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He’s King for a Day! What does he do?

Friday January 8, 2016                                                       Most Recent Posts:
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Our family tradition has always been, on your birthday you are King or Queen for the day.  You get to do anything you want, go anywhere we can afford to take you.  You can have a birthday cake or pie and someone will bake it for you.  Your wish is our command.
Those who know David can just imagine what he would do on his wide open birthday.   And you’d be exactly right – EAT!
He started out at the amazing hour of 7:15 am just after Sweet Odin’s Bakery opens..  David seldom starts out the door to anywhere at 7:15.

So here we are, Sweet Odin’s has just opened.
Sweet Odins (1)

But David’s not the only one wanting sweet treats just after sunrise.

I take some close ups of the many things he has to choose from.





He’s definitely pleased!   So what does he choose?  $20 worth.  More on the details later.

Ok now he’s got the pastries, what’s next?  Well breakfast of course.  He chooses First Watch and has some sort of hash.  I don’t think First Watch would have been his first choice given that they don’t serve biscuits but after researching what’s available in this part of south Florida, he felt this was the best he could come up with.  He’s normally a more down home breakfast place kind of guy.


Those are two over easy eggs on top of the hash.

Breakfast finished he wants to try out those pastries for dessert.  Seems like he’s gotten a lot more than even he can eat on his birthday.  So let’s see, there is the giant Raspberry Danish  Kringle and 6 or 7 other pastries.


Time to work off some of this breakfast and pastries,  so he actually chooses to give Ruby a good scrub to get all the salt from the Keys off. Sure wish they had a self wash that was tall enough for Winnona somewhere. This is really a great self wash and has a tall bay but it’s only 12’ tall.  Not tall enough for Winnona unfortunately.



Now what to do to fill in the time before the next meal?   He heads over to Sun Harvest Citrus to pick up some fresh Florida Navel Oranges and Sweet tangelos.  While we are there, I send off a 20# box of fruit to my brother and sister in law in Colorado.  A belated holiday gift I hope they will enjoy.



Oh and juice samples.

Next up is a trip to the  Miromar Outlet Mall just down the road.  We aren’t normally shoppers at all although David is more than I.  But even I want to at least take a walk through the Columbia Outlet here. 


He comes out with a shirt as his official birthday present.  Pretty easy to buy for him, just take him out on his birthday and let him pick out what he wants.  Actually this is a pretty nice plan for anyone’s birthday.

As outlet malls go, this one is quite attractive with its fountains stocked with colorful koi.


Here’s a picture of his birthday shirt taken later in the day.

So by now he’s gotten his appetite back and in this same mall, (coincidence?  I don’t think so), is Ford’s Garage.
His pick for dinner is yet another burger.   Fill er’ up!

Now this would be a really great toad.  Would the bikes go on the back and the kayaks on top??

Ford’s also has a huge selection of craft beers.  He’s looking over their 16 page beer menu.  What he really needs is a group of craft beer aficionados to discuss the menu with.  I’m a pretty sad substitute.

I think he would have liked to join these boys with their pump of beer.  It’s ?? oz for the price of 5 pints.  Cuter than a pitcher.

David orders Ford’s classic which has a toasted insignia on the bun and is only slightly less tall than mine.

He handles it well and is very pleased with the whole thing.

Rather than beer I opt for a chocolate malt which is excellent as are the fries.  The burger is so tall I really cannot get it in my mouth so I have to take off the top of the pretzel bun but the raw onion slice is just beneath the bun and biting directly into that masks all the other flavors.  I try to move the onion but everything else is glued together with the swiss cheese.  So I try mashing the top bun down.

This is too difficult just to eat a sandwich.

Eventually I simply can’t eat this and give 1/3 of it to David along with 1/2 of my fries.  So he’s had his burger and fries and parts of mine.  


Then the waitress comes and tells him that since it is his birthday, he will get a complimentary double ice cream brownie.  It pays to mention it’s someone’s birthday at a restaurant.  I have two bites and he finishes the rest.

It was his day and his way but later in the evening he is feeling a little too full and goes to bed early.  But if you ask him if he’d do it all again.   The answer is “For Sure”!

Each one is a gift!


  1. What a great day and how happy David looks! So glad that it was a good day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The food looks fantastic...and a happy belated birthday to David! Thanks, again, for a lovely visit today in Tampa!

  3. Good grief, where does a skinny guy like him put it all?! He bakery shops like I do, can't take home just one or two. Great birthday, who needs fancy gifts when you can have a great day doing whatever you like?

  4. That's a very awesome day for sure. Been thinking about you while we're here at Disney this week....lots of empty sites , five in a row right across from us all week so far!

  5. I love that idea for birthdays and except for the early start I like David's idea of a birthday breakfast. The pastries would be it for me. And then that huge burger, plus, later. Where does he put it all? Wish I could wash the Salt Lake City salt off my truck without it freezing. Maybe down the road. Is David for hire? Maybe next winter you can celebrate the brews with Paul and Nina.


  6. Wow. I'm amazed how much David can eat. It sounds like you both had a very busy day. There are places to wash RV's called Blue Beacon and there is one here by the Flying J which is just off I 75 and hwy 52. They may have other locations. I've heard its a good place to wash a RV, but we never wash our MH, so I don't know. It's actually a truck wash. Since you were last in this area, an outlet mall has opened up, on Hwy 56 and I-75. It's huge, and I'll bet David would like it. Nice seeing you both at the Rv show.

  7. Happy Birthday David ... even late the sentiment is sincere.

    1. What a day! David sure enjoyed himself consuming half of all the food in Florida! :cD

      Happy Birthday David, you sure know how to make it a happy day!

  8. Now that is a wonderful birthday! I'm not sure which food item I thought was best, but that dinner at Ford's Garage sure looks yummy. Those burgers are huge! And Sherry, your chocolate malt looks delicious:) I really enjoy pretzel rolls. My parents use to have a condo in Ft Myers and the "juice place" was our favorite stop in the way home from the beach. Their custard is also outstanding!

    Happy Birthday, David!!

  9. A Happy Birthday to him! Looks like he had a good day!

  10. Holy Moses! I think I could live a week on what David consumed in one day. I think he'd do very well in one of those food eating contests. ;)

  11. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID! I want to know which craft beer you chose. I too am a craft beer lover. For breakfast I'd love a danish and a pecan roll. I just don't know how you can pack all that food away, but more power to you! Oh, and I agree that the breakfast would have been much better with biscuits.

  12. Yep, didn't need to open the post to know the first pics would be in front of a plate of breakfast! I love hash, so that'd would have been my choice I'm sure. Washing Ruby seems so "beneath" the king, but his day, his way so I'm glad he enjoyed it :-) I'm always having to eat "prime" burgers with a knife and fork, as they are stacked too high to bite - and absolutely no raw onion to overpower the taste buds!! Not surprised at the resulting food coma :-)))))))

  13. What a terrific day David had! He sure spent it in style.

  14. Happy belated Birthday David, sure looks like you WERE KING! Glad to see you enjoyed the day.

  15. Looks like a nice place to have a burger and a brew...going to have to remember that place when we head down that way next year. Glad he had a great birthday.

  16. Great Post full of wonderful smiles:o)) I do not think I have any other friend who gets quite so excited about food!!! I believe it was the brownie that pushed you over the top. You sure had a great birthday and here's to many, many more!!!

  17. A Belated Happy Birthday!
    Looks like you lived it to the max.

  18. Wow, what a day! That is an amazing amount of food -- David looks absolutely delighted. Happy Birthday, David! :-)

  19. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a birthday!

    Celebrating the Dance

  20. Happy Belated Birthday David! Wow, I am not sure how you managed to put away all that food. There is absolutely no way that I could have eaten even half of that! Looks like it was a great day and I love the way you celebrated your birthdays. I wish I could get Kevin so do the same but it ends up that our birthday just become another day, rarely anything special.

  21. I don't know how I missed this blog but anyway, Happy Birthday David. You spent it exactly how I would have thought. I must say I laughed when I heard that you 'researched where to eat.....lol. A perfect David kind of day!!

  22. Happy Belated Birthday, David. I like the way you spent it! The smiles tell me that this was the perfect day for you. I share your enthusiasm for a good burger and some fancy pastries. Looks like the sun shone brightly for you too on your special day!

  23. Thanks for all the good wishes. I certainly hope to do this celebratory thing many more times. Special thanks to Sherry for making it so much more fun with all the teasing, and of course for helping eat all those danish. ;) More fun when you can share.

  24. I'd say David's birthday was a winner. . .well done!

  25. So much food! :) It really all did look delicious, although some of those choices were mighty big - from that pastry to the burger. Sounded like it was an excellent day for Dad ... and for pretty Ruby :) Happy Birthday again, Pops!!

  26. Im a little late but Cheers to the king of the day, Belated Happy Birthday, David.


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