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Morning walk, afternoon appointments

Thursday June 21, 2012
Lithia Springs Park Site 25
Lithia, Florida


I love Rain on the roof.

It begins raining about 7:00 on Wednesday night and is still raining when we go to bed.  Should be good sleeping but we are both restless and don’t sleep soundly.


#25 river path 001


When I go out in the morning everything looks fresh and clean  though the air is heavy from the rain.  Site 25 is not on the river, but there is a path to the river so I take off with my camera to have a look.


#25 river path 002

Along the way, each time I stop to take a picture the mosquitoes attack.  This isn’t going to be a long walk I realize.


#25 river path 006



I reach the river and decide to take my chances and go part of the way down the riverside path. 





#25 river path 004


As I walk along at the foot of one of the trees by the river, I come upon a trash stash and wonder why if they can collect it they can’t cart it.  I don’t have my backpack which always has a bag for picking up trash so I’ll have to come back and get this pile.  I just don’t understand such thoughtless inconsiderate behavior amid such beauty. 


#25 river path 010


#25 river path 015


I stop in at Site 40, my favorite.  Amazingly, it’s still empty.  I later find we are the only folks camped in the park this morning.







#25 river path 024



As I head up the driveway to return home, I hear a rustling just above my head.  I’m not particularly a squirrel lover since they tend to get into things and make a mess but this guy was so cute with the mushroom treasure he’d found.




#25 river path 022


Dentist and Ruby 006


Today’s appointments are not at the hospital.   David has to have his teeth cleaned before the transplant since he will not be able to take any chances with any bleeding afterwards.  So he has made an appointment for 10:30 for that.   This time Ruby gets to wait.





Dentist and Ruby 003


Then at 11:00 Ruby goes in for two new front shoes.  We are trying to get ahead on things that might go wrong in the near future when neither of us can attend to them.  We prefer small shops to the dealers.   We’ve always found they do a better job.  The service here is good and so are the new tires.  Another concern crossed off the list.




David seems to be feeling well today.  I ask about his hip and he reports no soreness from the bone biopsy yesterday.  That is just amazing to me.  He tells me he slept on that side and it was fine.  Now there is a another thing to be glad about.


We’re very happy to mark two pre-transplant errands off the list but there are still several others to go.  It will be very hard to get anything done while he is in the hospital and once he gets out and needs care 24/7.  So we are trying to think of everything and take care of it now.


As you know, I have been feeling somewhat sorry for us having to be in Florida during the summer and especially during hurricane season.  This was definitely NOT in the plans.  But today a friend in Vermont writes to tell me that the high today in Woodstock is going to be in the upper 90’s.  I check my former home town, Charlottesville, and its high is predicted to be 98.  My daughter Carrie, in Pikesville Maryland will be having 97 degrees.  Well the 88 degrees predicted for here is looking pretty good!  Although with 93% humidity that 88 feels like 98 and it’s hard to be outside.  The air is thick.  I practically wilt.  But still, as misery loves company, it makes me feel a little better knowing that everyone else is suffering too.  Isn’t that terrible!  Even folks in Sacramento and New England where we had intended to be.  Guess before I get too smug, I’d better check on Nova Scotia since that was to be our destination.


It has rained off and on all day and begins in earnest again this evening.  I check the 10 day forecast and see that it is 50-100% chance of rain every day.  This is just like the weeks before our last “vacation” and then for that one vacation week, it didn’t rain.  That allowed me to spend beautiful days at the beach.   Makes me feel very lucky as the rain pounds on the roof.


  1. I used to love the sound of rain on the trailer roof, and on the MH roof. We just had an "attempt" at a thunderstorm--rained just long enough to get the ground damp. I hate to go out to water the flowers because the bugs are terrible, here, too.

    I recommend the Thermacell to everyone for mosquitoes, Sherry, and it's nice because they don't smell. They have some that you can wear, but I don't know how well they work, but you could always put them on the ground next to where you are sitting. They are amazing. If I didn't have the lantern, I might think about buying the portable kind.

    Hoping you can wind down, soon, and get some rest. Thanks for keeping us posted. We can all learn a lot from you and David.

    You are so organized to plan ahead and get things done so you're not distracted by other things when David is recovering.

  2. Maybe the hospital could put those skeeters to work because they are so good a drawing blood?

    Very smart taking care of the details before the surgery, you'll have so much to do after. You'll be able to concentrate on David getting well.

  3. It was 95 degrees here yesterday. Today we had a quick storm with straight-line winds that cooled it down nicely!

    Good thinking to get things done pre-transplant.

  4. We had rain here too!! But ours does not last forever like it did in Florida. That little squirrel looked very happy with his find!

  5. It was 90 here in SD today and by Tuesday, it's supposed to hit 99! Yes, misery loves company and you've plenty of it!

    That is good planning to take care of those things ahead of time. Then you will have more time to go to Whole Foods! (trying for some levity here, in case you're wondering :)

    We are currently under a severe thunderstorm warning with egg size hail and winds > 60 mph predicted. I think I would rather have your rain. Must go and batten down the hatches.

  6. Sounds like you are getting all your "Ducks" in a row;o)) You two will be all set and ready to take on this transplant. Wish we were closer and could help you line up the ducks and anything else you might need. But know we are close in spirit:o)) I enjoy the sound of rain also!!

  7. I also prefer small businesses rather than large, including auto repairs. I'm glad to hear the bone biopsy site hasn't made David uncomfortable. It sounds like it would be gruesome pain; I hope all the upcoming procedures go as well for him.

  8. Weather forecast is for 101 here tomorrow and 102 on Wednesday!! Not good!!!

    That's wonderful that David isn't experiencing any soreness from the bone biopsy.

    Cute little squirrel!

  9. One thing I like about Florida summers is that the rain is predictable. Sunny mornings (usually) and rainy afternoons. Don't much like the hurricanes, although isn't the Gulf hit less than the east coast? I can't remember.

  10. It is hot everywhere. Glad David is feeling well.

  11. Best news on the blog today... for me... is that David has had a couple of good days! Of course, I did love that little squirrel. I know they are "pests" but they are so very cute. Maybe they get tired of the Florida rain too. Rain on the roof at night is a good sound, and to get up in the morning to sunshine is even better. Hopefully today the high humidity in the DC area has ended and we can be outside again. It has been brutal for the past few days. Hope Nova Scotia will be in yours and David's sites in the not too distant future... a nice plan to hold onto and look forward to.

  12. The high temps in the northeast make me feel better too! Floridians do outdoor things winter, spring and fall. We plan our trips to Disney, and camping trips during those months. In the summer, we do indoor things, swim in the pool, or get out on the water. I guess it's kind of like living up north. You just don't plan outdoor activities in January.

    Glad you're getting all the chores done. Maybe you guys can find the time to make a beach trip before the transplant.

    I hope your site 25 is high and dry. We might be getting a lot of rain the next few days.

  13. Your pictures look so lush and fresh. I am glad they don't allow us to feel the humidity or the mosquitoes. The squirrel is cute and entertaining. I am glad that you are able to enjoy the small pleasures of the day. I am happy that David is not hurting from the procedure. It is hot in Kansas too and most of our time is spent indoors. I wonder how we managed years ago when we couldn't afford to run our air conditoner? In the "good old days" we never turned on the air until the 4th of July. Until then we used the attic fan and roasted in misery all day or visited the local Mall to enjoy walking in their coolness. We spent afternoons at the local pool. Please know that we are all praying for you and David.

  14. Been in the low 90's here in the mountains of northern New Mexico, but the low humidity does help. No mosquitoes but we are plagued by biting gnats, so feel better knowing there is unpleasantness all over the country!

  15. wonderful pictures...rain and muggy here in New Brunswick, right next door to Nova Scotia...glad to see your getting things all taken care of before the transplant..your in our thoughts and prayers

  16. Just to add my two cents worth - it was 93 degrees in Bar Harbor, Maine one day earlier this week. And believe me, the mosquitoes are there as well! We've had a couple of car issues while on this trip through New England and both times chose small independently owned businesses to patronize. Totally agree with you on that.

    Hope David has another good day! I'd wish for several more!!

  17. I know it must feel good getting things crossed off your list. It was hot up here the latter part of the week and is supposed to be 30 degrees cooler tomorrow. Go figure! Crazy weather for sure.

  18. This post was before Debby....bet you aren't liking rain now...the low tempatures with high humidity were a harbinger of things to come. Cute squirrel, but no good about the mosquitos - even in the 90s, I haven't seen them here - we've got great weather today, but the heat returns for the weekend - mid-90s. YUCK!


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