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Last Days in Charlottesville

Thursday November 6 – Saturday November 8, 2014
Greenfield Mountain Farm
Near Charlottesville Virginia



I’m finally going to get caught up on the blog.  The next post will be current.   We leave tomorrow.  Back on the road finally.  The last week has just been ridiculous in the things that had to be done in order to blast off.  But here is some fun stuff we did right before that.


David had dinner and a few beers with his good friend Marty.




He made a stop by the Charlottesville Swing Society’s Thursday night Swing Swap where he took a few turns around the floor with his friend Lisa who has recently been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.   It’s wonderful to see them both enjoying life.







I spent Saturday morning at the fabulous Charlottesville City Market.  The produce was just amazing.  It’s always wonderful to go and pick out fresh in season veggies and cook with them.  All the cool weather crops were out.  But there were some hot house tomatoes too.  I think this is probably the last of them.





One of my favorite things at the market is my friend Maggie and her fabulous pottery.  Just look at these designs and colors. They are all oven, microwave and dishwasher safe too.






They are so unique in their shapes and styles.  Both sides are beautiful.  I know there are people who hang them on their walls as well as use them in cooking.






Happy customers at Maggie’s Pottery.



Of course Maggie can’t stand around all day and talk to me so I mosey on along through the market.  I love the little family farms that come to the market with all sorts of offerings from vegetables to breads to mushrooms.








Virginia is a big apple growing state and this area has a lot of the orchards.  You can get an a seemingly endless variety of apples at the market.












I had to wait quite a while to get a picture of this stand since it was cold out this morning and everyone wanted hot cider and chili.



Artists of all types – watercolor, oil, floral…………..




And food!  There is such a variety of foods here.  Donuts, pastries, BBQ and one ethic thing after another.  I think everyone comes here either for breakfast or for lunch on Saturdays.

Authentic Filipino food.

                             Caribbean Food


Another thing to love  about this area is the incredible  variety of trees.  Not just the 3 or 4 types in any state out west but dozens of types of trees.  There are 14 different oaks alone.  We’re about at the end of our color now but there were still a few that I saw as I left the market.




Sunday the 16th is our departure date for places south and none too soon.  Last night it was 29 degrees here.  GOOD GRIEF that is very very cold for November.   I’m afraid this winter is going to be frigid one and possibly with a lot of snow for my friends in Charlottesville if it is acting like January in mid November.   Sure glad I won’t be here.



All Things Come From the Earth


  1. What a fabulous farmers market. I really like that pottery.
    Safe travels!

  2. Oh how I would love going with you to the Farmers Market. That is always one of my favorite things to do in a new town. It is amazing the diversity among markets. I'm not sure I could get away from the pottery booth without buying something. :)

    1. Maggie will be happy to ship anywhere. Check her website. Her things really are unique!

  3. That looks like a wonderful market. I love the photo of all the leaves. When I moved from Ireland to North Carolina, I picked up a sample leaf of every tree on my property and in the woods behind, and sent them back to my friend in Ireland. I couldn't believe the variety myself, and the Irish were totally amazed. That part of Ireland was stripped of all their trees centuries ago to provide masts for England's royal navy. They could never grow back because of the salty air and soil.

  4. Now that mushroom stand would surely have my business, and so would the apple stand if they had honey crisps. Safe travels tomorrow! Too bad you all can't be in AZ this winter, as I think it may be the only warm place around this winter. The ice in Houston last year kind of cured me of that place for a while. ;)

  5. Dave is on a roll: Dinner and beer with a buddy and then Swing Swap! That last bit sounds a lot like the 60s:))

  6. I love love City market! All the variety, all of the colors and smells and being outside! What could be better?

    Happy Trails to you! Have fun and take care- I will miss you!

  7. Well, did you try some Filipino food? Hope you did with either the Lumpia or the Pancit. Im sure it was tasty. FL might be the only state mildly affected by the cold snap. We are so bundled up here in Galveston, TX

  8. It looks like a good market, and reminds me of ours. The last regular fall market here is tomorrow, but we still have three Christmas market weekends coming up in December.

    Maggie's work appeals to me!

  9. some hard working folks who bring their wares to the market every week. . .we dropped a lot of dough at several of them over the summer. . .the ones with fresh bakery items get us every single time. . .love, love, love them. . .thanks for sharing your wonderful day. . .safe travels!

  10. Pictures of all those mouth watering goodies at your Farmers Market was just wrong in so many ways. It was almost like going to Brusters and finding they are out of JMC... :cD

    Hope your get away to points South goes off without a hitch. Save some FL sun and warmth for us!

  11. That farmers market looked absolutely heavenly. I have my favorite one too. In Astoria, Oregon. You had so many fruits and veggies to choose from. Those leaves were beautiful especially the red one.

  12. Wonderful pottery. Safe travels as you get back on the road.

  13. Fantastic Farmer's market! Be careful out there!

  14. A marvelous market where I'm sure you stocked up. Love Maggie's whimsical pottery and bright colors. I woke up this morning to low 30s and headed south to Casa Grande where I bought a cabover camper. I'm sleeping in the desert tonight. :D Feels good to be on the road.

  15. Love seeing David with that huge grin, dancing and enjoying himself:)

    What a wonderful farmers market!! All that produce makes me drool:) That pottery is way too pretty to cook with.

    Hope it warms up for you as you go south. It doesn't sound too good right now. Safe travels:)

  16. Markets are my number one fun...the local enthusiasm and upbeat vibe for such goodness!! I really dont mind chilly...my favorite hat, sweatshirt and fingerless glices.

    Just as long as I don't have to drive in snow!!! Heck I got a fireplace now...teehee

    May your days be more full of sunshine than clouds, ten fold. Hugs!

  17. I love the pictures of Maggie's pottery. She has quite a talent. I can't imagine a farmer's market in this cold weather. It hasn't been above 35 in the last couple days here in KY!

  18. Glad to see both of you enjoying your last days in Virginia. I didn't know David was a dancer. That's something we would love to do, but we both have two left feet.

    I think this is going to be a very cold winter, even here in Florida. It will be in the 80's today here, but a cold front is coming mid week bringing predicted temps to the mid 30's! It's even going to be cooler in the Keys.

    Safe travels.

  19. Very nice Farmer's Market. Lots of booths and activity for a cool day. I haven't been to one since Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, CA. last winter. Have a save journey today.

  20. Great pictures of Maggie's pottery and the market. You really captured the variety! There is still color on the trees in MD but the winter is in the air. You're so lucky to be heading away from it! The first snow is all I'm really waiting for and then it's just cold til spring... So nice to see Dad and Lisa smiling on the dance floor...no one would have any idea that either had any kind of illness. I like Dad's shirt and nice curls in the hair on that one picture. Must be great to be on the road again! :) I feel I should say Congrats!!

  21. What a nice Farmer's Market. Most of the ones I go to turn out to be a big disappointment, but that one has so many different booths.

  22. Safe travels to you! Thanks for taking me to your farmers market!

  23. Glad David got in some more fun before the big push for take-off! We have a couple markets in our area through October, then just the one that is every Sunday year-round. I try to get there at least twice a month and always enjoy all the sights and sounds and smells. I especially love the seasonal crops that I've never tried - some I've never heard of! I occasionally get daring if I think I can find a recipe :-)
    Hope your travel weather is good today. We're under wind-warning again, but it's a bright, sunny day. I'm nearly as excited about your heading to Florida as I am about our sale!!!

  24. You certainly found some "color." Now I'm hungry..

  25. I love a good farmer's market and this one is on my list! Such a wonderful variety! Not a particularly nice day for travel, but not sure your route so hope you've escaped the rain we are getting here in TN!

  26. I would be in heaven to be near such a wonderful farmer's market!!! Of course, it would have to move south when the weather got that cold...I would be running away also;o)) Safe Travels and leave that cold weather where you found it!!!

  27. What a great post! David and Lisa look great "cutting the rug" :) I love your friend Lisa's pottery! That's the one thing I have a hard time not buying, but it's too heavy for Lucy. I am a huge pottery fan and her stuff looks familiar to me. If she's ever traveled to NC for a show, I might have seen her work.
    Safe travels to Florida!

  28. What great farmer's market photos. So far, we haven't found a really good farmer's market on any of our travels. In our years in Oregon, the Beaverton Farmer's Market was always a favorite.

  29. Oh wow, that looks like one of the best farmers markets ever! I love your friend's pottery -- so unique. I'd find it hard to resist buying something, even though we're traveling full-time. So excited for you that you're on the road again! Wishing you safe and joyous travels!

  30. Great pictures of David and friend and David's curls.
    Sorry we didn't!t see each other before you left again.
    Have a great trip

  31. I LOVE pottery and Maggie's would be very hard for me to resist. I used to love to dance. So good to see David having a good time. Hard to believe that you're taking off already, again. Looking forward to hearing about the places you visit headed south.

  32. Finally, we are off and my list is fully checked off! Well, almost. Anyway, thanks for the virtual trip to the Charlottesville farmer's market - everything is all so appealing I always buy too much . Then I can't eat it all fast enough, so probably good I couldn't make it.

  33. Just love a great farmers market, your friend makes some beautiful pottery. Temps finally going back up a bit here, 52 this morning-not going to complain since snow is in the forecast up north.


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