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Carrie’s Wedding Shower

Sunday May 3, 2015
Greenfield Mountain Farm
Afton, Virginia



Saturday night as we are finishing up the last few touches on putting the Farm in its best dress clothes, the full moon comes up over the ridge to the east and the sun has set in the west. It’s beautiful outside and tomorrow promises to be a perfect day.



The presents are waiting.





We’ve got the balloons.  Pictures have been gathered of the Grandmothers and Great Aunts who sadly cannot be with us and of the baby who was once Carrie Cecilia.




The day dawns. Three of Carrie’s “girls” as she lovingly calls them drive down the only slightly less muddy lane with a car full of decorations and boundless energy. Her Matron-Of-Honor, Jess, sets everyone to work setting up tables, chairs, table cloths and decorations. Eleanor and Kate are excellent assistants and in no time at all things are ready to go.  The other two “girls” are coming later with Carrie.









The caterer is to be here at 10:30. And then it’s 10:40 and then 10:45.  The shower starts at 11:00, Jess is getting worried.  Internet is sparse here in the foothills and Jess’s phone doesn’t work so she can’t look up the Caterer’s number on her cell phone.  I manage to get it on line.  Jess leaves a message and in less than 5 minutes Claudia calls back.  She is about 5 minutes away. 

Carrie and the rest of the bridal party show up.  Soon the guests follow.  David helps get all the cars into the barnyard facing out so there’s no turning around trouble when leaving.

Claudia comes and gets busy in the kitchen as everyone gathers.  Things get off to a late start but no one notices except possibly Jess who has gone to a lot of work to make this happen in this remote place where she’s never been before so Carrie could have her Bridal Shower at her childhood home.




The food turns out to be excellent and everyone gives it high marks.  We can definitely recommend Claudia’s Catering in Afton for delicious food.  Although we would recommend you set the delivery time 60 minutes rather than 30 before the event just in case.






The food is served in the house on the old round oak family table but on such a beautiful day we eat outside.









Some beautiful people, family and friends have to come to wish Carrie well.  Nothing can make a parent happier than to see their daughter loved and cared for by such wonderful people.

Her bridal party:  From the left, Eleanor whom she met during her junior year abroad in Ireland during undergraduate school, Jess whom she met when she moved to Baltimore after law school, Kate whom she’s known since 2nd grade and Alyssa who was a music major with her at Haverford College.   What wonderful friends!


For Carrie I take close ups of the important people in her life who are here to celebrate this big occasion with her.


Robin is David’s sister and Carol is his brother Roger’s wife.  They, of course, have known Carrie all her life.





Ashley is Robin’s daughter.  Carmen is Robin’s son Justin’s wife.  She’s a cousin by marriage.  We’re very glad. 







Pam is Kate’s mom and along with Laurie are long time family friends.





Allegra is one of “the girls” and Carrie’s oldest friend here.  They have known each other since Kindergarten. She is an usher in the wedding.  Lynne is Allegra’s mother and a long time family friend who once upon a time lived right down the road here in the middle of nowhere.






The only one of “the girls” who wasn’t able to come is Carrie’s friend Emma.  They have known each other since they were only months old.  She too will be an usher in the wedding and is coming to help celebrate from her current home in Chicago.  We miss her here.


Here is the wedding party close up.









And of course, the bride to be!





Between the lunch and dessert Jess has some games planned.  Everyone is to write their “Recipe for Love” on a little wooden spoon which we’ll do something with later.  After that we play a version of Mad Libs where we are asked to put various types of words (nouns, verbs, feelings) onto a number sheet  and then transfer them as written to fill in the blanks of Carrie’s Wedding Vows. “I Carrie, take you Matthew to be my lawfully wedding ______ to ______ and to _________ from this day forward”.  And so on.  The results are pretty hilarious.   Here, we’re all working hard on our word lists.  I mean how many feelings are there.  Kate, LSW, tells us there are a LOT.  Lucky her, she knows them.


Even Jess who knows the game is thinking.  Unfair advantage though don’t you think?




Carrie reads some of the results to our great amusement.




Then it’s time for dessert which I catch Kate enjoying but then I can’t wait to eat mine and don’t get any other dessert pictures.



Time to move on to opening the beautifully wrapped gifts.




The girls have this all orchestrated too.  I guess this is the weddings time of life but they all seem to know how this works.  One person brings the gift, one person takes the paper and bows, one person makes sure the card and gift are recorded so the excited bride can remember later.




Some very nice practical gifts.



Some beautiful smelling gifts.





Scented candles are a favorite of Carrie’s.



Personalized gifts. 







I warn Carrie that this really excellent Cuisinart BBQ tools set may end up in Winnona if she doesn’t watch it carefully.  It’s nice and compact.  I’m sure we could find a spot for it.






Jess is making a bouquet of the ribbons.



Definitely like these kitchen rules on the towel which comes with a set of 2 really lovely serving dishes.






And then there is Alyssa’s gift of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  All panties.  What a hoot.   I guess these are new.  I think I missed the “old” ones.




We were wondering about the “borrowed”.  Yuck huh?  So Alyssa solves that problem by buying a pair for herself so they can “look” borrowed.




Something blue all right but Carrie says, “not my style”.  Several interesting remarks are made about these especially by the older more mature of us.







The teal oofos to go with a birthday sundress I gave her in February this year to wear on her honeymoon and this pillow expressing our fondest wish for Carrie and Matthew are two of our shower gifts to her.  “Happily ever after…..”






Decorating Carrie as she opens the kitchen aid mixer to keep the family CAKE tradition alive.




I hope you can see the gorgeous glass hummingbird on this mirror which is reflecting the leaves of the maple tree as Carrie holds it up for all to see.  The tree graciously provides shade for us to sit under on this warming day.




Here’s a question.  This cutting board is so beautiful it seems it should be hung on display rather than used to chop things.



And lastly,  no one has a clue when they see the oddly shaped present until Carrie unwraps the lamp base.



Lynn and Allegra have gotten her a gorgeous lamp with this stunning stained glass shade.  What a treasure!




All finished.  What wonderful things to help the newlyweds start their lives together.  Carrie holds the great ribbon bouquet Jess has fashioned for her as she opened her gifts.  She will carry the bouquet at the wedding rehearsal less than 3 weeks from today.




The final planned part of the shower is for Carrie to read the advice given on the spoons.   That’s not a dying tree behind her, it’s a Copper Beach.





People mill around and chat.  David comes back with his brother Roger and poses for this picture with his two siblings, older brother Roger and younger sister Robin.  Roger has driven Carol to the shower from their home in Frederick Maryland.  He and David headed in to Charlottesville to meet up with Robin’s husband Ernie and her son Justin who is babysitting so Carmen can come to the shower.   A little “3 men and 3 babies routine”.   Turned out to be one man with his 3 babies and two old mature guys nodding approval from their vast experience.   Smile



Justin and middle daughter the tired Elise. 
Dig those boots.  I want a pair.


Nanny Robin knows John won’t be the baby much longer as Mom Carmen is expecting their fourth.  Maybe that’s the reason for John’s frown rather than that he’s tired.     

Norah, the big sister, with her Aunt Ashley.




When the family leaves, the party is officially over. Everyone has gone home but Carrie and Alyssa who are spending the night before Carrie drives Alyssa back to BWI to catch the train to New York.

Unfortunately, now the mess has to be cleaned up.  While David and I do all the outside things and organize the trash and recycling, all the dishes also have to be done and the girls graciously volunteer. Isn’t it wonderful when they grow up and don’t have to be forced to help around the house! The sun is going down right through the window but I want the picture anyway.




They do the dishes in their party clothes and then change into something more comfortable.  Alyssa of course has nothing remotely resembling farm clothes but we manage to outfit her appropriately even though she’s 10” taller than I and 6” taller than Carrie.  Those who know Alyssa, the Opera Diva from New York City, will be shocked to see her in these farm clothes including Virginia Women’s Cavalier Basketball sweatshirts which they are both wearing as they glam for the camera




Enough food left over that we don’t have to cook dinner.  Now that’s a GREAT thing!!



It has been a long day and a big week-end as the girls rented a house for Friday and Saturday night in Charlottesville.  Yesterday they did a Limo tour of wineries and had a party in the evening complete with Psychic Readings. 

Carrie and Alyssa are spending the night in Carrie’s childhood bedroom in her alcove bed and the trundle bed under it.  For old time’s sake, I put the Care Bear sheets on her bed.  At one time about 30 years ago, they were all the rage.  Sadly this will be the last outing for them.  Children grow up SO fast!



Don’t they look comfy??  Nite nite!



In the morning, it’s a big farm breakfast to send them off on their travels.



We are so pleased that Carrie wanted to have her Bridal shower here where she was born and raised.  And pleased too that her friends and family were happy to come so far to be here with her on this special day.

This is the last time we will see our sweetheart before her rehearsal dinner on Friday May 22nd.  It was a fantastic day with perfect weather and wonderful family and friends.  Our heart felt thanks go to every single person who contributed to the happiness of this day. 

Who could ask for anything more !   
AOLA Carrie!!




  1. A lovely lovely wedding shower with many wonderful photos as keepsakes. Great job everyone!

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  7. What a great day! Love the setting under the trees and all the smiling faces. Carrie got some wonderful gifts, both personal and practical, to begin her new life. My favorites are the two girls all ready for bed and tucked in their little spots for the night. They do grow up so fast :-)

  8. Beautiful times make for a beautiful memories.

  9. What a beautiful keepsake of this day where our dear Carrie was literally showered in love from so many friends and family all wishing her happiness forever in her coming marriage.

  10. What a terrific blog about the day! Carrie will appreciate this post in years to come. Matthew too I'm sure!

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  14. What a wonderful day!!! You have done a fantastic job with this post that will save all the memories for Carrie in the years to come. Just one thing is missing...not one photo of the Mother of the Bride??!!! But, the bride and "her girls" sure look happy:o))

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  17. What a beautiful wedding shower for Carrie. It is so nice that she wanted to have the shower at her childhood home with all it's memories of growing up. When our daughter Lindsey got married she wanted to have the wedding in my Dad's backyard because she always loved how pretty the garden was there.

    So glad that the weekend went well and that the weather cooperated. If you think this weekend was busy just wait for the weekend of the wedding! I hope everything goes as planned for the big day and that the weather is beautiful then too.


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  20. What a fantastic review of a wonderful day that I will remember fondly for many years - you really captured the feel of the day; it was just so special and I am glad we made it work to have everyone come out to the farm which you and Dad spruced up so nicely. I think Nancy & Bill had a good point in their comment - where are you?! I know - these are pictures from your camera - we have to be better of getting pictures of you with your camera ;) It was definitely a wonderful day with wonderful people - now I have a lot of thank you cards to write!

  21. You captured great memories of a special day. You had such a lovely day for the festivities.

  22. Carrie will have many wonderful memories of this beautiful day in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the home she grew up in. Her bridesmaids did a wonderful job planning and implementing this special day. Kudos to them! This is an almost magical time in life... made even moreso by the love and support of family and friends. Great day for Carol and Roger to once again reconnect with such special family members. Thank you Sherry and David for the memories.

    May 6, 2015 at 9:35 AM

  23. What a wonderful celebration for Carrie, and in such a beautiful place! It's lovely that the shower was at your farm—more to add to the treasure of sweet childhood and family memories. She is obviously very well loved. Cute pajama party photos!

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    Maggie (trying to post again)

  27. Such a pretty wedding shower. Loved all your arrangements and specially the food. Going to arrange my bridal show at one of local venue Houston. All my family and friends will help me in organizing it. I am very excited for the day.


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