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Food and Fun Without Leaving the Park

Saturday February 14 and Sunday February 15, 2015
Koreshan State Historic Site
Estero, Florida



SATURDAY, February 14

Since we try not to leave the park on week-ends, especially in urban areas, we spend our last two days inside the park.  Well I do.  More on that later 

I take Mary’s park tour at 10:00 and it is 1000% better than the one I took earlier in the week.   So if you come, find out when Mary’s tours are.  Take Mary’s Tour.  She’s a hoot as well.

Since I’ve already posted pictures from my first tour and of the grounds several times (see this one and that one),  I’ll just show some of my on grounds favorites like the African Tulip tree in full bloom outside the Art Building.   I found some blossoms on the ground and picked one up so you could see how big they are.  Really beautiful.  So glad we got to see it in bloom.

On the tree behind it a night bloom cereus is growing.  I’d love to see it in bloom but not badly enough to stay until July.






The tulip tree was at the beginning of the tour and the Planetary Court House was at the end.   the two story porch wraps all the way around the house.  Only the main floor is open to the public.



Don’t you love the mosquito netting?  I wonder if it worked.



Don’t try to buy a nightgown like this now unless you are prepared to spend BIG bucks.


Actually the last stop of the tour was in the machine shops where on Saturdays they start up all the engines.  The guys could hardly wait.  David didn’t take the tour but he made sure he was there for the engine demonstration.  LOL


<the following is per David.  It was all greek to me>
The man on the left is standing in front of an enormous 1929 model 2 cylinder diesel engine.  The big red fly wheel is used to position the starting cylinder 10 degrees past top dead center.  To the right is a small vintage putt putt gasoline engine which powered a compressor to build up 180 lbs in two large tanks, out of the picture to the far right.  To start the engine they would release that pressure to the cylinder previously positioned.  And another man standing at the back of the engine block heads would insert a lit handmade glow plug into the cylinder to ignite the diesel fuel for the first rotation.  Then he closes the hole and the engine runs on compression alone.  Each cylinder compressed the air and fuel to such an extent that it ignites without a spark.  No spark plugs necessary


The overnight temperatures having been cold for the region, the belts were slipping on the pulley so this man helps the belt along until it warms up so it will not burn a spot on the belt.



Jokingly they tell us that if we can pick up the cylinder head in front of David and carry it out single handedly we can have it.   The inside diameter of the cylinder head shows the diameter of the piston.




The longer belts transfer the rotational force created by the engine from one device to another.  The size of the pulleys that the belts run on are adjusted to increase or decrease the speed of rotation to suit the target device.   These belts are used to run the generator for the Unity’s electricity.  This was the first power plant in the area and served the Koreshan and some of the surrounding community.   They rang a bell 30 minutes before shutting it down for the night so you could finish whatever you were doing.  




The handmade glow plug is made from paper dampened with water and saltpeter.  It is lit and dropped into the cylinder head at the right time to cause the first firing.




After the tour, we head back to Winnona for lunch before returning to the art building for a blue grass concert.   As usual there are  numerous zebra long wing butterflies flitting around on the side of the trail.




The group performing today was a duo.   When they play together they call themselves Paddle Faster.  They are Scott Ritter on the acoustic guitar, the steel guitar and the mandolin and Karen Batten on the guitar and banjo.  Each also belongs to another larger blue grass group.   They were very good and we really enjoyed them.   Hats off again to Mary who brings in all the music for the Saturday and Sunday Concerts.   There was nearly a full house today.   This park has an amazing amount of “extras”.










Back home David makes up the blueberry dump cake which is significantly better than the pie.  That’s parchment paper lining the baking dish so we don’t have to oil the dish.   This one will get a replay and we think we might add oats to the mix and cut back on the flour.







SUNDAY-February 15


If it’s Sunday in Koreshan it’s time for the Farmer’s Market.  I did a more detailed post on it last week especially the fruits and vegetables so this week I thought I’d show what else was there although all we bought was 15 pounds of vegetables for $21.





Landscaping plants for your south Florida garden.


Quits and hand made bags and hats for the ladies.  Why do people gasp when you are taking a picture and they happen to be in it.  I waited quite a while for her to start moving and finally gave up.  Of course as soon as I put the camera to my eye she turns around and blocks the quits hanging behind her.  Oh well….you get the idea.  Nice hand work.



Antique toy metal cars for the guys.  check out Betty Boop!



A store for guys of all ages.


I didn’t realize Playboy was an antique.  I know Hugh Heffner is.



Cars of all sorts.


Here are David’s two favorites…..cars.


Trucks anyone?



Here’s my favorite.  I’m sure they are really missing me since I gave up potato chips in favor of lower cholesterol.  I was one of their best customers any time my life had too much stress.




I was thinking maybe we needed this but then determined that the amount of money we spend at Publix on their organic foods couldn’t be saved in this little bank.   But it’s cute anyway.





Back home we fiddled the afternoon away. I talked with my Dad in Denver and with my friend Pam, read and worked on the blog.  David had to go out for a beer run for fear there would be nothing near by next week. After he came back, he went over to see the larger Blue Grass Band playing at the Art Hall.  I was talking with my dad so I declined.  He didn’t’ take the camera.

The most interesting things we did………….   I cleaned the pomegranate so we can use the seeds in salads and cereal.  Aren’t they gorgeous.  Food of the Goddess.  But throw out the skin and pith.
David made a fabulous pizza for dinner.   Yes those are anchovies on my half.   It was SO delicious.  Seriously best pizza I’ve eaten and no meat (only those little fish)  and no oil except whatever was in those little fish.  David’s side was squeaky clean - his home made tomato sauce, mushrooms, onion, garlic, kale.





Tomorrow we head further south for two weeks at Collier-Seminole State Park south of Naples.  It’s the first time we’ve been there so we aren’t sure what we might get into.  Any suggestions for things to see or visit in the area please send them on.


  1. WOW, that's a beautiful tree photo AND a beautiful pizza...Would love to try one of David's pizzas some time....no anchovies, please... :-)

  2. the taste of anchovies more than makes up for how ugly they are. . .

    Speaking of Lays Chips, did I tell you I tried the microwave chips you demonstrated on the blog. . .pretty tasty!

    I haven't quite figured pomegranetes out. . .do you just eat the little seeds, or spit them out? Inquiring minds would like to know. . .that was a beautiful Farmer's Market. . .for a fact.

  3. Love tulip trees. Different varieties here in California. Drop their blooms everywhere :)

  4. Mike would love to hear those engines. Pretty impressive that all that stuff is still in working order. I pretty much like any kind of fish but have never tried anchovies. Anyone I know that has tried them says they're really salty. Is that true? Thanks for another shot of the zebra butterfly -- beautiful!

  5. I've got to try your homemade potato chip recipe... I adore potato chips but will not buy them for obvious reasons! Any time we go to a gathering where there are potato chips that is where you will find me, getting my fill until the next party!

    Love that the park has a weekly farmers market!

  6. I have a great weakness for Kettle Brand Jalapeño chips. Need to break that craving.
    Would have loved to hear the bluegrass, having grown up in the thick of the Appalachians.
    Also, would it be possible for David to share the recipe for the blueberry dump cake? That looks delicious!

  7. Nice blog...I was wondering if you could put a link to where you told about how to make the potato chips I can't find it thanks

  8. Beautiful tropical flowers! Looks like a day full of activities right near by! The Lay chip truck made me smile :) That pizza looks great!!! So does the pomegranate. Pretty sure I would not have been as interested as dad was in those engines ;)

  9. The machine shop is interesting- I think my dad would particularly enjoy that. I do like those trucks!

  10. I've got some extra cash put away for something special. Where can I buy a nightgown like that, I'd look so pretty... :cP

  11. I've never had anchovies on pizza, but love them on Caesar Salad. Love farmer's Markets. Going to the one in Borrego Springs tomorrow.

  12. All the food looks yummy. I've been trying to follow the plant based no oil eating plan. Good price on the veggies at the farmers market.

  13. I think you know how much I enjoy the historic tours, but what the duh about that engine. This park sure knows how to entertain. I'll take a slice without the anchovies, please.

  14. I have never eaten a pomegranate and don't like the looks of them so I would probably never try one. But I bought a bag of frozen organic fruit that I add to my protein shakes - blueberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries, and pomegranate. Knowing what the rest of the fruits taste like I noticed a new and heavenly flavor that must be pomegranate. Wow! It sure makes up for the looks of the fruit.

  15. Love those gorgeous flowers!

    The dump cake and pizza are making me hungry:) Nice work, David!!

    Safe travels as you move south:)

  16. Looking at all the food, I am now officially hungry:)

  17. That flower is amazing - tree-size! The park has the kind of "activities" we would like, music, mechanics and history. What a fun little market. Isn't is great knowing you don't have room for any of that stuff? Fun to look at though! Pizza isn't pizza without anchovies IMHO. For some reason I always get them all to myself though :-)

  18. I didn't understand anything about the big engine either except that it's big and complex! The tulip tree blooms are beautiful. The pizza looked good but you can keep the anchovies. It's snowing here and then we are due to get ice and freezing rain. The snow is beautiful at the moment. xxxooo

  19. That seems like such a fun park -- live music and a weekly farmer's market sound great to me! We're looking forward to spending some time there next year. Looks like you're putting that produce to good use. :-)

  20. I agree with Paul. You would look great in one of those nightgowns - much like Scrooge in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol. Just a little out of place and time, but what fun. Bet the grand kids would go nuts with laughter. Do love the African tulip tree - very different from our tulip tree at home which is a tulip poplar. Love the Matchbox series miniature cars because I had a collection as a boy that I used with my Lionel Train set.

  21. WOW...how great is that to have all that fun and never get in the car!!! We really need to give Koreshan a try next year. That Tulip tree is spectacular:o))


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