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Leaving Glacier

Friday September 9, 2011
Dick’s RV Park
Great Falls, Montana


We spent Thursday doing things to get ready to move on.
David is taking the on-line Safe Driver Course in order to
get a 10% discount on auto insurance with Geico.  It costs
$19.95 to take but over the course of the 3 years it is good
for, will save 10X that amount on premiums. 
I’m next!


I spent a lot of time mapping our next few weeks, the route
and the parks if not the amount of time in each park on our
way to Winnebago in Forest City Iowa for a few
things they can do better. 

From Glacier to Devil’s Tower, for instance,
there really is nothing I can do along the way
so we’ll be doing one nighters for an
uncharacteristic 3 or 4 nights in a row.


On Friday we left Glacier National Park
but will clearly have to return.
It sure is a long way from pretty much everywhere.

We took Route 2 East on the south side of
the park.  Just before we arrived in
the town of East Glacier Park,
we enter the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Leaving Glacier (1)


East Glacier is right outside the park as is West Glacier
but they are very different towns.

Leaving Glacier (3)


Leaving Glacier (5) 


The Blackfeet have a buffalo herd

Leaving Glacier (8)


and a ceremonial area
both of which can be seen
from Route 2 beyond the town.
Sorry about the wipers and sign
which mar otherwise OK pictures.

Leaving Glacier (6)


We drove a total of 200 miles,
a long way for us,  and are camped at
Dick’s RV park in Great Falls

It’s OK for an overnight though a tad expensive
IMO at $33.70 including tax.  I didn’t find anything
less in Great Falls which was as far as I wanted to drive
in one day.  Boon docking on the road has never been
a favorite of mine.  Guess I should get with it and
do the Wal-Mart and Flying J thing.


The sites here are not stacked on top of
each other but it still has that close to the
freeway noise and now days they all seem
to have train tracks next door as well.




We went off to the grocery where I got
to ride around in one of those electric handicapped
carts.  Wish David had gotten a picture of that.
Those things have a short turning radius and are actually
really cool.   They can make very sharp turns.  And they beep beep beep if you go in reverse.
But what was really funny was that the cart
kept refusing to go until I sat WAY
back in the seat to make it think I weighed enough.
Hmmmm  how big are the folks these carts were
designed for?


And that’s all folks……….back on the road tomorrow.


  1. Know you hate this kind of trip, but at least you are resting that ANKLE!!!!

    Safe Travels ... you will love Devils Tower......

  2. Great Falls has the Chas Russell Museum, great western artist & it is a wonderful museum, HUGE paintings!!

  3. I hate that beep..beep while it's in reverse but some folks just won't get out of your way! Safe travels.

  4. Sherry, seriously, haven't you ever noticed (I have edited my comment out. It was irreverent) That cart probably thought you were a child playing on it!
    Glad you're resting the ankle. What is the ankle plan?

    BTW, I responded to your CC inquiry on my blog comments :) We are going for #2! :)

  5. I'm cracking up over your grocery cart. Obviously they were designed for someone bigger than itty bitty Sherry. :-)

  6. You're light as a feather Mama! Definitely not the type those chairs expect - i.e., you're athletic, eat well and take good care of yourself. Hope the ankle is improving quickly!

  7. Honestly, I just can't imagine you on one of those carts, Sherry. David, you *really* should have taken a picture. Next time? Safe travels!

  8. How many unsuspecting shoppers did you take out with that electric cart?

    I think campgrounds like having railroad tracks nearby, it gives campers something to remember it by... ;c)


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