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Play Time

Thursday March 12 and Friday March 13, 2015
Quail Run RV Park
Wesley Chapel, Florida






Poor David.  Once upon a time, I did all the cooking and all the income tax. For years and years.  Then Carrie left home and I resigned.  I do still cook but I haven’t done the income taxes since we went on the road.   I did them by hand.  David uses Turbo Tax.  He’s still working on them but says he’s nearing the end.

This morning I go out for my 10000 steps and get about 8000 of them before I’m too bored to continue.  I commandeer the living room for an hour’s worth of yoga which I haven’t done in far too long.  I once was extremely flexible but now I can’t even touch the floor.  After all this, I take a shower, have some breakfast and go outside.


Today is another hot one.  Our coach awning isn’t making much shade so I decide to take my book out under the little tree in the back overlooking the canal.  I’m barefoot, a state I like to be in as much as possible.  But it is a mistake today since I step in or on something in the grass and get a stinging burning sensation in my right arch and the underside of one toe.  I look around but don’t see anything.  I think it will go away in a bit but it doesn’t.  I try a number of things but the only one that works is an ice pack on my foot.  So here I am reading and numbing my foot.




After dinner we head down to the Rec Hall to check out the line dancing.  I’m not surprised to see it’s a small group and all women.  It’s fun and I have no trouble picking up the routines.  David comes a bit late and says he needs the written instructions to be able to do these.  He dances for a while and then picks up the camera and becomes photographer.

I definitely had a great time and wish there were more opportunities for me to do this on the road without having to stay in a private RV park. 










FRIDAY March 13


Today we don’t look at the planned activities schedule early enough to see that Water Aerobics is scheduled but we do walk over in the middle to see what’s going on.  I didn’t take my camera though.  There were only 3 women in the pool.  I thought that was very unfortunate since it really looks like a very good workout.  I’m sorry I’m not prepared.  Pat, the activities director, tells me I should just wear my suit under my clothes all the time just in case.  LOL!



We go over to an activity called Outside Games which is held where all the outside games are in the side yard between the rec center and a canal type moat around an island.   When we arrive, no one is here.   I feel rather sorry for the activities director who has done a great job with the schedule it seems to me without much response.  The park is nearly full so it’s not that people have left to go north.   I don’t see anyone outside doing much of anything even though it’s not yet as hot as it’s going to get and right now there is a nice breeze.   Actually, there is one individual using the area.  Look closely beyond the soccer goal.








Is this a yoga or a dance move?





We check out the games available and decide to play. We try everything but horse shoes and what looks like a soccer goal net.


First we play the 9 hole miniature golf course.  Clubs, balls, score cards and pencils all conveniently and always available.  NICE!






This is my favorite hole.  David is clearing off “the green” which is covered with debris from the trees.  I’m trying to get in position for my shot.  It is an easy balancing act.




As you can see, it’s a tie score.  I thought for sure I had him after my hole in one but my 5 on the next hole saves him.  Clearly neither of us is a golfer although we aren’t too far off of par amazingly enough.





I see these folks playing in the “moat” beside the golf “course”.  Clearly they prefer this to the greens.  Can’t say I blame them.





Next we try the beanbag game which has numerous names some of which I really don’t care for.  Maybe that’s why I get totally skunked.   I am so busy concentrating and watching David walk away with this that I got no pictures of the winner in action.  Sorry bout that.   He triples my score.  Of course we don’t know how to score so we just make up our own rules.





Our last competition is the ladder toss or whatever that is called.  We don’t know the rules for this either so we just give one point any time you can wrap it around.



I finally get all three in one throw to wrap.  But only once.  We are really both terrible at this too.   But we sure have fun.



I do pull it out in the end and win this one but not by much. 


Each of us won one game and we tied the golf.  Very egalitarian!   A fun afternoon.


  1. Wish the sandhill crane would have joined in the games, but I suppose we were too big for him to relax with us. The games were fun though & I would do it again if we get the chance. Plenty of shade too. So is it true the lack of a green mask (breeding color) on this egret identifies this one a female?

  2. looked like a great play date. . .love to watch the line dancers. . .

  3. Being a gal from the west,line dancing is right up my alley. Your game Olympics looks fun.....it is great that you two kids can create your own fun and even your own rules in a pinch. I don't know the rules of any of the games either....I' m glad hiking doesn't have any rules.

  4. How fun! I would have enjoyed that day :) That is really neat they have all those activities - too bad more people aren't involved. I would have been up for some line dancing. Beautiful crane! I hope your foot is okay now - wonder what you stepped on?! That color blue looks good on you :)

  5. Sorry about the foot, but you sure look to be in the perfect spot for David to work on taxes :-) You have to love a woman who practices line dancing in her heels (high wedges)! I'll have to see if there is a Yoga group on RVillage. As a beginner I think it would be fun to find folks nearby who want to practice together on a nice cool morning. For me, making up the rules is the true definition of "play". Although you're still keeping score, it's all about the fun to be had together. I love this day :-)))))

  6. And I hate the name of that game too :-((

  7. I ran 2 miles yesterday and then came home and actually did a few leg stretches, something I haven't done in far too long also. When I bent down to touch my toes/floor I had to struggle a bit even after stretching but I persisted until I did. It's hard to keep up on all the exercises/stretches we "should" be doing. Today I'm going to do my abs and arms before bed. Of course I've been saying that all week long!

  8. I know that game as "corn hole". Should I hate it too? I don't play but at family gatherings my kids love it. Someone went to a lot of trouble setting up all those games and I'm surprised there weren't more folks out there. Maybe at a different time of day?

    I stepped on a bee once when I was very little and have hated to go barefoot ever since - never do it outdoors and rarely in the house. Some things stay with you forever.

  9. Like you, I love to go barefoot and since I look ahead instead of down, I, like you, step on things. Your day of games sounds like a ton of fun!

  10. Barefoot is such a joy to be totally in touch with the earth. Something I have not done in decades but did as a kid. Now I'm a tenderfoot. Remember when you could walk on a hot road without wincing? Although not really an activity joiner at RV Parks which I don't frequent very often it is a shame when guests don't take advantage of what's offered. Sort of like if no one showed up for your Ranger program. I've only been skunked a few times but that was due to weather. At least the heron, and you two, took advantage. Mini golf is fun especially when you have the course to yourselves.

  11. The birds definitely draw my attention. I haven't played minigolf in years. As I recall, I tended to cheat.

  12. Well now that we know you enjoy those games, we carry several with us and could really have a blast next time we see you:o)) That wrap around game is called Ladderball!!! We won't do miniature golf as Bill is a ringer;o)) Of course we can always take the dominoes outside!!!

  13. I would definitely rather take pictures than line dance:)

  14. I'm sure the Activities Director is very pleased that all the hard work wasn't in vain:) Sounds like a fun time trying out new games. Of course, reading in the shade under tree is always great fun:) Hope your foot is all right.

  15. The best part to me is that you guys make up your own rules for the games, haha! Love the Sandhill Crane wandering around.

  16. I'm glad you enjoyed all the games. Your neighbor Pat, is the one who is responsible for them. She used to be the corn hole queen and bought her own set. The Canadians that were across the street played most every day. Is corn hole the name you find offensive? The bags used to be filled with corn and that's where the name came from. I think the reason more people don't use the pool, is because it's too cold. I don't blame them.

    Sorry you stepped on something. There is a lot of ant hills in the lot. We never go barefoot there.

  17. I used to do my taxes by Turbo Tax. Then doing the taxes for the year we hit the road (2011) I got a $2500 tax bill from the IRS for unpaid taxes, plus interest and a fine, instead of the refund I should have received.

    I went to H&R Block to get it sorted out by a pro and low and behold, not only did I get the bill rescinded, the tax lady went back for my last three years of Turbo Tax and got me $11,000 in refunds for deductions I missed. I go to H&R Block exclusively now and it's no longer a tax nightmare.

  18. Now that looked like you guys were having a ball! Sometimes you just gotta play...and you did a good job of it!

  19. Sounds like you enjoyed your game day. Too bad you were the only ones to take advantage of the day. We play corn hole here all the time. My 5 year old grandson has his own set- his own rules too! I used to line dance years ago. Enjoyed it but I can't remember any of the steps. While you are staying at Quail Run you are about 20 miles from my house. Too bad we didn't get together before you leave for north and the big wedding.

  20. Oh boy you do know how to entertain yourselves and even make your own rules!
    You look pretty cool in that dance pose.I used to like dancing, but I still have to find a park where I can strut :)


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