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The weather turns

Wednesday February 27, 2013
Site 49, Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida


We’ve been pretty spoiled by the weather here these past many days including today.


Today’s high is 86 and the beach is hopping.  The temperatures will be dropping beginning tomorrow and the winds picking up   Winter in Florida is returning.   But today it’s all about  the waves the birds and the surfers.


Great waves.   Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 004

Sunny and warmTuesday at Sebastian Inlet 001


 Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 007

 Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 009


Big waves with lots of salt ocean spray thanks to the winds.

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 010

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 011

 Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 015Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 016



Is the drum major sitting down on the job??

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 019


Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 018

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 033



The boys are having a great time.

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 059

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 054


Still my favorite spot.

Tuesday at Sebastian Inlet 056  



Things change.


It’s just dawn when I head out to see the sunrise and find the day after full moon shining over the inlet.

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 001

I walk over to the ocean side and see just the beginnings of color in the foggy east.

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 025

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 028

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 027



And when I turn around there is the moon in the west.  

Face the ocean, sunrise.  Back to the ocean full moon. 

But by the time I can actually see the sun in the east it is half an hour after official sunrise and  the moon has disappeared from the west.

Oh what a beautiful morning!





Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 047



Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 059




The turn in the weather makes a change in the afternoon at the beach.


Little change for the birds who line the shore but do you notice the difference between the shot below and my closing Tuesday ocean view shot??

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 105


Not much difference for the surfers although there are many fewer.

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 080 


 Yes, I’m devoted, that’s for sure.

Ok if you didn’t notice the difference I’ll bet you do now.  You have to admit, I’m not a fair weather friend.   I watch the birds to know which way to face my chair.  They face into the wind – usually – so I face them to have my back to the wind on really windy days.

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 111

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 110A



These guys are not deterred by the weather.
Just look at these faces.

I love my facial portrait of the Ring-billed gull so I think I’ll try to do some of the other common beach crew.

If you didn’t see the ring-billed please do.  I’m pretty happy with it.  I had no idea they were so unique looking. Look here.


The face of the Royal Tern.   From  a distance, they all look alike. 
But when you look closely the differences are obvious.


Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 085


Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 107


The black skimmer’s portrait shows his interesting bill.  Skimmers feed by gracefully skimming their lower bill through surface waters where small fish are caught unaware.   They re able to fish by feel during dawn, dusk and at night.  They rest during the day here probably after their early morning fishing.  They seem to appreciate each other’s company and don’t mind the terns joining them.  Terns, gulls and skimmers are all part of the Laridae family.   So I guess this big group is just a family gathering.  Wonder how many of us would like a daily family reunion with such a big family.

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 093



Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 095A 

Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 104    

 Wednesday sunrise, full moon and beach 081  

** a note to reader Capt Joey who asked about no-see-ums here.  At this time of year we have had no trouble at all with them or the mosquitoes.  There is almost always a breeze of some sort.   And to Syl, too soon to tell about sportbrella.  Will keep you posted.


  1. Sherry, your bird photos are awesome! I do love the close ups of the faces. And yes, I noticed right off your feet were covered up! Hope it warms up soon!

  2. I'm glad you are in a place you truly love. All that sitting around on the beach would drive me bonkers. Good thing there's different strokes for different folks. :)

  3. Love your close ups of the beach crew! Hope the bad weather doesn't last too long.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. So many birds. So many bird "bombs" to dodge...

    Seems I'm never fast enough! :c(

  5. Well, the cool weather hit the Naples area today;o(( But when I see what the folks up north have I still have to smile at this wonderful winter weather:o)) Great photos and love the closeups!!!

  6. Chilly here in Ft. Myers too. It's a good excuse to start a campfire earlier in the day. You are most certainly a devoted beach lover. I love the changing mood you captured in the photos with the turn in weather.

  7. It was quite chilly working at the Wildlife Park today! I guess I'm acclimating to Florida winters quite quickly :-).

  8. I miss those birds ... we had a slew of them on the beach when were at NAS Mayport; here the birds are so skittish, I can't sit with them.

  9. Good pics of all those birds in flight, as well as the closeups. Yes, I'd say you seem to be right at home on the beach.

  10. I love the pictures of the flocks of birds. Your gull shot was the best so far!

    I like to get close up face shots too.

    I hope you'll get some more warm days before you leave the area. It's pretty chilly here this morning.....but didn't see any snow!

  11. Sherry, it cracked me up to see you sitting on the beach,as proud as punch, smile on your face and wrapped up from head to toe. Yep, one dedicated beachcomber you are. I enjoyed all of the close up bird shots.. I also really enjoyed your shots of everyone in flight. Great job

  12. Beautiful pictures, Sherry! Your link to the ringed bill takes me to comments. Thought you might like to know. I love the beach when I DO have to wrap up. It's heaven listening to the waves and the birds with a good book in hand. Glad you're having such fun.

    1. Hi Nancy! The link to the ringed bill gull goes to the comments at the end of the post with the gull in it. I readers would scroll up to see the photo and if they hadn't read that post they might want to comment and that would make it easier for them. But perhaps I should change it to just the post without the comments if they don't realize they can see the picture by going up to the post. Thanks for letting me know it was confusing to you.

  13. I love the closeups of the faces of the birds. I like the colors. Our warm weather is ending tomorrow too. Summer will be here soon enough though.

  14. Great pictures! The beach looks great in Florida. Enjoy yourselves :)

  15. You are a hoot all bundled up for the beach! A true beach lover you are :) The sunrise/moon pictures are great, as are the bird pictures, of course. So interesting to learn of their similarities, differences and details. Nature is amazing for sure.


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