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Second Eye Surgery

Tuesday July 28, 2015                                                                Previous Post:
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Shenandoah National Park




This morning the clouds are sitting in the cradle of the mountains as we leave Winnona in our site at Loft Mountain and head down to Charlottesville on Monday afternoon so that I can call back the surgery center for my time and so that I can finally start posting the Corbin Cabin Blog.

My time turns out to be just like last week.  I’m the last one, at the end of their day, at 2:45.  This means I can’t eat anything from midnight Monday night until I get out of the recovery room sometime after 4:00.   It also worries me to be the last patient after a long day of perhaps 10 surgeries before me.

Tuesday arrives.  It’s the same routine.  I know it well now.




We arrive two hours early as before and I’m taking to the room to get the iv and all the drops in my eyes.  They wheel me into the operating room where the anesthetist puts the twilight medication in to the iv.  I am awake but not really although I can understand everything being said and actually participate in a conversation about retiring early.



In a very sort period of time I’m back in the recovery room in a different section of the surgery center.IMG_1477

Here I wait until they make sure I am stable and then it’s time to leave.



The nurse takes me to the elevator  and down to the car and we’re finished.   The preparation time is longer than the surgery and the recuperation.





On Wednesday I return for a follow up visit in the morning for the doctor to take off the eye patch and make sure things look ok.    Once we leave I take a picture of my two eyes.  When I first see this picture I am confused.  I think the bruised eye is the one that had just been done but it is not.  That is the eye from last week.   Possibly because of my complaints about the bruising on my arm at the iv site and the severe bruising of my eye, there is no bruising either place this time.  Or perhaps it’s just the luck of the draw.

I’ll have a final report on what I think of this surgery and my decision to go with mono vision after my final doctor’s visit in late August.



When we arrive back in Shenandoah, it is raining and continues all through the day.  Not a very friendly “welcome home”.






  1. I had to go back up to earlier photos when I saw the bruising. I thought I was crazy...glad you helped me realize I wasn't:) Looks like all went well:)

  2. At least the surgery is now done. Whew. Hope the recovery is going well. Glad that "they" listened to you about the bruising. FYI, Arnica montana is a good herb to take for a few weeks before surgery. It helps to lessen bruising and swelling.

    Bob has been through this, too. He now wears glasses with only one lens in them. I keep telling him he should get a monocle.

  3. Bet you're glad that is all behind you. Anxious to hear about the results.

  4. Glad to know the surgery went so well. Glad to know you are becoming life and seeing It!

  5. Good outcome on the second one, that's great...will be very interested to hear how your vision is....

  6. It's all over now, I hope that you'll be a pleased with the results as I am with my cataract surgeries. I'm glad there was no bruising this go round. Now "enjoy" all those eye drops you'll be using the next few weeks. ;c)

  7. Cataract surgeries all complete!! Glad that it sounds like no bruising this time around. Now we all want to know how your sight is!!

  8. I, too, am interested to hear your final report. I suppose I'll need that surgery one of these days.

  9. Cannot wait to hear your outcome and how your vision turns out. Good thing you don't look like David punched you in both eyes :)

  10. Nice to see they didn't find it necessary to punch you out this time :-) All that rain looks wonderful from here. We've only had brief bursts that don't get the ground wet. The rig is filthy :-( They're talking about El Nino again, just like last year, but it would be a mixed blessing after all the fires have bared the hillsides in so many areas.

  11. The rain was just a reminder for you to take a good rest after your successful surgery. We will just wait until your report, for who knows we could be on that boat someday.
    Glad it is now over for you and have overcome that eye hurdle with success.

  12. Yippee...eye surgeries are done!!! Now we just need to know how that monovision is working. I hear that hiking is really good for improving monovision;o)) Take care and keep hiking!!

  13. I didn't think you would have any problems - cataract surgery seems to be perfected to the point it's almost a walk in the park. Well, maybe not a walk in the Shennies!

  14. I know you're happy to have both eye surgeries completed! Glad to know you didn't have bruising with the second. I'm hoping you'll be delighted with the results and am looking forward to your report.

  15. Must be nice to have this behind you. I'll be interested in how you feel about mono vision ... I was offered it when I started wearing glasses, but decided against it since they said depth perception could be an issue ... didn't think I wanted to worry about that when hiking.

  16. So happy you don't have another black eye. I guess sometimes that happens. But at least your done. I was so happy to have mine done and now see so much better, of course I still need glasses for reading but those can be bought anywhere for cheap. Hope your happy with the results

  17. so glad to have a good report that the surgery went well. . .I'm sure, after all your issues with the sun, you will be thrilled with the results. . .

  18. I'll be waiting for your final result assessment also I know I need this done probably this winter when I get back to Florida thanks for posting

  19. Glad it went well and also interested in how you feel about the results as I am likely going to have to have this done sometime down the road.

  20. This is very interesting to me as I need to go in and have both eyes done, after we wind down our Northwest travels and get back in the SF Bay area. Thanks...Lynda

  21. I don't think the bruising around the eye or in the IV site is really necessary or warranted. I think they just don't take enough time and make sure to take it easy and not bruise you. They are probably under time constraints so just do whatever they have to do to get it done. It's our wonderful medical insurance system we can thank.


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