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Henry David Thoreau

Saturday night at Nokomis

Saturday May 5, 2012
Oscar Scherer State Park Site 95


Sadly it’s the final Beach Day for this Vacation.

It’s Saturday afternoon, our last day before heading back so we sett off for our final day at the beach at least for a while. 
And we aren’t the only ones.  The week-enders are out in force.  On land and on the sea.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 008


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 006



We get settled up under the TIBU and I check out our neighbors.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 010


I think this guy is a member of my tribe.  Sure wish I could see what he is reading so intently.  I don’t want to interrupt by asking if I can see the title but I will admit that I do try to sneak a peak through my binoculars.  I think it is a biography of Thomas Merton although you can’t see it in this photo.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 012


This young man is absorbed in what he is doing as well.
He is also a member of my tribe.  J


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 029


These ladies who later tell me they have flown in from Michigan are both sun burned to blazing red on their fronts yet do not have on t-shirts or beach covers as they stay connected wherever they are.
Not members of my tribe.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 001


And David….

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 013

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 014


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 016


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 025


After a great afternoon,  we head home to drop off the beach gear and get a little dinner. 


 We go back to see what the sundown celebration on a full moon Saturday night is like.


I am shocked when we pull up and the parking lots are completely full as far as the eye can see.  I drop off David and his big chair and go in search of a parking space.   When I return, we walk out to the shore and here is what we see.  And that’s just one side of the circle.


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 038


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 047


Finding a place to put the big chair takes some doing.

We find one though he is fairly far back.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 052


The center is created, the drummers are playing, hoopers are there and one lone oriental woman is slowly and deliberately doing Tai Chi amongst all the drumming and dancing.


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 068


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 108


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 067


People have clearly brought their party with them. 

Some bring snacks, others  full dinners.   This is an EVEN bigger deal than Wednesday nights.
Although perhaps the hype for the “supermoon” has increased the crowds.  Never having been to a Saturday celebration I have nothing to compare.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 072


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 073


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 074


We are all here to be part of the experience

People of all ages and sizes and beliefs gathered together to have a great time. It’s a fabulously eclectic crowd as it has been every time I’ve been here.  The party has definitely begun - dancing, drumming, hopping,  kites, sun down, moon up.


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 079

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 094






The jingle overskirts are all the rage among the dancers

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 098


of all ages

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 152


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 107



This dancer has a very distinctive style







Saturday Full Moon & drumming 113


Hope this will be me, in the circle still dancing when I’m using a cane.  I think I will need a jingle skirt then.






And per Paul’s request here is a whirling picture of me dancing.




The drumming  picks up intensity as the sun nears the horizon.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 121


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 150


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 176



As it grows darker, folks bring out the lights.


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 180




Saturday Full Moon & drumming 182


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 102


As it gets totally dark, I use the fireworks setting on my
camera to get shots of the hoopers twirling their hoops
over their heads and around their bodies.


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 231


A pair of girls toss two lighted hoops back and forth.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 261


Two boys come into the circle with some sort of balls of fire
at the end of metal chains which they swing around themselves.
These folks definitely know how to have a good time.
What a great free volunteer show this is.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 242


Saturday Full Moon & drumming 240


The moon rises over the life guard stand and we know it is time for us to head on out.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 217



Saturday Full Moon & drumming 251


Not a huge “super moon” I don’t think but every full moon is definitely super enough for me.

Saturday Full Moon & drumming 188A


  1. What a great day on the beach! I think I prefer the Wednesday night ritual to Saturday's though. It seemed more intimate.

  2. Coolio dancing lights!

    Thomas Merton. Should I be reading him? Should I put him on my library list which is not a literary bucket list because I hate "bucket list"?

    Your tribe. Hmm. That intrigues me. Is that your tribe of the Here and Now, like I'm HERE right NOW?

  3. I don't know that I could be at that celebration; way too many people to my liking ... but hey, maybe I'll get to like crowds once I'm on the road.

  4. E & Mui, It's quite a contrast to my dislike of crowds that this party on the beach celebrating the sun down is one I really enjoy. Everyone is happy and having fun. No one is short tempered or pushy or any of the things that usually happen in large groups. I don't think you'll have to get used to crowds on the road. I avoid them virtually everywhere but here.

    Hey duck.......you are so right. Very cool. Hmmmm don't know about Merton on your list. Look him up although he was an interesting bird or dude rather. You are definitely one of my tribe ANYWHERE and Now.

    Loree, it was great! Loved the dancing gramma with the cane.

    Gail & Rick, Wednesday was fewer people but also less spectacular. Fewer dancers, less variety. I like them both for different reasons and would for sure do them both again at least once or twice more. Or who know. :-)

  5. Ah, Sherry, I have a beautiful djembe from Ghana languishing in my bedroom. Sadly I have found no members of my "tribe" lately in this conservative part of Oregon. Your post made me miss so much of a life I somehow left behind. Hope I can slip into this celebration someday, but the djembe may not be in the rig when I manage to get to Florida!

    1. Sue, I know you can make room for that drum somewhere. Maybe the shower then you play some trancing rhythms before you get in to clean up. That would be a great shower for sure.

  6. Love the pics of the sun going down celebration! Thanks for taking us with you!

    1. You are so welcome....next time, come along in person!

  7. Great Day and Evening!! Glad you took us and definitely something I would love to experience. But me thinks, the Wednesday gathering is our speed;o))

    Safe Travels back and hope the week goes well!!!

    1. You sell yourself short. We have to make a date to meet there for a Saturday night and dance it up!

  8. Every time I read about the drumming, it reminds me of experiencing the sunsets on Carmel beach in CA. Everyone brings champagne, food, and then applauds as the sun goes below the horizon. We are anxious to be a part of that ritual someday..it looks like something not to be missed.

  9. You sure were shakin' rattlin' and rollin' there lady! :c)

  10. What fun! People watching people makes it even more so. Glad you had such a good time!

  11. Looks like a wonderful drumming, et al, circle. I'd probably be off to the side, chanting mantras with the ghost crabs and absorbing the wonderful vibrations.

    Thomas Merton was a very interesting fellow. Hub and I volunteer at Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery, and they have many of Merton's books for sale in their store. Merton was a monk at Gethsemane in Kentucky and the original monks who came to Mepkin when it was founded in the early 50's came from Gethsemane.

  12. It's nice to see David soaking up the warm sun. Maybe that helped his back?

    The sunrise celebration looks like fun and reminds me a little bit of Key West.

    Sorry your vacation is over.

  13. Great pictures! Beaches are fantastic for people watching and the drumming/dancing circle looks to be a BIG deal on the weekends. That is a neat tradition. And, great picture of the moon :)

  14. Great post. Isn't it fun to be with a group of people just celebrating the beauty of the sunset. Good stuff..

  15. That's quite the celebration! I think the jingle overskirts would be a must.

  16. Something primal in the drums sucks me in, to stay in the honoring and celebration of yet one more day, one more sunset. These folks have it right - you never want to take them for granted. I am really glad we ere able to experience the whole scene.

  17. Looks to me like a lot of fun. I like watching people - especially people having fun. Maybe that's why I love the beach. I'm so glad you were there and took all the pictures.


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