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Carrie and Celia Visit Big Meadows

Saturday June 9, 2018                                         Most Recent Posts:
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I had told Carrie about the rain in Shenandoah and suggested she bring Celia’s raincoat and rain boots so first thing after they arrive and get some lunch is to go outside and splash in some puddles.  The rainboots are new and she’s never actually been allowed to walk in water so at first she’s figuring it out and noticing her reflection.




But as you can see in this video, she gets the hang of it in no time wiith no instruction.

When we ask if she wants to go for a walk, she comes running.  Being outside is this girl’s absolutely favorite thing to do and top of the list is going for a walk.


She’s pretty excited when she ses the deer.  Wish we’d had the video on to record her saying “Oh, Oh” as she pointed. 


The deer moves closer, she’s still pointing, very excited.  This time it’s “WOW”, “wow”..


She heads toward the deer, stops when we call her for a last look and then comes running to continue our walk.



Off we go to the trail that goes down to the visitor center. But it turns out to be more a stream than a trail today so we look for another place to “walk”.


She’s not so sure about the mud.  This is an outdoor girl who doesn’t actually like to get her hands dirty.  Not sure how that’s going to work out. 



We find a drier trail


Sometimes you need a little help.



Sometimes you run so fast you are a blurr in the picture.


On our way back I get to be the leader and sometimes I run and she tries to catch up.  Carrie catches about 3 seconds of our “running” in this video.  You may have to let it run two or three times to really see it.  It goes by much faster than we are running.


Then it’s time for some more puddles.



Puddles and rain boots are a big hit.


She contemplated this for quite a while seeming to be considering whether it was too deep.


The answer was “I can do it”.


After a nap, we walked up to the picnic area where there is a phone signal so Mama could text Daddy about the fun.



Clearly there are lots of things you can do on a picnic table.



Headed home.


Even though it won’t be dark until 9:00, it’s time to wind down for bed.   There are books to look at.


Alphabet puzzles to do.


And Winnie the Pooh to put to bed.  That’s Nana’s Winnie the Pooh.  He’s bigger than Celia’s Winnie and nearly as big as Celia but she likes him.


She tells us all to “shhhhh” when she lays him down for bed.  


We’re all pretty exhausted after a busy day in Big Meadows.  And lucky us, we get to do it all again tomorrow.


  1. Boy, is she growing up! What a cutie.

  2. She was certainly fascinated by the deer!

  3. How cute! So nice you were able to introduce Celia to the wonders of nature, including puddles! :c)

  4. Through the eyes of a child!!!

    Just PRECIOUS:o)))

  5. She is the apple of Nana's eyes! So the deer did not run away from her?
    Celia is definitely going to be an outdoorsy kind of girl, just like Nana.

  6. Celia is just adorable and oh the wonders of puddles in new boots and a deer. You are really going to have a fun time

  7. Looks like Celia has got the knack of walking in water and sighting wildlife:))

  8. Nothing quite as precious as little girls that age. Laughed out loud about the outdoor girl who doesn't like to get dirty. Celia has a great mom and a great grandma as well.

  9. An outdoor girl who doesn't like to get her hands dirty, haha! Celia is so lucky to have you to show her all of the magic of the outdoors. She's adorable—and growing up so fast!! Love those rainbow colored rain boots. Something about splashing in puddles is SO much fun! I spent a lot of time playing in rain puddles growing up.

  10. So cute with those curls!!! This post captures her joy being outside. Such fun! Great pictures!

  11. Celia is adorable. I used to love to let my kids play in puddles when they were little. It's just something every kid should do. I think I get as excited as she does when I see a deer. I'm so glad you got to visit with her. I think she looks a lot like Carrie.

  12. She is so darned cute! And getting so grown up! Puddles are the best fun a girl can have, she's getting nice memories :)

  13. She is growing fast and has such wonderful examples to follow you and her Mama being outdoors.

  14. What wonderful pics!! Love the looking at deer - such joy in her face :-) Nothing better than a puddle, unless it's with bare feet. Wonderful the girls were able to come for a visit.

  15. Wonderful to watch a two year old experience pure joy being in nature and discovery. I will never forget Carrie's joy at that age being outside in the yard just full of joy in the experience. It made me wonder what happened to me that I did not feel that same joy everyday just to be in this wonderful world we live in.

  16. She is adorable and growing up so fast!

  17. What a wonderful time you had together.


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