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Slogging through the Slough

Friday February 8,2013
Site T-15 Flamingo Campground
Everglades National Park


We’ve been in Flamingo without internet or phone since February 3.  Here’s where we were able to use the Verizon internet on February 7.  The Coe Visitor’s Center Porch.  40 miles from Flamingo.  Remember, only AT&T in Flamingo.


Slough Slog 051


After posting 5 blog posts, wishing Carrie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and doing some other phone business we met the ranger for the Slough Slog.


We’re going over there through the slough toward that cypress dome on the far distant right.

Slough Slog 002


Getting closer, wandering through dwarf cypress.  The cypress in the “dome” are much taller because the water is deeper and therefore there are more nutrients. Not as much water and not as many nutrients means dwarf cypress.   These little trees are quite likely as old as their nearby taller brothers.   They all have shed their leaves for winter.


Slough Slog 004


Slough Slog 006


We are getting in over the ankles walking through the river of grass

Slough Slog 011


Near my knees – cool

Slough Slog 012


Our ranger guide is 5’ 4”.  She says this her favorite part of her job!

Slough Slog 015


The water here is actually crystal clear but it is impossible to get a shot of how clear the water is since every step we take muddies it up.

Slough Slog 016


You can see why Andrew Jackson finally gave up sending troops to Florida to send the Seminole Indians west in the mid 1800’s.  They knew these marshes and how to live within them.  It seems like our first guerilla war here as the troops were often totally lost in these dark swampy waters.  The mosquitoes alone nearly drove the troops crazy and many of them simply refused to continue the fight.  Thus the Seminoles are the only Indian Nation who have never signed a treaty with the US Government.

Slough Slog 017


Rapt attention from the hikers.

Slough Slog 021

Slough Slog 023


Remember my new favorite plant bladderwort?  It floats on the water and eats mosquito larvae.

Slough Slog 026



There really is no way to get the true feeling of the cypress dome without walking around in it.

Slough Slog 036


Slough Slog 037


It’s beauty and magnificence feel like a cathedral.

Slough Slog 038


Slough Slog 039


Slough Slog 042


I’m sorry we have to leave this quiet beautiful spot. I’d love to see it when the cypress are covered with their leaves.  But unfortunately that coincides with mosquito season.  Perhaps I’ll come back in late November or December before they lose all their leaves.

As we start our walk back,  I take my best attempt at a shot to show how clear the water is.  This time it isn’t our stirring up the mud, it’s the reflection of the trees in the water that makes it difficult. 


I’m afraid from the picture you can’t tell that this water is not tannin black and reflecting, it is crystal clear.


Slough Slog 046


Back to drier climes and on home to Flamingo.

Slough Slog 050


On the way we catch the sun setting over the River of Grass with a cypress dome in the background.  Another Great Day!

Slough Slog 052A


  1. Looks like an interesting walk, but I don't like the feeling of walking around with wet clothes and shoes.

  2. Beautiful sunset. Yeah....go bladderworts....

  3. What fun. So great to finally get to read another posting.

  4. Wonderful posts! You look like you are having a great time in Flamingo! I admire you for your adventurous spirit -- I'm not sure I'd be comfortable on some of those hikes!!

  5. This looked like a fun day. Any gators here? When you back? Earl's clock was damaged- the weights, need to talk to you.

  6. Can't tell you how happy we are to see you guys back into the routine of doing what you love!

  7. Messy walk, but it does look fun :) Great picture of Dad standing there - how triumphant that he can do that whereas one year ago, there would have been no way. Really neat tidbits of info about the indians and the plant that eats up mosquito larve - thanks for the interesting factoids!


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