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They are known politely as “The Bubbles”

Thursday August 1, 2013
Acadia National Park


We wave “see you later” to Nancy and Bill.


Bill and Nancy are leaving this morning to head toward the Finger Lakes.  They are outside by their rig finishing their packing up when we drive by at 7:30.  We wave and wish them safe travels.  No good bye just see you later.


 Bubbles from Jordan Pond

We are headed out to do a hike they did before we were here to join them.  We are going to hike what is known as The Bubbles.  Those are the two mountains in all the famous Jordan Pond pictures.





They also have other names. 


They are the North and South Bubble or the left and right Boob depending on how polite the company is.


Bubbles Hike 002


We are starting from the Bubbles’ Parking Lot where there are only 2 other cars parked when we arrive.  Wish I’d thought to take a picture of this empty lot since it will be filled to over flowing by the time we return.

We start out going up the “Bubbles’ Divide” Trail.  That of course is the path between them known also as the cleavage.

We’re going up the Divide to the South Bubble Trail, on to its summit.  Then back down to the Divide Trail and up the and over the North Bubble before we return to the car.



The map at the trail head confirms the plan.

Bubbles Hike 005



Up we go.  Stairs.  Well that’s really nice.

Bubbles Hike 011


Time to climb up a rock face.  I like these going up these much better than going down.


Bubbles Hike 014



We reach the first views before we see the first people. 

It’s such a beautiful day.


Bubbles Hike 016


There’s Jordan pond way in the distance.

Bubbles Hike 019


All the way up the trail we have been serenaded by the gorgeous flute like sounds of the hermit thrush.  As we get to the top he seems closer and louder.  We look for him and David spots him high up on the very tippy top of a pine tree.  Too far for me to get a good picture but I take one anyway.  His song is just beautiful in the quiet of the morning.


Bubbles Hike 021




We’re not as high up as our singer but we’ve made it to the top of South Bubble.  Here’s our king of the mountain picture.



Bubbles Hike 039


We did this one to frame the North Bubble which is where we will go next.  That’s it in the background between us.

Bubbles Hike 045



But first we want to check out the way down the South Bubble face. 

We were told that only Dan went down this way.  Everyone else went down the way they came.  I guess the group did North Bubble first.


I’ve never seen this sign on a mountain in the park before.


Bubbles Hike 037



But on my way down I see a rock that really seems to need help going over the edge.  Do you think they mean big rocks too or just small ones?





No success so back to the South Trail down.   I’m following the blue markers and they seem to lead right off the edge of this rock.


Bubbles Hike 024

Bubbles Hike 027



A closer inspection shows a trail.  Can you see me there in my orange caution sign shirt on the left hand side.




I keep going on.  I like this trail.  But I can’t go far enough to find the spot where everyone else said….no thanks.   David is waiting and wants to go to North Bubble.  Maybe we’ll come back another day and see how far down we can get.  Maybe all the way.





It’s time to find Balance Rock, also known as Bubble Rock. 

Composed of white granite instead of the pink granite found in the surrounding Bubble Mountains, this glacial erratic traveled 19 miles south from mainland Maine to Mount Desert Island's South Bubble Mountain–carried by the mile-thick Wisconsin Ice Sheet. Some 10,000 years ago, receding glaciers dropped it on the southeast corner of the summit.  Now that’s just amazing.


When we first see it, it appears very precariously balanced.  Definitely looks like it is going over the edge


Bubbles Hike 048


I walk around to get the picture from both directions

Bubbles Hike 058


Yup it looks ready to go over.  Don’t you think??   David doesn’t want me to go to jail alone for pushing rocks over the edge so he gives it a heave.


Bubbles Hike 050


Hmmm.  Maybe from this side.

Bubbles Hike 051


OK maybe the other side

Bubbles Hike 052  

Better put some serious muscle into it.

Bubbles Hike 053


Maybe the two of us can do it.

Bubbles Hike 054



Bubbles Hike 056



David to Sherry: “Go get Nancy & Bill & Gin & Syl & Tricia & Dan to help.”

Sherry to David:  “Sorry dear they are all long gone.”

Bubbles Hike 055

We are forced to give up.  Looks like no one is going to jail.


The hermit thrush serenades us back down the way we came on the South Bubble trail to the Bubble Divide where we can pick up the trail to climb North Bubble.

Again my camera is not up to the task but I do catch him with the notes coming out.

Bubbles Hike 061



We arrive back at the Bubble Divide and start up the North Bubble Trail.


More UP of course.  We find this pile of lumber on our way up the stony path.  Looks like there are some plans for stairs like on the South Bubble Trail.  These trail builders in Acadia are amazing.


Bubbles Hike 073


How about these stairs??

Bubbles Hike 079


I love the pines up here and notice the really pretty green cones.


Bubbles Hike 084



And then I notice this in a pine tree behind me. 

I’m not sure who he is but he is gorgeous.  I’m sure Judy can tell me.  Hope she’s out there.   He’s close, the camera can handle it.


Bubbles Hike 068


On up we go.  More nice steps.


Bubbles Hike 087


The views open up and as usual they are fabulous.  From here we can see South Bubble where we just were.  See the little bare patch on that knob?

Bubbles Hike 081


Here’s what it looks like zoomed in.  We were just where those folks are now.

Bubbles Hike 080



This reminds me of another ritual I want to experience before we leave.

Again we can see Jordan Pond to the south only from further away.  What a lovely day.

Bubbles Hike 088


This is better than my binoculars' view of the Pond House lawn far away on the end of the pond.  In the picture above you can make out the mowed lawn on the right end of the Pond.  Wonder who is there having popovers today?  That’s  another Acadia ritual we want to experience.

Bubbles Hike 089


We are at the summit and get our picture with Jordan Pond in the background.

Bubbles Hike 092




We aren’t very far down the north side trail when we run into the blueberries.  They are everywhere.

Bubbles Hike 093


We pick to eat and pick to save.






The cairns show us the way.

Bubbles Hike 094



Going down the North side of North Bubble brings Eagle Lake into view.

There is water everywhere you look on this island.  No wonder I love it!!

 Bubbles Hike 096



The path heads into the forest and then comes out for another closer view of Eagle Lake.


Bubbles Hike 099

 Bubbles Hike 100


Another sign that fall is near.

Blueberries are all the way along this trail and it is really hard not to stop everywhere to pick.  These are beginning to show their characteristic red leaves, their fall color, so they won’t be around long.  That seems early this year.  Usually the best picking is in August and it’s just begun but the blueberries have been ripe for over 2 weeks already.


Bubbles Hike 101


The lake gets bigger the further down and around the mountain we go.

Bubbles Hike 103


Bubbles Hike 107



At this  point we have left the views and are near the end of the trail down which ends at a carriage road near the Eagle Lake Parking area.
Only problem is we parked at the Bubble’s parking area.  This is a hike you could do using the bus but it doesn’t stop at our campground until after 9am each morning and that’s much too late for us to beat the crowds to the trail head.


Bubbles Hike 109



We could take the bus from the Eagle Lake parking back to the Bubble Parking where Ruby is waiting. 

But we aren’t hiked out yet.  We’d rather walk the Carriage Trail and then pick up the Jordan Pond Carry Trail to take us back to the parking lot.

Here’s a good shot of Rockefeller’s teeth on both sides of the road.  I wonder if they called the stones that during his life time?


Bubbles Hike 118 


Our third trail for the day is a flat one through the lush forest area.

We cross this little bridge over a lovely stream to move from the carriage road onto the Jordan Carry Trail

Bubbles Hike 119

This is a very wet area and the trail builders have supplied boardwalks to help keep our feet dry and to protect the habitat.


Bubbles Hike 120

Bubbles Hike 131



This is a very wet, very green area.  Lots of mushrooms and toadstools along the way.

Bubbles Hike 129A





After the board walks the trail becomes a bit trickier.

Bubbles Hike 140


But by the end it has turned into a very nice easy to walk path.


 Bubbles Hike 139

This has been an excellent hike just like every other one we have taken in Acadia.  Is there such a thing as a so/so hike here?  So far we don’t think so.


And then…….when we get back I find that my friends Terri & Mike, who have been camping in Ohio,  have decided that I made such a big deal about my favorite candy in all the world that they had to try it themselves.  AND they sent me a box!  WOW!  What a really sweet thing to do you two.  THANK YOU!!    Now this is what everyone needs as a treat to put the finishing touches on a great trail day.  Mighty fine trail food!!  :-)


Bubbles Hike 149


  1. Fantastic photos of Bubble Rock you two. Love hearing about all the hikes you are doing. Going to be hard to leave isn't it? :-)

  2. Wow, seeing the Esther Price box really reminds me of my Gram and Christmas. Good memories.

    Glad you had such a great hiking day, again!

  3. If I weren't afraid of going to hell for coveting ... I'd covet your lifestyle m'dear... what a glorious couple you two are... dead serious... enjoying so much together... I know you know

    can't covet ... won't do it. but dang! I'm going to go have a Klondike bar ... consolation then I'll feel guilty because I'm fat but then I'll remember that it is sugar free and I will only eat one...


  4. I assume that y'all are eating well to keep up your strength through all of these hikes. I can't believe how rocky some of these paths are. Some of your pictures are stirring up my acrophobia (especially the one of you pushing that rock!), but they are still very lovely. What lovely days . . .

  5. Ok. I give. When we are in the same state, I would love to go on a hike with you guys. You find the best ones!

  6. Another great hike! Wouldn't have you and David gotten the surprise of your lives if that rock had gone over! If you've never been, when you go to Arches in Utah, some of the rocks defy gravity. Enjoying the hikes with you, as always!

  7. Once again, absolutely gorgeous! You have me sold on Acadia. Too bad it's so hard to get jobs in the parks right now. And wouldn't you two have been surprised if one of those boulders actually went over?! Glad you're going to be there for longer to see more.

  8. Your hiking abilities amaze me. I could do that in my 30's. Another great tour, Thank You.

  9. That was one of my favorite hikes. Love the Bubble Rock sequence of photos. The photo of you and David at the summite with Jordan Pond in the background is GREAT!! I'm still withdrawing;o(((

  10. Yet another great hike! I think you did good with the birds. I can hardly ever get a good picture of songbirds.

  11. It was a hoot to read that you were able to hike abreast of one another between the Bubbles Divide. I'll never be able to look at the hills and mountains the same way up here in Vermont. BTW - They're a little more "perky", too.

  12. your pretty bird appears to be a Black-throated Green Warbler

  13. Great hike. Think how surprised you would have been if that boulder went over the side:)

  14. Well, Chuck wrote I was planning to write ... so I guess I'll have to just say ... another terrific hike ... and that sweet ending is the crowning touch.

  15. Lovely hike and photos--thanks for the tour!

  16. There is no shortage of wonderful hikes there, is there? I'm not sure I would like climbing those rocks, as I have a fear of heights, but I'd sure give it a try.

    That mushroom is so beautiful. I've seen them as decorations and never realized a real live mushroom looked like that. I though it was more of a cartoon style mushroom.

  17. Wonder what size bra would fit those "bubbles"? :cD

    You're just going to have to practice your rock tipping to get those rocks to go over. Maybe by some strenuous cow tipping?

    Loved the picture of you both with Jordan Pond in the background, another Christmas Card in the making! :c)

  18. Acadia Withdrawal is a medical condition and I have it!
    The stones were referred to as "coping stones" according to our carriage ride guide. They helped the horses cope with the drop offs along the edge of the path.

  19. Another fabulous hike well described with great asides too. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day!

  20. Esther Price - What a surprise! Your blog friends know you well :) I thought the pictures of the birds were really good and the pictures of you and Dad pushing on the rock...priceless. So funny - of course you knew it wouldnt go over! :) Another pretty hike with great views and...blueberries too - can't ask for much more than that!!

  21. I'm cracking up over the "other names" of the Bubbles! And the pictures of you and David trying to push the rock over are too funny!


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