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Beach, Friends, Electric, Relatives and Fiberglass again

Thursday February 20, 2013 & Friday February 21, 2013
Oscar Scherer State Park  Site 63
Osprey Florida



Back to the Beach.





I know you won’t be surprised to find out that I went back to Nokomis beach today in spite of the crowds.  I just love being in that water and hearing those waves washing up on the shore. 

The colors of the water and the sky here are always beautiful and varying shades of blue.   Many people are hunting intently for sharks teeth on the shore today too.




The crowds are definitely still here and yet another person tells me this is winter break “up North”.  But I still think that lots of people just got plain sick of SO much cold weather and created a February Florida vacation for themselves to get a break.  Hopefully Spring will be close by the time they return home.





The Casual Vacancy.

While there I finished J. K. Rowling’s book The Casual Vacancy.  I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews about it.  It’s certainly nothing like her Harry Potter series and it seems unfair to judge it against those.  It’s an Adult novel.   I personally found it interesting and not difficult to read.  It seemed very real in the most hardscrabble use of that word.  

Small town life in Britain seems as mean and stifling as it does to some in this country.    I found myself wishing I could gather up my former book group to discuss it with.  Particularly I’d like to discuss the characters.  Were there villains and heroes?  Did you find yourself siding with some in particular?   Did you switch back and forth?  My sister-in-law thought it was pretty dark and it was. But so were the last of the Harry Potter books.  If you’ve read the book, I’d love for you to comment and let me know what you thought.  Or drop me an email.   .



Where’s Eldo?  He’s here.



I got back in time to change and head out for Venice to meet Eldy and Jeanne of Where’s Eldo.  They aren’t on the road anymore and their home is just up the road so we got together at Made In Italy in Venice for Pizza.   Actually just as we are ready to walk out the door, the park folks come, of course, to look into the electricity which is, of course, working fine at this  moment.  Isn’t it always the way?   

We are a bit late therefore in meeting them but I think it was ok since they were sitting outside on this gorgeous night enjoying a glass of wine and a beer.



We talk and laugh.  I ask them about how they found coming off the road.  Jeannie says Eldy had an easier time than she did.  He commented that now that they have the house it amazes him that they lived so well in such a small place. 

Eldy is enjoying golf and the views of the course from their patio.  Jeannie is happy substitute teaching, kayaking and attending her knitting group.  They both enjoy their pool.  Quite a big change from their former home in Indiana.  

After dinner we stroll around downtown Venice with its beautifully painted dolphin statues and eventually end up in the park chatting until darkness forces us to say good bye.  It’s great to see them so happily settled.




Today is one of those work and errands days. 





First thing this morning David goes out to change the plug on our electric cord to make sure that isn’t the problem we are having here at the campground with low voltage.  They did come by and explain that they have had problems and have been switching sites over to a second line to balance the load.  They’ve done most of the campground except, of course, for those of us down at the very end.  But, it should all be fixed by next year and we won’t be back before then.   In the second picture, doesn’t he seem to be saying “OK if this is the campground’s  problem then why did I have to change this?”.







A couple of fun stops before Sarasota Whole Foods.

After that, the major goal is to go to Whole Foods since this is the closest we will be to a Whole Foods for months after we leave the area on Sunday. We stop in to the Goodwill to look for a pair of work jeans for David who has absolutely worn his out. Holes in the back, knees out. I think you’ll agree these are WORN OUT.  









Of course we find a pair of black jeans and a few other things including a fabulous T-Shirt for an old 60’s Motown groupie like me. 










On our way out of Goodwill we see Winnona’s sister next door on the lot at RV World.  Of course we have to stop over and take a look, her door is open after all and no salesmen in sight.  I am  happy to report that her condition is pretty good but not as good as Winnona’s.  She’s also a year older, and they are asking more than we paid for Winnona 4 years ago.   Even if they take a 20% discount to make the sale, it looks like Winnona is holding her value extremely well.  Not that we would part with her of course.  But it was fun to look at the differences in a year older model of the exact same size and design.



Seems she’s had her furniture reupholstered.  I don’t care for it.   But they also had some removable arm and back covers made for the driver’s and passenger’s chairs that I’d sure like to find or get made.  Wish I had a sewing machine, but where in the world would I put it?





David actually gets in and out of Lowe’s in less than 30 minutes.  It’s a MIRACLE!


We do finally make it to Whole Foods in Sarasota despite the traffic on US 41.  We stock up on all those organic things we can’t find at Publix and some organic produce and head on home with one more stop at Lowe’s to pick up Zep Sealer and Wax.


We are still trying to find a way to get rid of the gray marks on the white fiberglass.  Especially after seeing Winnona’s sister today where there is nothing like this gray stuff on her although her decals are in much worse shape than Winnona’s.  Her fiberglass looks bright and shiny white.  So there must be a way to clean/fix it.  You don’t see the gray stuff from a distance but when you are up close, as in opening the door, it drives me crazy.  Bill knows what I mean.











Back in June, David did Meguiars’ entire 3 step process – oxidation remover, a polish and a wax on everything but the roof wax.  That’s a lot of work to go over a 35’ coach three times.  It took most of the spots off but not all and after 6 months it came back.  So his next plan is to use Bar Keeper’s Friend to clean off the gray, and then a sealer and then the polish.  This process was highly recommended on the Fiberglass RV forum by a number of people including those restoring older rigs.  

Wish us luck.   Speaking of wishes, I sure wish Santa could bring me a free coupon for full body paint.   Winnona is such a great gal, she needs a bright, shiny, clean outfit to wear.


  1. I read the first 4 of the Harry Potter series before I got too bored to read on, and I didn't think to try her adult book. I used to read a lot (and I mean a WHOLE lot) of English mysteries, so I am familiar with the small town meanness thing. It may be true of small towns here, but all in all we are a people with lots of space and also on the move, so I don't think most Americans realize how stifling life can be in a small town.

    I'd give anything to be able to shop at a Publix!

  2. I have been so much happier with the full body paint of my present rig over the shriveling decals of the last rig. The Solution just makes it sparkle and it's six years old. Of course I have to find a willing NWR intern to accomplish that for me, and there aren't any here right now. I just don't feel comfortable climbing that ladder. :(

    Jeanne and Eldy are good people, and I'm glad you got to hook up with them.

  3. We just love Goodwill also. You can find the best stuff at just the right price!! Nice to know Jeanne and Eldy are enjoying their new surroundings!! Sure looks like a lot of work to get rid of spots;o((

  4. Great photos of us, I have to say, haha…LOVED seeing you guys again! Lowe's didn't have any craft beer, that's why David got out so fast, tee hee hee…Just teasing, David! :-) BTW, great photos of you guys too!

  5. We used the Zep Floor Polish on our fake black windows above the cab on our Lazy Daze a few months ago. The black paint was getting oxidized so they always had a whitish look. So far it is holding up well and looks great. We're hoping it lasts but it is easy to apply so not a big deal if we have to do it again. Good luck!

  6. I must admit that I am not looking forward to doing another three-step with Winnona, however from what I have read on the FiberglassRV forum, this should be much easier than the last. I am hoping the combination of the Bar Keeper's Friend and sealer will close up the pores of the fine cracks in the fiberglass and that will hopefully hold the black crud at bay. We shall see.

  7. The Bar Keeper's Friend concerns me. It is so abrasive. Won't it leave scratch marks? The floor stuff is interesting. Does it say that it will not yellow in time? Inquiring minds, you know.

  8. Good to see you guys enjoying yourself. I would like another day at the beach, Sherry. Looks like the trip to goodwill was successful. Nice shirt. I have ordered a new battery, 100 watt portable solar panel and a Honda 2000 generator. I will be ready to join the solo ladies for boondocking by the end of the month. Safe travels.

  9. I'm in pretty good with Santa, so I'll see to it that you get that coupon for full body paint. My question is, after you get the full body paint done, will you need to wear clothes? :cD

    David's jeans look just broken in. You could get big money for them in Russia, that's the style over there...

  10. We were just in Venice today! We went down to meet an other blogger we are friends with. Venice is about halfway for each of us. We ate at Sharky's, then walked on the beach for awhile. We found a bunch of sharks teeth. I was surprised how dark the sand was. Not a pretty beach at all.

    Always good to have those shopping days. Too bad you didn't stop at Trader Joe's. It is a very nice store in Sarasota.

  11. I always love these "what we've been doing on normal days" posts as much as the travel/exploring posts. We spent almost three weeks in Venice back in December/January 2010/11 and love getting to know the area on foot and bikes. Surely you hugged the giant Banyon Tree on the main boulevard going to the ocean! Hope David is doing well.

  12. How nice that you got to meet up with Jeannie & Eldy! They are such great people. We're still trying to meet up with them somewhere halfway :-) That beach in Nokomis is sure looking good!

  13. Dad...you need a haircut! I know...cherish the locks ;) Great t-shirt Pops!! Haha. I laughed. And, great t-shirt Mama - MOTOWN all the way!! Glad Dad found replacement jeans of the same color! Sounds like a successful day of errands that didn't drive Mama crazy - Congratulations!

  14. Whenever one 0f my favorite authors changes pace, it takes me a while to adjust:)

  15. I saw your latest blog post notification in my email, and I SWEAR TO YOU, it said "Eradication of Our Dreams."

    The sun is very hot here.

    And, what's with the rack shot?!? I don't object, of course, but it's kinda PG-13.

  16. oooh that water is sooo pretty.... you and David are sooooo cute ... seriously... motown and black jeans ... get down

    What am I doing, you ask? petting a little tummy and lending my ear to one little bitty hand while the other hand is busy having its thumb sucked... can sleep be nigh? sigh

  17. Wow- going over Winnona with cleanser and then wax and whatever else you had there- a lot of scrubbing and rubbing. Beek can sympathize- he just finished hand washing the siding on Kate's house!@#@! Too bad we couldn't have folded it up and put it in the washing machine............ XXXOOO

  18. We used the ZEP products on our fifth wheel with great results. . .it was still holding up great when we sold it. . .we had tried everything to get a shine on it. . .the Zep products were a great solution. . .good luck!

  19. Fun to see you meeting up with Jeannie and Eldy. I keep thinking how fun it would be to hold one large blogger's gathering.

    I got a kick out of your photos of David and his worn out jeans. I bet it was hard for him to give up those old friends.

    It's very impressive to learn how well Winnona has held her value--not something you can expect when you purchase a motorhome. David's polishing plans sound exhaustive. Hope that combination of products does the trick.

  20. Looking forward to witnessing the results of your Bar Keeper's Friend/Zep plan of attack. So far nothing has restored the "new rig" shine we're looking for. Maybe this is the magic formula!!


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