorite character in this story is the candelabra with its Maurice Chevalier voice.  It wasn’t Chevalier of course but it sounded like him.  I would definitely like to have been Maurice’s guest.




At this point we think perhaps we’d better have dessert so we head back to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop our favorite spot located between Disney’s Beach and Yacht Clubs.



It’s just the perfect soda shop but very small so don’t bother going if you don’t have a reservation.  It’s possible they will work you in but you’ll wait for the pleasure.





Eat your heart out oh twin of mine, it’s No Way Jose.  Wish you were here.
And yup, I”m gonna eat the whole thing and call it dinner.



Pretty sad when it’s all gone.



For a quarter you can listen to tunes from the juke box era.  Check these out.  Only one of TWELVE pages of choices.


If it weren’t for Winnona and Fort Wilderness, I’d have a hard time choosing between the Wilderness Lodge and the Beach Club Resort where in warm weather you can swim at the beach and play on the water slides into the pool.



And all year you can do movies under the stars.  I’d like to do that some time.  Interesting, no movie on Friday this week




From here we’re off to Morocco to absorb a little of the architecture and the creations of the Disney Imagineers.



Doubt I’ll ever make it to Morocco but the feel of the bazaar is in the streets and makes me wish I could go.





You really do have to take your time and look around to appreciate the authenticity.



And be sure to look up.  The architecture is simply stunning.  Hats off to Disney.




When we leave Morocco we can hear the drums.  From previous visits we know if we hurry we can catch some of the performance of the fabulous Japanese Drummers.





The castle gates are open and inside of course is the gift shop and a excellent museum of Japanese Culture.


Between the pagoda and the castle are Japanese gardens and pools complete with koi and bonsai.




This trained bald cypress is 65 years old.


From Japan we move on around the World Showcase Lagoon and run into Woody from Toy Story near the BBQ stands of the American Adventure.




Lady and the Tramp welcome us to Italy.  I absolutely love her ears.  The topiary is simply amazing.





Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs are between Italy and Germany.









Between Germany and China we find the Lion King.



Tiny Timon and huge Pumbaa are here too.



In China, the courtyard is dominated by a replica of the Temple of Heaven, which contains the entrance to the Circle-Vision 360° movie exploring China's history and scenery.  It’s beautiful and well worth the visit. 




The courtyard is bordered by shops selling Chinese merchandise, and two Chinese restaurants. The pavilion is decorated with ponds, crossed by bridges.






Today the bridge crosses water with a topiary dragon.






It was quite a surprise to look down from the fabulous topiar dragon and see this little frog hiding out.



When we entered the Chinese Pavillion through these spectacular gates we could see the performance area for the Chinese Acrobats.  Lucky for us, they were only a few minutes from beginning their show as we walk back toward the gate to leave.





You’d never know from seeing them here that these girls are made of rubber.












I thought this was amazing.  Such strength and balance.


And then I saw this.  How do they do it?  He’s balanced where?  On the back of the standing guy’s neck?
Look ma no hands?


Our day is drawing to a close as we head on around past Norway where we find Elsa and Anna of course.



The sun sets behind the trees across the lagoon.  A beautiful ending to a wonderful day in Epcot.



Although the Mexican Pavillion looks beautiful in the lights of evening and it’s Mesoamerican Pyramid steps beckon us, we have had a full day and are too tired to do even one more thing.  If you are more of a night owl than a morning bird, be sure to come to the World Showcase after dark and see it all lighted and stay for the fantastic fireworks display.  We have done it previously.  But too tired today.




One nice thing about Epcot.  You can always be sure which way is out by looking for the round Spaceship Earth from anywhere.



It’s our final picture as we head to the monorail which will take us to the boat back to Fort Wilderness. 
Another simply wonderful day in Walt Disney World.