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A summary of our Winter Travels and a look ahead to spring

Thursday March 20, 2014
Manatee Springs State Park




We made it to SPRING!



This has been an unusually long and hard winter so I know everyone is very glad to see the Spring Equinox arrive.  Equinox is traditionally a day to celebrate equilibrium, neither harsh winter or the merciless summer.  The days and nights are equal.  Tomorrow light will lengthen over dark.  From here on, the days will be getting longer and the nights shorter.  Time to shake off the heavy coats of winter and refresh ourselves.  Put everything into perspective and back into balance.  We can always depend on Earth’s extraordinary journey to bring us around to where we need to be.




Time to put winter 2014 to bed.

I’m taking a little time today to reflect back over our winter travels.  In doing so, I looked back at when winter actually started for us and created a map of our travels to this point and the first of our spring travels to come as we begin to move out of Florida and on to the warm days of summer.   There may be more cold nights and even more winter storms but they are on their way out.  The light is coming in more ways than one.


We began moving south in early November this year as winter seemed already to have hit the mid Atlantic with unusually cold temperatures in October. Little did we know what a terrible and long long winter this was going to be for those who were unable to join us in migrating.

We arrived at Santee State Park South Carolina on November 8th Point A. From there our stops went like this to our final Winter stop as we leave Florida April 12 from Stephen Foster folk Culture State Park. We begin our spring travels in Cumberland Island National Seashore which is the last point on this map.


Winter 2014 Travel Map

A Santee State Park, SC
B:  Congaree National Park, SC
C:  Edisto Beach State Park,SC
D:  Hunting Island State Park, SC
E:  Anastasia State Park, FL
F:  Sebastian Inlet State Park, FL
G:  Oscar Scherer State Park, FL
H.  Myakka River State Park, FL
I.   E.G. Simmons County Park, Ruskin, Fl
J. Everglades National Park, Flamingo, FL
K. Big Cypress National Preserve, FL
L  Boondocking Rally Fort Ogden, FL
M.  Oscar Scherer State Park-2nd visit
N. Blue Spring State Park, FL
O. Rainbows Spring State Park, FL
P.  Manatee Springs State Park, FL
Q.  St. George Island State Park, FL
R.  Suwannee River State Park, FL
S.  Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park, FL
T.  Cumberland Island National Seashore, GA





I celebrated the equinox with a visit to the the head spring





I spent a couple of hours with the manatee.  I particularly like these pictures with the reflections of the trees and the sunshine of this equinox day glittering in the water over them.









I found some bright spring sunshine growing right in the spring run.  It put a happy smile on my face.




As though they had come to wish us a Happy Equinox, look who came to join us for dinner.  These aren’t the greatest pictures as I had to quickly sneak into the house and get my camera and then take them from the door way as the five of them wandered by.  Magical!








It’s these little things that make life beautiful, like this day of balance.
I hope your life is filled with love that you can feel, that brings you joy.  


  1. Many blessings on this wonderful day of fresh beginnings! Even in SoCal where our Winter has been mild and dry, the signs of Spring are exciting as the neighborhood flowerbeds are bright with color and the new leaves on the trees are that short-lived "new" green. On the Medicine Wheel, Deer is the sign for gentleness. Always a nice way to move forward :-).

  2. I regret that you won't be heading west this spring. I did so look forward to sharing Anahuac with both of you.

    Couldn't find the 'T' on your map. :)

    1. Judy you are so right, the google map left off T and I didn't even notice it. Thanks to you it's been fixed for everyone else.

  3. I've enjoyed every post on your travels. I know how much time and effort you put in each post, thank you so much! It's kept me sane while I was land locked all this time waiting for the VA decision. :c)

  4. You most definitely have had a wonderful tour through FL. Love your dinner guests:)

  5. So nice to see the list all in a row like this. I have loved all your writings about the parks in the part of the world I wanted to see this year. Saw some, missed others, but still got to enjoy vicariously through your stories. I do so love having a face to put to the stories now, as well. It is great seeing the cypress leafing out at Manatee. When we were there, it was still completely barren. Lovely spring. I celebrated the Equinox in Antelope Canyon.

  6. Happy happy spring! What an ambitious travel itinerary you had this winter I love seeing it all visually displayed on the map. In spite of some of the weather challenges, even in Florida, it seems like you made great choices all along for spending winter in places that brought you much joy.

  7. What a marvelous winter! Your photos and descriptions have been awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us.

  8. The map is a wonderful graphic demonstration of your travels - I didn't realize you'd been to so many places. I love the shimmery look of the water in the first few photos.

  9. You are going to love Cumberland. :)

  10. Loved the map! I've looked each place up as you've been there, but puts it all in perspective seeing them all at once. It's been a long winter for everyone. Thank goodness for spring. Unfortunately more snow headed our way (yes, in Tennessee) next week so don't venture too far north just yet!

  11. Happy Spring, just wish the northeast was celebrating it too, there are snowbanks as high as Dave at our summer campground they are taking some heavy equipment up to plow the road in, meanwhile they are still expecting more snow. I've enjoyed all your post around FL and when we finally make it there will have to check some of these places out.

  12. Happy Spring! Sorry we never hooked up this winter- we must do better next year!

  13. Hope spring is a good one for everyone.

  14. Your map shows it wasn't for lack of trying to find the warm weather;o)) It sure was a strange winter and here's hoping the spring gets back to normal!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails..........

  15. Spring? I thought that arrived back in January?? It did for us anyway. :)

    You certainly have covered a lot of ground these past few months. I hope the cold winter is over for you.

  16. Loved following you around Florida this winter, Hope you find lots of sunshine this Spring.

  17. Impressive map and very nice Spring Equinox summary - sounds like a good day from manatee to deer up close - you are truly at one with the world as it brings us around again to better temperatures - I do like the regularity - no matter how long the winter...Spring will, without doubt, eventually come :)

  18. Spring has sprung! For me it seems more subtle here in Florida. One day I noticed bright green leaves on the trees here on the VC grounds. I'm also hearing more bird activities in the trees.

  19. Wow, what a lot of winter travels for you. I've so enjoyed following along on your journey. And glad that spring has sprung so that when I get back I missed most of winter. Did I miss your future plans somewhere? Still trying to catch up.

  20. ohhhhh I couldn't have contained a squeal! how precious…. ;) loved all the places you went … very much

    great yin and yang graphic …. love it


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