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What a Nightmare

I originally put up a post entitled "Commuting to Disney" on Thursday 5/4 at 9:42. After 17 hours it was not showing on the blog rolls. When it did show up at 1:22 the next day, the formatting, font and spacing was totally changed. 

Blogger would not allow me to fix it with Live Writer. Blogger would not fix it on Blogger. Therefore I redid the entire on Live Writer and it is called "Retry on Commuting to Disney"  but blogger will not post that one to the blog roll for who knows how long.

So if you want to see the original post on our trial run of commuting to Disney World, you can find it here titled Retry on Commuting to Disney.

This has been a frustrating experience. I have finally resorted to this notification post which I am doing only with Blogger which has such limited fonts and formatting that I will not continue to do this if it will not post from Live Writer.  Did you know that if you make you post up in Blogger, what you see in the Preview is not necessarily what will show up as your post.  What is the point of Preview then?

Please don’t comment here. I hope to delete this once my next post has come up.

I’d love to see your comments on the original post on which I have now spent the better part of two days.

Should we, or should we not, save money by commuting rather than staying in Fort Wilderness? That was the question and we have a fun time finding the answer.


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