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The Assateague Uh Oh

Thursday September 26, 2013
Site 39 Loop 2
Assateague Island National Seashore



Is all this planning getting too complicated for me?


Killens Pond to Assateague 012


Remember just two days ago when I got the time wrong for the ferry and very luckily we didn’t have to pay twice since we were no shows?  If you’d like to read about it, use this link.


Well I did it again.  We leave Killens Pond and take the nice and short trip of 66 miles from Delaware into Maryland and out onto Assateague Island.  I am very excited about this.  We will be boon docking for 8 days right on the seashore.   Well on the bay side anyway.




Killens Pond to Assateague 017


We pull in, show our Senior Passes and the smiling woman asks if we will be camping with them. <DUH>  Since we are talking to her from inside a 35’ motor home, I almost laugh but instead I give her a BIG smile I BIG and say “you bet”.   She tells us to go over to the campground check in.


We do,  I skip up the steps and go inside where I tell them we have a reservation.  They ask me for my name and site number.  I give them both. 

They look, and look, can’t find it.   Uh-oh!  
What’s the reservation number?  
I go back to Winnona and look it up, and that’s when I see the problem.  Our reservation is for next week.   Assateague is so hard to get a site in that I made the reservations about 6 months ago.  Before David had his fall doctor appointments set.  He tried to get the appointments he needs two weeks after Assateague but his doctor was out of town.  He made the latest appointment he could get and in the confusion, I wrote down the new dates we needed at Assateague in my calendar and forgot to call the park and change the dates.  




Boy have I messed up my 8 great days in Assateague!



Killens Pond to Assateague 014

So, here we are on a Thursday night thinking we’ll stay until a week from tomorrow.   I ask “Can we change our reservation to tonight and 7 more days?”  NOPE not a single site for Friday or Saturday but we can stay tonight.

Well I’ve sure made a mess our of our stay in Assateague.  We drive around through the campground to see what spot we’d like and we see that unbeknownst to me, the loop we were supposed to be in is the only one which allows NO generators.  If you don’t have big solar, you really do have to use a generator some over the course of 8 days.




 Could this turn into another one of those blessings in disguise like the ferry mistake?



Killens Pond to Assateague 004


We find a great site on the ocean side that I wish we could stay and stay in but one night is all we get.  And we have to find somewhere to stay for Friday and Saturday.   Thank goodness it is off season or we would stand no chance at all. 





OK so now what do we do about Friday and Saturday??


First we call the state park which is at the very top of the island before you get to the National Seashore.  It’s location is an interesting story for another time.  There water and electric are $36 a night, boon docking is $28.   As compared with our intended $12.50 to boon dock here.  Oh well that’s my penalty I think.  But they have nothing for Friday or Saturday.


Killens Pond to Assateague 005



We call some local private campgrounds and the least expensive thing we can find for W/E is $43.  FHU are $57 even off season.  One place wants $75 a night.  This is going to be an expensive mistake.  But it’s only two nights so we go on about enjoying the one afternoon and night we do have here.   I get on line and make reservations for the remaining 5 days from Sunday through next Thursday.

Since we could not have stayed 8 days in the loop with no generator perhaps this is a blessing in disguise though unlike the other one, this one is costly.



But it’s beautiful here.  Perfect actually.


Killens Pond to Assateague 018


And we’ll just enjoy our time now and be happy we were able to make a second reservation in a loop that allows reasonable generator use.






Killens Pond to Assateague 037


The duckies have been looking so longingly out their view  toward the beach that we take them out for a swim.  Pooh has his inner tube.  Some pretty big waves coming their way.




So far so good

Killens Pond to Assateague 042 


but then Oppps.  I rush out to rescue them.


Killens Pond to Assateague 031A

Killens Pond to Assateague 036





What a beautiful though seriously windy day.


Thank goodness our drive was short and we arrived early so we could take care of the mess up and still have some time to enjoy this gorgeous place.. 



Killens Pond to Assateague 043



Killens Pond to Assateague 049


These fellas are gathered on shore.  Perhaps they don’t want to get into the wind either.


Killens Pond to Assateague 079



Killens Pond to Assateague 086



When we walk back to the campsite, this pair is in the site behind us.  Looks like the fawn’s spots are starting to fade. 


Killens Pond to Assateague 090



I could really love 8 days of this.  Or even longer ‘NEXT TIME’!


We get a wonderful sunset and some beautiful pink afterglow. 


Killens Pond to Assateague 093



Killens Pond to Assateague 094


Sure wish we didn’t have to leave.  But it’s only for 2 days and then we’ll be back.  I’m already thinking about when we can return for a full two weeks of boon docking here.   Out of season of course.  :-)


Killens Pond to Assateague 102


* of course you know by now that we have gotten into the middle of the government shut down.  I’m several days behind on the blog but how that affects us is upcoming.


  1. At least your time on the beach looks great:)

  2. That was mighty brave, risking the Duckys for a fine picture.

  3. I'm just glad you got us to Assateague Island National Seashore AND they had a site for us. Being after Labor Day I feel confident we can work out something for the weekend and then come back when the weekenders are gone. That will be better anyway. No bugs, so maybe the wind is a blessing.

  4. That beach camp is perfect. For everything there is a reason. Well, except for this ridiculous shutdown.

  5. Thanks for commenting on our blog, we're now staying in a private campground instead of a COE next week, wonder how long it'll take to get a refund. Feel sorry for all the folks who have planned lifetime trips and can't get into places. Everything happens for a reason.

  6. Oh my. A mix up...I'm glad you could stay that one night. Beautiful ocean and cute duckies swimming :) You look happy despite the error and got a lovely sunset. Count yourself lucky ; )

  7. Nice to see you let the duckies out once and a while to get some fresh air. They should be glad they're watched over so well, or they'd be swimming to Europe. :c)

    Can't believe some of those campground prices. Are the sites gold plated or something?

    Hope all your reservations get back in line and don't cause you any more scrambling to find a place to stay. Planning reservations can be a daunting task at times. With all your travels, I guess a glitch once in a while is to be expected. ;c)

  8. ha ha. . .glad to know I'm not the only one. . .oops! Glad it's all working out. . .the ocean is beautiful in all it's forms. . .enjoy!

  9. With all the planning you've had to do for your long journey, it's no wonder you had an "oops" moment.

    Glad it's all working out. It looks like a great place.

  10. I have long marvelled at the effort you put into planning. It's understandable to have a few glitches along the way. I am sure you will find a perfect alternative place to stay. I am glad, however, to have gotten a little taste of Assateague from this post.

  11. That is such a cute picture of the ducks waiting for the waves! I'm still enjoying reading your blog so much. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  12. The mix-up in reservation dates sounds like the sort of things I am occasionally doing now, and I guess it will only get worse!


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