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Anatomy of a Sunrise

Thursday April 3, 2014
St. George Island State Park
Eastpoint, Florida




Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.”
Mary Oliver



After seeing the beautiful sunset yesterday evening, I’m thinking there is a good sunrise chance for this morning.  The Sun comes up at a very respectable time these days, 7:20 or so.  No problem being up for it.  But the skies have been SO cloudy/rainy/foggy that there hasn’t been a day in the entire 10 days we’ve been here to see it.  

I’m really missing the ritual of sunrise and particularly love a place where it is possible to see both sunrise and sunset.   It just seems to start and end my day in a spiritual way that feeds my soul.  Two of many blessings.

Today’s the day.
And it doesn’t disappoint.   I am on the shore at dawn, around 6:40.   The color is all before sunrise and after sunset. 

It’s still a little hazy but looking very promising as I walk down the road toward the beach.  None of these pictures has been retouched.  I don’t have a sunrise/set setting.  The camera is on automatic.  This is what I see.


AM Solar (1)


As I approach the end of the walk, I look through the sea oats at the shoreline.  The color is quite intense just above the horizon.


AM Solar (2)


The color continues to intensify and fill the sky.

AM Solar (16)



It then starts to lighten and turn the high clouds pink and yellow as the time for the actual sunrise approaches.



AM Solar (22)



Birds appear in the sky.


AM Solar (28)


And on the land.

AM Solar (52)



The color begins to concentrate again along the horizon as the sun finally peeks out.


AM Solar (64)



Zoomed in it looks like a painting, a blaze of glory. 


AM Solar (66)




The color fades as the sun lifts off the horizon and rises into the clouds.  It’s quiet and serene.  There’s magic in the air.


AM Solar (77)



AM Solar (88)



Faint color remains in the clouds as I walk back to the campground.  Another gorgeous day has begun on St. George Island.


AM Solar (86)


AM Solar (91)


That the the sun blazes into the sky each and every morning,
isn’t it a reason to rejoice,
to live the day with that same intense splendor?  


  1. Thanks for being there to share this gorgeous sunrise. The colors were magnificent and the birds added a special touch. It is good there are people who get up before the sun so I can see what I have missed:)

  2. This is so beautiful, in words, images, and spirit. And even the perfect line of poetry from Mary Oliver! I know this was sunrise, but you made my evening more serene.

  3. magnificent. . .I find nature to be spiritual also. . .very moving to sit there in the quiet, and just enjoy it all!

  4. What a beautiful blog entry!!! Pictures and sunrise!

  5. Beautiful!! Just beautiful!
    Thanks for bringing sunrise to those of us who like to sleep late.

  6. Catching up, Sherry …. oh man?! this last post with the sunrise! .. jeeeeeezus that's gorgeous

    how pretty the sand/cement sea creature walkway … very pretty and the sunsets! always good stuff...

  7. Really nice Sherry! Thank you. Sometimes we need reminding that we are blessed, no matter what is happening.

  8. Truly beautiful. I try to decide which I like best, sunrise or sunset. It's a tie!

  9. I like the quote and those are beautiful sunrise photos. You have talked about the reservation system for these parks, do they ever have sites that you can take a chance on getting without a reservation? I would love to visit some of the waterfront campsites that you have been to this year, but don't want to make a reservation a year in advance.

  10. Very nice! We don't see too many sunrises.

  11. Sunrise... my favorite time of the day!! Your photos made me feel like I was right there... Thanks:o)) Love how the sand takes on a pink glow!!!

  12. I love sunrises more than sunsets... but not much more///

  13. Incredible! Those pictures being what you saw. Gorgeous! That is definitely a top notch way to start the day!

  14. I'm with Heyduke. I like sunrises more than sunsets and I don't have any problem waking up in time.

    Gorgeous pictures today. I hope your weather stays nice.

  15. Mother Earth does reward those who appreciate her. Hard to have a bad day when it starts like that, with the heart all full of gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Well done! Terrific pictures! Thank you so much for taking them. I appreciate you getting up so early so I didn't have to... ;c)

  17. Hi Sherry,,,,these pictures are so beautiful of the sunrise I just had to let you know,,,you are amazing ,,,, love to David

  18. What a glorious day to greet the day with an ever changing sky of colors. I've seen more sunrises during 3 months in South Africa than I'll see the rest of the year as I'm not a morning person. But Rangers do get paid in sunsets.

  19. Beautiful sunrise....what a neat way to start a day.

  20. I'm with Mary Oliver, and you were exceptionally blessed for that early outing. Wish I had been there too.

  21. Wow, what beautiful pictures...a perfect story of the sun gracing us every morning.


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