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Traveling South through Delaware Water Gap

Tuesday August 30, 2016                                 Most Recent Posts:
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Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania


Yesterday as we drove North through the Delaware Water Gap to get a feel for where things are, we spotted Adams Creek Trail to Adams Falls.  We liked our plan yesterday of checking out a trail and a waterfall and then doing some more Gap exploration and think it worth repeating..

We have plans to be here for two weeks but I can already see we can’t even scratch the surface of all the hikes there are to do and places to paddle in the river.

But today it’s Adam’s Creek which is a small scenic tributary that flows 2.5 miles through the Delaware Water Gap and into the Delaware River. 

The trail starts out very flat and encouraging.



Then we cross the creek and it’s up hill all the way.  Love the rustic handrail. on this new looking bridge.






Pennsylvania is known for its rocky trails and this is one of them



Another farmer’s wall taken over by the forest.




Only the first creek crossing has a bridge.  From then on you are on your own.



From here on we walk along the creek all the way to the falls.





Some rocky straight up before we find the falls.




It’s a really lovely spot both looking at the falls and downstream.







Along the hike back we find these two fellows.  Think about the size of the leaves and the ferns when looking at these little frogs.





Of course there were wonderful mushrooms along the trail.  Here are two of the most interesting.









We set off down Route 209 making note of the trail and other signs.  We stop off to check out the Pocono Environmental Education Center and find a giant “snowball” on its roof.


Actually it sticks through the roof.



A closer look reveals that it is a clever recycling project. 





Still, I wish everyone would invest in a refillable water container.  There are just too many of these individual bottles floating around.






It’s nearing lunch time so when we see a sign for Hidden Lake we turn off to check it out for another paddling place.


There is a 1.9 mile trail that goes around the lake which appears to be mostly for fishermen although it might be a very nice early morning short paddle.  It certainly is pretty today.






After lunch we push on south to the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center  near the end of the Gap.  I 80 crosses the Delaware River which at this point separates Pennsylvania from New Jersey.




Inside the visitor Center we learn about the free kayak shuttle which runs up and down Rt 209 to enable you to put in at one point, paddle down stream and return back to your car.  Very nice amenity.




Markers facing the deck tell us we are about 27 miles from the campground, 132 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and various mileages from falls and trails in the Recreation Area.


Beautiful day for late August in Pennsylvania



We head down to the river for a look at this southern point.





And there I find one of the access points to the AT.  It’s for sure on my list of things to do while we are here.



We now have a pretty good look at what’s on the west side of the Gap so it’s time to make some plans for what we want to do before we go check out the East side.


  1. You got some gorgeous photos in this post, and I especially liked the one of the falls. I had a hard time deciphering one of the frogs - swore it looked like a snake!

  2. I am surprised at that 1st picture of the falls - it looks so small now, though I don't recall it being so small when we visited. Such a pretty spot and I did not see any trail beyond this spot. Lovely hike, frogs and toad stools too!

  3. Such a pretty trail through the forest. The little falls are so peaceful looking. Once I was able to remember to take the stainless water bottle with me I've never gone back to plastic. We're banning plastic bags in California, maybe bottles can be next!

  4. This is a beautiful area of PA. We were raised about 90 minutes south and Bill's sister lived in The Poconos. Each fall we would enjoy hikes up here to take in the wonderful fall colors. You are a bit early, but it is still beautiful!!!

  5. Those waterfalls are a particularly delightful sight.

  6. When we were in the area, it was over the 4th. Way too many people.

  7. I wondered if you would pop on the AT while you were there :)

  8. Having the lovely stream along the wooded trail is delightful. What a beautiful waterfall all secluded in its own little spot. So peaceful:) I was surprised to read about the kayak shuttle this late in the season, then you mentioned August. I keep forgetting you are still in the summer. Sure looks like lots to keep you very busy for the two weeks. It is nice to know this area is so close to VA for the future:)

  9. If you cross over to the NJ side be sure to wave to my dad as you go by! He lives in Columbia, NJ. ;c)

  10. Love the pictures of your hike, especially the colorful mushrooms and tiny frog!

  11. That was indeed a clever recycling project. Sometimes it really amaze me the creativity of some people.

  12. Another interesting spot to put on our list for future adventures. Thanks for finding such great places! That hiking trail is beautiful, and how terrific to have kayak shuttles available! I'm assuming you're going to be taking us along on some paddling trips. I agree, I wish we could do away with those individual plastic bottles of water—we've had our stainless water bottles for years (they have lots of dents, but are still going strong).

  13. Sweet place. You sure know how to find them. Those tiny frogs are adorable. I love how you see the big and the small. Plus capture it so well with your photos.

  14. Beautiful and green! The red mushroom is a great find. That snowball recycling project on the roof is really quite inventive. I, too, hate water bottles. Great pictures. They helped to capture the feeling of the place , but I have no doubt it would be better in person :)


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