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Another Great Waterfront Site

Sunday May 19  – Monday May 20 2013
Site 44 White Tail Ridge COE Campground
LaGrange, Georgia



SUNDAY, May 19


We pull out about 9:30 for our 137 mile drive to another COE, this time at White Tail Ridge Campground on West Point Lake in LaGrange, Georgia.  I am very pleasantly surprised to find that I  booked a pull through site and boy is it a beauty.  We are in a little cul-de-sac.  We can launch the kayaks right off the site.  The lake water is seriously high right now apparently they’ve been have a LOT of rain.  The sites have concrete pads but the patios are dirt and gravel.  The ground is wet and muddy but dry weather is supposed to prevail for the 4 days we are here.







We are welcomed to our site by a Canada Goose family.  Well welcomed might be  a stretch but they are near the water trimming the grass so in my mind that they didn’t head out immediately is a welcome.     Papa is in the water just off shore or maybe it is Mama, I can’t tell.  But the three goslings are very fluffy and very busy munching.








Looks like the perfect kayak launch doesn’t it.  We can just keep the kayaks on the shore and jump in them any time we please.  SWEET!!That’s on the agenda for tomorrow.







MONDAY, May 20, 2013


I am up early and run for a humid run around the campground to find that there are a lot of sites but no real trails.  The only trail runs parallel to the park road from the gate house to the boat launch.  However nearly all of the sites, I’d say 85-90% are on the water.  There are 4 or 5 fingers out into the lake and campsites around the edges of each.  All wooded and very nice.

We have a slow leisurely morning with pancakes for breakfast.  Chocolate chip oatmeal this time.

It’s hot today.  Well it’s 86 today but combined with the humidity it makes us very lazy.  The sun is too hot for kayaking in the afternoon.




So we drive into LaGrange.  David has to get some prescriptions filled.  Sad to report there really is nothing distinctive about LaGrange.  It does have greatness looming on the horizon though.  A Brusters is being built here.  It’s OK that I got here too early for it since I still have JMC in my freezer.  I have to make it last a long time since Bruster’s are pretty scarce.  But I’ve written this one down in my "Where are they list” for next time.





When we get back to Winnona it is still too hot and humid to be out in the sun.   So rather than paddle, we take care of some online business.  We have finished reading Dreaming in Clay On The Coast of Mississippi, the biography of the Anderson family and I read aloud from The Art of Walter Anderson, a book put together by the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean City as the catalog for an exhibit celebrating the centennial of Anderson’s 1903 birth.  It was this exhibit which first introduced me to his work when I saw it at the Smithsonian Institution in 2004.  We are reading the essays written about the works of art on display and enjoying again his art, in pictures this time. 



The day just slips away as they do when you are relaxed and in no hurry.  Paddling gets put off until tomorrow.  We’re hoping for some clouds.  No rain mind you, just clouds.  There has been plenty enough rain here to take care of things for quite a while.


  1. Wow! What a great site! It's so hard to know what kind of site you're getting looking at the online "cartoon" maps. You done good.

    Good thing you have a stock of JMC in your freezer, doesn't look like that new Brusters will be finished during your visit. ;c)

  2. What a great site you picked! Love being by the water, and COE campgrounds fit that bill for the most part. To answer you question, the campground we are in right now in Oregon is along the Rogue River. We cannot see it from our site, but there is a tick-laden walking trail right by it :)

  3. Lovely site - the geese are so cute!! I wish I'd been there for the chocolate chip pancakes!!! Sounds like you made quite a day of it even though it was so hot. Well done :)

  4. You have the perfect site, and one that I'm always looking for but can never seem to find. I love Canada geese, but watch where you step. They are so messy! I think I will get The Art of Walter Anderson for my granddaughter's birthday in September, although I'll probably won't be able to keep it for that long, so she will have an early BD present. I am so glad you posted about Anderson and his art.

  5. That site looks so peaceful. And the geese picture makes me nostalgic for my Cornell days when the geese would wander with their goslings up to the patio outside my office window. Cute cute cute.

  6. Nice welcoming committee to a very nice site on the lake. Some days are just meant for lounging about. :)

  7. We will be happy to get back to relaxing days but it will be a while :)

  8. Oh, what a beautiful site you chose! I have always loved being by the water. Be it a stream, a lake or the ocean. Enjoy while you are there and I hope the geese don't make a bathroom out of your yard.

  9. What a beautiful site you two have and what a bonus being able to launch the kayaks right from our site. Hope it cools down just a bit so you can go enjoy them out on the water.


  10. Nice site and kayak launch....very convenient!!! Now, I have to go look and see where La Grange is located?!?!

  11. Ditto on "where is LaGrange?" You two sure do find some special campgrounds that don't seem to be on everyone's radar. Hope the weather cooperates and you have some fun on the water.

  12. You will enjoy paddling that lake. We stayed in the sister park, R Schaefer Heard COE on the other side of the lake last November. Another great park and lots of water sites.

  13. You chose a great site. I love that waterfront view and it's so convenient for kayaking.

  14. Waterfront sites are the best! We never want to leave the campground because it's just so relaxing to sit on the patio and look out over the water.

  15. Isn't it nice to have a welcoming committee ... even if they really aren't a committee ?


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