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On the road to Vermont

Tuesday June 18, 2013
Susquehanna Trial Campground
Oneonta, New York


SUNDAY June 16
Bellefonte Pennsylvania


Fort Bellefonte Campground 003


Sunday leave Tub Run (what a name) and we are on the road by 10am for our 163 mile trip to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.  The farm country of Pennsylvania is beautiful.  These state roads are not too narrow and hilly and the scenery is beautiful.




Fort Bellefonte Campground 001



Fort Bellefonte Campground 009


We stay in Fort Bellefonte Campground which is close to I 99  but far enough away that we don’t hear the traffic noise.  It is a Pull through FHU spot, level enough, with GREAT mountain views. 





Fort Bellefonte Campground 005




Fort Bellefonte Campground 011


They also have cabins and on the other side of the coach to our right (your left above) is one with two very playful tenants whom I love watching as they run into the cabin and out and around the tiny yard and back inside and on the deck and around and around.  I just love beagles and this one is a real cutie!  His friend is a golden retriever.  Kind of like me and my friend Pam V at home.



Forte Bellefonte


I wish it hadn’t been so windy.  They have a miniature golf course, 18 holes.  I was really looking forward to playing but the rain was playing around with us too.  $22.80 for 30 amp service with Pass Port America.   I would definitely stay here again for an overnight.




MONDAY June 17, 2013
Lackawanna State Park, Pennsylvania


Back on the road today and 150 miles with a bad routing spot by Google maps.  We spend $8 unnecessarily on the PA Turnpike extension to go 17 miles when we could easily have stayed on I 81 for free.   Somehow I missed this in checking routes.  Penalty for my oversight.

We are staying mostly on interstates as much as we can because of the narrow and winding roads in the Northeast.


Lackawanna State Park PA 007


In mid afternoon, We pull into Lackawanna State Park in Dalton Pennsylvania where no one is at the check in station so we just drive on in and set up.  Here we have a back in which means remove Ruby and the dolly.  We have only electric.  No water hook up so we have to drive around the loop, put a night’s worth of water in our tank and drive back.  Now how much is a night’s worth?  I don’t want to be lugging water around with me on a long trip.  Hard to say so we guess.   There is a dump station.  The cost is as much as our last night’s pull through FHU, $22.50.  Wish I could have found a Passport spot near here.



Lackawanna State Park PA 009


It is a very pretty state park and thankfully nearly empty since the sites, while wooded, are stacked on top of each other.  But the woods are lovely and the lake would be terrific for a full moon paddle.  Because they only allow electric motors, it is very quiet down by the water.  




Lackawanna State Park PA 019


After we get set up, we take a walk and hear only birds, and frogs – bullfrogs and banjos.   The bullfrog has such a great bass voice that I take a movie of the lake and his singing.  But I messed it up somehow and it didn’t come out.






The waterfowl are used to the singing I guess.  They sleep right through it.

Lackawanna State Park PA 023


Across from us is a yurt that can be rented like a cabin.  There are cabins and yurts as well as campsites.


Lackawanna State Park PA 013


Lackawanna State Park PA 012 


On the road into the campground is a big Smokey The Bear sign.  I haven’t seen one of these in years ever since the forest service was made to agree that fire actually has its good points.

Lackawanna State Park PA 017


We have a very restful quiet night here by this lovely lake but it’s off on the road again tomorrow.

Lackawanna State Park PA 018


Susquehanna Trail Campground New York


We get a lazy start today following a big scrambled breakfast with potatoes and toast.  We think it will be an easy drive on mostly interstate after a couple of days of a lot of back country winding state routes.

The northern end of I81 is very nice but then we hit I88 which is the worst road we’ve traveled yet.  New York doesn’t spend their money on their roads that’s for sure.  110 miles took 2.5 hours.


Susquehanna Trail Campground NY (6)


Susquehanna Trail Campground in Oneonta, New York also turns out to be a nice one night stop and I think we have the only level FHU pull through in the campground.  Very friendly staff.  It’s just off I-88 but no traffic noise.  For me the sites are too close together for a longer stay but for one night it is perfect in this case. It’s another $22.50 Passport America Full hook up pull through right off the interstate.




Susquehanna Trail Campground NY

The campground is very quiet but there is a railroad track on the other side of the local road to the campground.  Our spot overlooks it at a distance.  If you can’t see it in the distance of the duckie view, here is a close up.  When the trains come through they don’t blow their horns thankfully but sometimes they rumble the ground.  It feels like a small earthquake.  But it doesn’t keep us awake and we are rested for our last drive for a while.




Susquehanna Trail Campground NY (1)


With Susquehanna we are finished with the one night stops.  Hallelujah!!  Tomorrow we’ll driving 155 miles to at Winhall Brook COE Campground in South Londonderry Vermont for 6 nights.   Can’t wait to be there and stay a while.  See you then!


  1. The rolling hills of Pennsylvania farms with the great barns and silos was my favorite part of the drive. Some special beauty there.

  2. What pretty pictures - did you spruce them up? The trees and mountains look so green :) The first two and the one of the duck could be in a calendar - those are excellent shots! Too much driving for sure and some of it on not good roads, but lovely views of the mountains - you're definitely getting that New England feel.

  3. Sure does look green up there in the northeast! Vermont!! I have a friend who lives in Rutland and someday we will actually get the motorhome there. Nice to see some decent campgrounds along the way.

  4. So I guess now you're almost ready to leave that COE site?

  5. We loved PA! We saw the most beautiful farms everywhere we went. It's so great to see them again with you.

  6. Once again you made it feel like I was traveling right along with you to Vermont. Overall, I would say you found some pretty great spots for your overnight stays. I too am in love with the green pastures and beautiful barns. So inviting.

  7. Your getting up into our neck of the woods now. We spent a lot of time in upstate New York when our son was playing baseball. He actually went to university in Plattsburgh.

    I agree, Pennsylvania farm country is beautiful. We could spend a month there alone just exploring!


  8. Days on the road with overnights here and there ... haven't had to do much of that since we brought the motorhome from Oregon to Virginia back in 2010 ... our time will come, though.

  9. You have had some beautiful views along the way, I am sure the 'duckies' are happy!
    Haha, Sherri, yes, I am sure I always make mistakes on my quilting, so don't have to worry about putting one in there on purpose :)

  10. Lackawanna State Park is near our old stomping grounds. PA is beautiful for sure. There is a huge lack of good campgrounds in that state!

  11. I'm almost sure I stayed at Bellefonte in my 5th wheel several years ago. The site wasn't exactly easy to get into, but they helped direct me and it was a pull through so it was easy out. When registering I asked where the nearest place was to buy beer. PA only sells it at beer stores for some reason, and I didn't want to unhitch to drive to the nearest store. After I registered the woman ran upstairs to her private apartment and brought me 3 cans of Yuengling beer! I still think about how nice she was to do that and wouldn't take any money for it.

  12. Shoot-lost a whole comment! I'll make this one short. Will you be near the town of Jim Thorpe? We overnighted in 2003 and always wanted to go back. Glad u r enjoying your trip.

  13. Lots of travel. We certainly enjoyed Vermont.

  14. That is a lot of moving, but it sure is beautiful country. Enjoy the ride.

  15. It is amazing how green everything is up here. You can tell they have had plenty of rain, but it has made the scenery gorgeous. Now if they would just fix up the roads and develop some easy access campgrounds that are reasonably priced!! Enjoy your time in Vermont:o))

  16. Pooh looks like he has settled right in with the Duckies. So glad you rescued him.

  17. Gotta love those NE roads! You haven't seen anything until you drive I-84 in PA! It will rattle your brain.

  18. Love those rolling green hills and farmlands. Much prettier than lousy Interstates. Some RV parks are just a little too friendly, space wise.

  19. Lovely rolling hillside here in NY too. To save some toll$$, we took US 20 instead of I-90. Great road even if it was a little up and down like a roller coaster. Goes through some very pretty village downtowns.

  20. That's a lot of one night stops, so that six day stop will be great for you to unwind. You certainly have an eye for great places to stay, even for one night. I have to sit down with you and get a lesson on finding these wonderful places.

    I always get a kick out of bullfrogs making their noise, it's just another special thing I enjoy in nature.

  21. obscure fact- The real Smokey the bear was from my home state of NM. He was a bear cub rescued from a fire and lived out his years in the National zoo in DC. Love the big red barn!

  22. Love the big red barn! I've always thought it's be neat to live in a barn. We leave the beach tomorrow- boo. Not long enough. I'll send you some photos if they came out. Have fun! xxxooo Pam

  23. My two favorite dogs are Golden Retrievers (#1) and Beagles.

    We always travel with at least half a tank of fresh water....just in case. That way we have water on the road and if we should have a problem like a break down,we at least have some water.

    You're traveling through some beautiful countryside, but I bet you'll be glad to stay put for a little while. You're really covering some ground.

    I read your blog posts every time you write them, but often on my phone, so I have to go back later to leave comments. (I don't want you to think I don't read your blogs) I hate to comment on the phone.


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