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Time Off for a Beach Break at Lover’s Key

Tuesday February 23, 2016                                                               Most Recent Posts:
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Wow what a great bunch of comments on yesterday’s post. 
Thank you all so much for letting me know you are out there and share my pain. 
It really did boost my spirits as your comments always do. 
If you haven’t read the great comments and added your own,
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Today is predicted to be sunny and in the upper 70’s so we head over to Lover’s Key State Park where we are not going think about jacks or phones. 

We pay $8 to spend the afternoon on the beach.  Our other choices here in southwest Florida for spending the entire afternoon involve between $2 and $4 an hour in parking fees for the use of county beaches.

Lover’s Key has 2 parking lots.  One is a bit far from the beach and the other is further yet.  If it looks like we made tire tracks with our beach buggy or cart, you’d be wrong.  At least not yet.  But we’ve sure got a front row seat for all those big waves on the gulf.

Looking both directions, South and then North, there really aren’t a lot of people out as we arrive around 11:30.  Had to wait for it to warm up.   That’s us in the foreground of both pictures.  We’ve got the umbrella for the sun which is supposed to be out all day but so far it isn’t hot enough for us to need to put it up.







Of course I have to check out the water. It’s been a relatively cold and rainy winter here in south Florida and the water is too chilly even for an oceanoholic like me.  Too bad since in previous years here we’ve been swimming in January and I’m wearing my suit.  Optimistic thinking clearly.





So back I come for some reading and more people and bird watching.




We get out our umbrella to deal with the sun and its heat.  Hope it’s working on warming up the water for another day.





The regulars are here on patrol.  The Willet.



The ruddy turnstone and the sanderling.


I’m terrible at identifying gulls other than to say they are gulls.  But I’m going to take a chance here and based on this behavior of throwing back his head and cackling say this is a laughing gull.



Looks like he is in non breeding plummage.  I hope it’s the beak that’s giving it away.




I’m thinking this is also a laughing gull perhaps going into breeding plumage although if so, his beak isn’t reddish yet.




Just off shore and I mean as close as these pelicans is a dolphin moving north.  I don’t know how he can be so close in where the water is so shallow.  

I’m not fast enough to catch him any of the times he comes up in the places I, of course, am not pointing my camera.  But I get good looks at him and do get these two pelicans flying along right behind him.  Guess they think he knows something of interest to them.



The population on the beach picks up and in flies a great blue heron to stake out a space between two women fishing at the edge of the shore.  He isn’t bothered at all by all the people walking right by him.








He stands up quite tall when he first arrives but once he gets the lay of the land he settles back down.





By mid afternoon, the winds have picked up  and the waves are looking rather un Gulf like.






With the winds up and the sun retreating behind clouds, we take down the umbrella and bring out the beach towels as covers.  I’m using my Kindle at the beach and it works great.  Even with the sun in and out behind clouds, it is a very bright day.  David can’t see his camera LCD screen, I can’t see my old phone LCD screen but the Kindle is great.  No problem at all reading in this bright light.  So why don’t the camera and phone people use this same technology?

The only thing I don’t like about the Kindle, other than I can’t smell the ink and thumb through the pages,  is the quality of books for free.  I’m having a very hard time finding well written literary fiction like say All The Light We Cannot See.   It’s available on Kindle of course but not for free.  In fact, I’ve seen books that are as much for the Kindle as for a hardback and some Kindle books costing more than the paperback edition which I suspect is the way things are going.  Once folks have an e-reader they gradually slip into paying more and more for their “books”.

I am using my library to get Kindle books but the hold times are very long for the things I want to read.  Guess you can’t have everything.


As the afternoon wanes and the fisherwomen leave, the Great Blue Heron takes off as well.  Although David didn’t get him centered in the picture.  I like this close up of his wings.




David has a good day with in flight pictures also capturing this osprey.



I had read that some beaches banned these metal detector things but apparently that’s not the case here.  I always think these guys look funny and it is usually guys.  Wonder if they ever actually find anything worth having?  Hope so since the equipment is pretty expensive.



We’ve been here since about 11:30 and it’s nearly 5:00 now.  Wish we’d brought some dinner with our lunch so we could stay to see the sunset over the Gulf.  The temperatures are dropping fast so we pack it up and head out.  A day in February on a sandy beach on the Gulf  with nothing to do but watch the birds and read.  What a wonderful life!





  1. An excellent way to spend a day, too bad the water was so cold. A swim would have been the icing on the cake with a cherry on top! ;c)

  2. What a wonderful beach day...we've been missing the water, can't wait to get back to the Gulf next winter. I do miss the feel of a real book while reading but over the years have adjusted. I make up a big wish list, put things on hold and then read off the wish list till my holds are available.

  3. Glad to see you got a nice beach day, even though it wasn't warm enough. Lovers Key is a beautiful beach. There are still reports of people finding items from Spanish wrecks on Florida beaches, but usually on the Atlantic coast. I think they sometimes find lost rings and such. We use the Kindle app on our Samsung tablets and get the white pages for easy reading. We've tried to order ebooks from the library as well, but they never seem to come in. I don't like paying that much for books either, so we usually just go to our local libraries.

  4. The Kindle free books are always awful! But I've been finding some good ones on BookBub for a couple of dollars. I go to GoodReads to check out reviews before I bother downloading a book. The beach looks appealing -- so nice to know you can easily read on your Kindle in the bright sunlight.

  5. Your beach pictures are really pretty. Nice without the crowds, I'm sure.

  6. Quite an idyllic beach to spend time at!

  7. Our daughter was just down there last weekend! Thank goodness she got four nice days since this winter hasn't been the best. Sure look beautiful:)

    Yes, you do have to be patient with the waiting lists for free books from the library, especially if you want the latest reads. But with a library full of wonderful ebooks, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding great books for free. Isn't the Kindle just perfect for the beach with the bright sun and wind! No holding down those pages as the wind blows.

  8. Replies
    1. What a great day at the beach I should go more often its only 2 miles away... good grief... I have talked to guys at the beach using metal detectors most all have found good loot and loot worth some money but it's not real often not as easy as it looks

  9. Very handsome shot of the heron standing tall and showing his/her colors so nicely. I suppose finding one gold ring might be reward enough to make a person carry on with a metal detector. Not how I want to spend my time.

  10. Nothing like a day at the beach. In Florida. In February!

  11. You got it...What a wonderful life!!! Been a strange winter here in South Florida, but it is still so much better than most other places this time of year. Now, we just need to keep that a secret;o)))

  12. Nice you got away from your issues and relaxed with the sand, birds and waves. We use our Kindle Paper Whites a lot. The library takes time, but has good books for us. I get a lot of fun reads from Amazon thru BookBub free.

  13. About time you got a beach fix, even if the water was chilly.

  14. So wonderful to have a beautiful beach escape when life is happening "back home". David got great pics of you along the water's edge. Love the heron owning his beach. I pay $9.99/month for Kindle Unlimited. Over a million titles, and I really like that I don't keep them forever, not taking up space on the Kindle. Since Bill and I both read them and I read about one book every two-three days, it is a great deal for us! Sometimes I try a book and don't like it and can just return it for another one. Beautiful surf shot!

  15. Good pictures from a nice day at the beach. Sounds like 120/year 'might' be worth it on your kindle for a reader like you :) Maybe. Free is nicer though...that takes a bit more patience. If only the water was warmer there!!

  16. The only white sands in our future are gypsum ;-) Try Gutenberg for classics -- I've found some good books there for free. You download them to your computer and then connect the Kindle and manually move the files to your Kindle documents folder.

  17. I usually keep 5-10 books on "hold request" as some take quite a while to come in through the library's site. It makes it hard when 3 are available all at once, but more likely that I will usually have a free one available to read. I also keep a couple of paid ones on the Kindle unread for when the library doesn't have anything for me.

  18. When multiple titles come in at once and I can't read them immediately I just return the one that didn't take long and re-request it!

  19. Oh that beach and the water look so inviting! I love the picture of the heron with the guy's legs right behind him. David's picture of the heron taking off is great and I like the fact that it's not centered. Glad that you had a nice day- I would've loved sitting there reading or walking on the beach. xxxooo

  20. Glad the weather was warm enough to enjoy the beach-not so in northern FL:)

  21. I would LOVE to get up that close to a heron--- so majestic. And I like the off-center shot of him (her?) taking off-- seems like you're right there, lifting off with him.

  22. A perfect place to cast your frustrations and worries away.

  23. Ahhh -- a nice relaxing beach day. Just what the doctor ordered in view of the recent frustrations you've been having lately.


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