Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Great Creations

Sunday July 31, 2011
Bear Lake State Park, Idaho
Well the weather folks were right.
They said Friday was going to be the last day of sunshine and it was.
Saturday and Sunday were both cloudy and overcast.
Saturday I went running down the “main” road
outside the campground where all of one car
passed in nearly an hour.
I passed by the primitive
tent camping campground.


I learned that some tents have wheels.


It was dark and dreary on Saturday
We were concerned about taking the kayaks out
given the way things looked.
So they just sat on the beach and I looked at them longingly
while we sat by the water and read.

The wind kicked up in the afternoon
so we went back and tied down the awning
with the awning anchors and anti-flap strap equipment.
Note to self: Given the hard ground, it would have been
faster and easier just to bring the awning in.

Wish I had taken pictures of that set up with its “tie downs”,
but I didn’t.  The rain never came, the wind just huffed and puffed.

We spent some of the early evening
voyeuristically watching our tenting neighbors.
A variety of folks, very funny to watch.
People are so strange and entertaining,
all of us.

And then the sun went down.
And that was it for another day
at Bear Lake Idaho

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 001

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 005

Today things looked about the same
so we decided we would take the kayaks out
and just stay close to shore.

About 5 seconds after I said “Let’s just go”
the thunder boomed and lightning flashed.
Well forget that idea.
Although I could see the jet skis out there still.

When nothing happened,
I decided I’d just change into my suit
and go over to the shore and get in the water.

I get my suit on and….you guessed it,
more thunder.

Nothing happened.
So I put a beach bag together with sunscreen,
(they say it’ll get you even behind the clouds)
my water shoes and other sitting by the water essentials.
Shouldered the bag,
put on my hat,
started out the door
AND…………..more thunder and lightning.

So in retaliation I opened all the roof top air vents.
That should make it rain and get it over with.
And sure enough, the wind picked up.
It huffed and puffed and then stopped
just as soon as I made any move to go toward the water.
Back it came.

I finally dared it to rain on me and
went out to the shore anyway.
There weren’t a lot of people there but those that were
were having a good time and staying close to shore.
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 018

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 022A

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 026


Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 031A

The clouds kept looking OMINOUS!
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 048

It was clearly raining across the lake

and in about 30 minutes, the rain came over to our side.
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 059
The most productive thing that happened today
was David’s Great Invention.

Once upon a time we had a stand for our water filter.
$15 from Camping World.
David declared it wasn’t the perfect design
because it
a) only had two legs and
b) had to be driven into the ground
If you had a lawn that would be fine
but most of the campsites we are in are hard packed
and it’s pretty impossible to get it in the ground without hammering
which would potentially bend the frame.
(picture compliments of Camping World website).

So given that he didn’t like it, you can predict what happened.
Thoughts are things
and at one point when we were moving,
he drove off and forgot it.

Of course he refused to buy another one
so the filter just laid on the ground until today.

After cleaning up the campsite from the previous thoughtless users,
aluminum drink cans, tin foil and other trash,
he took it all over to the dumpster
where he found two yard signs
that were put up for the Grand Opening
of the new State Park Visitor’s Center
that we stopped at across the lake a couple of days ago.
(He denies he was dumpster diving LOL)

The signs had easily removable metal legs which he, 
in packrat mode,
thought might be useful for something.
And so they turned out to be.

Here he is considering what to do with this
now that he’s removed the sign.

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 010
And here’s what he did with one of them
in pretty short order.
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 011

Since there were two, if he drives off and forgets his invention,
unlikely since he is so fond of it,
he has a spare.
I’ll have to give him KUDOS

And here’s the last Great Creation of the day
and what happened to it.
Rain or shine we’re sure eating well!
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 060

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 062 

Bummer that they are predicting rain
for the rest of our stay here
but I guess being on a lake is better
than being lots of other places on rainy days.

Water days

Friday July 29, 2011
Bear Lake State Park Idaho
Site 29

Went running yesterday morning. 
Along the sand on the beach is
about as good as it gets.
Both down
and back
Found these really interesting flowers growing
in the sand along the water.
complete with bee doing his thing
can you see him?

I’ve never seen such sand flowers.
Aren’t they lovely?
The weather this spring and summer
all over the country has been extreme.
In Virginia and other parts of the south
temperatures are consistently
in the mid to upper 90’s.
This spring the problem here was flooding
and the lake shows the effects of it.
I’m not sure but I think it is due to snow melt
rather than excessive rain.

Trees growing in the lake here are not
nearly as far out in the water as they
are further south as we found out later.
But still….

Spent the rest of the day just hanging out relaxing
Some folks have big water toys
to do their relaxing in.


Mostly we were reading  by the water

Idaho Day #2 004 
and just enjoying the day.

This morning we got the kayaks off the car,
put them on the carts and walked them
down to the water.  So nice to be so close.
My kind of place, no driving required.
Now do I have everything?
Off we go
Idaho #3 005

On this side of the lake, the mountains
are much closer to the water.
See the poor tree tops in the water?


The water is up so high that the original shore line
is now what seems like half a mile out into the water.
And the trees are nearly covered in water.

Idaho #3 013

 Idaho #3 035
Our approach flushed the red winged
blackbirds from the rushes.
Don’t suppose you can see the red on their wings
in this picture.


We passed this gang marching along down the beach.
If I could swim and fly,
I’m not sure I’d walk.
But each to his own.  :-)
Idaho #3 043

This fellow was very busy scurrying along
the shore.
Idaho #3 056 
We spent some fun time watching him and
trying to stay still in the water and not
frighten him away.

This is the first time we’ve ever been
paddling in the woods.
Not a good place to get lost and try
dropping bread crumbs.


Some of the  trees clearly won’t  survive
being up to their necks in water.

Idaho #3 048

When you are on the shore, the water looks
an amazing blue,  when you are out away from
the shore in the kayaks it looks green
but when you are near the shore and look down, it is clear.
We made it back by noon and left the kayaks on
the shore waiting for us for tomorrow.
We have a nifty lock for them which I’ll try
to remember to take a picture of when we
go out tomorrow.
Nice resting spot huh?
Love this convenience.

After lunch and some fiddling around, it
began to get warmer than I like so it
was time to go down and play in the water.

Does David have enough hot air to blow up his
tube?  I had no trouble of course.  :-)
Idaho #3 071

Sun is SO bright the camera had a hard time with the water.
But here I am  enjoying the fruits of
my huffing and puffing.
VERY fine!!
Idaho #3 075
We weren’t the only folks out having
fun on the water today.
This lady had a mess of paddlers
helping her out.
Idaho #3 077A

A fine Friday at Bear Lake State Park in Idaho!
Bunnies think so too.

Same House New Yard

Wednesday July 27, 2011
Bear Lake State Park, IDAHO
East Beach Campground Site 9


Today was moving day.  
We didn’t go far but WHAT a difference.
Neither of us cared much for the campground
on Bear Lake in Utah.
Perhaps if we’d had a site on the water
it might have been different.
Although those sites are so close
together and there are so many
children, dogs, vehicles coming and going
making so much noise that I doubt it.
Are we becoming old fuddy duddies???

Our site there was right across from the “cabins”
and the bathroom.  It had a parking lot feel.
Our neighbors seemed to come and go daily
with most of them pulling in and setting up after 10PM at night. 
Not sure what that was about.
But they had no concern at all
about the noise they were making as they
yelled to each other and their dogs barked.
There was a campground host but
neither of us ever saw him/her.
We were glad we were only there for 3 days.

BUT we did get a lot done.
Like the bike bags on the car protecting the bikes.
Thanks Gin!

Bear Lake on Monday 008

A LOT of solar research.
A plan for next winter coming into being.
And you have to be somewhere right?
Plus the sunsets were lovely.
But in the end my advice is
skip it!

Today we pulled out
and drove back to Garden City Utah
where every single business in town
other than the real estate offices
advertises Raspberry milkshakes.
And they are all “famous”.

Garden City seems to be two blocks
of take out restaurants with no indoor seating
just outdoor tables and an order window.
There was one eat in Mexican restaurant.
I didn’t even see a post office.

Of course we stopped to try the milk shakes.
And foolishly chose the place that had the biggest sign.
Notice that these are “famous”.


I did think the little Conestoga wagon covered table
was a cute gimmick.


We split a large shake which we both rated as “OK”
and then walked the two blocks of town down and back. 

On the walk we found the place
we “should” have gone based on the line outside
and the number of people on the tables in the side yard.
Notice that their shakes are “famous” too.


Oh well, live and learn.
Too bad we won’t be back to benefit
from this knowledge.

The raspberry festival starts on August 3rd
That might be interesting.
Although David could find no where in town
that sold actual raspberries.
We’ll be on our way to Grand Teton National Park by then.

It was clear by all the trucks toting hay that we
saw both coming over the mountain originally
and in town today, that this is a rural community,
the actual residents are ranchers and you
can park on either side of the street going
any direction you want.  ;-)

Moving to Idaho 001 (2) 

The drive around the lake was lovely.
The water is gorgeous shades of blue.


It’s about 35 miles between one park and the other. 
Utah’s park is at the south western end of the lake.
Idaho’s is half way down the eastern side.
BUT the section of road up the eastern side between
the two is dirt and rough so you have to go around.
Thus we went back through Garden City, into Idaho

Moving to Idaho 001 (5)

and through St. Charles Idaho
which has a post office, one store and the brand new
Idaho Bear Lake administrative office whose ribbon cutting
ceremony is at 5PM today.

The roads are very rural and just wide enough for
Winnona and another RV to pass each other
I think!

Moving to Idaho 001 (6)

Bear Lake Campground Idaho is much
smaller than the one in Utah.
Perhaps that is one of the more appealing factors.
All the sites have a water view.

Here is Winnona’s new spot,

Moving to Idaho 001 (8)

our new yard


and GREAT view.


I think we are going to like it here!  ;^)