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After the Wedding

Sunday May 24, 2015 North of Baltimore, Maryland
Monday May 25, 2014 Charlottesville, Virginia




Joan and Bob Iwanowski graciously invited everyone at the wedding who would like to come to gather at their home today.  Most of the Boyd family went down to David's older brother Roger's in Frederick Maryland but a number of us took them up on their offer.

Joan had breakfast pastries, coffee, bagels and mimosas along with made to order eggs for anyone who wanted them.







People came and went, chatted and ate.   Those in the know were able to swim in the salt water pool and said it was a wonderful 80 degrees.  I was in total relax mode and didn’t even bring my camera down to the pool so many thanks to Carrie’s friends Allegra Deucher and Emma Daisy for sending me these photographs.


Carrie and Emma in the pool






Carrie, Jess and Eleanor



Jess, Matt, Narhol, Matthew and Emma



Those of us from out of town hadn’t brought swimming suits so we lounged around the pool.

Kate and Pam (aka Mrs. Kate)



David, Sherry and Kate



Jess and Eleanor



Matt provided lovely guitar music for us again today, lovely.  You can see him with the ball cap in the background. He even brought an extra guitar so that Narhol, in front of Matt, could also play.

Are these the same two people who got married yesterday?
The little girl with the towel around her and the boy with a beer and a rubber pool toy?








David wasn’t feeling well and took a nap right after these pictures were taken. Not wanting a repeat of our problems in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, which many of you will remember, we headed out early.

We had thought we would stop by Roger’s on our way home to see the family but I didn't think David really was up to it so we unfortunately had to miss seeing more of Roger, Carol, Karissa, Olivia, Justin, Ashley, Brian and Aunt Bunny. We are really sorry to have missed time with them all.

Still it was a wonderful relaxing gathering thanks to Joan and Bob.   I only wish I’d brought my suit or at least not cleaned out the back of Ruby to be able to put gifts and luggage on the rear seat. I keep a swimming suit there with the kayak gear at all times, Darn!

The newlyweds leave for their honeymoon in Jamaica in the morning so this was our last chance to visit with them, wish them every happiness and say good-bye. (IMYWYG)



David is still not feeling well and sleeps most of the day. I take the opportunity to go straight to the Hair Cuttery where they give me back the short cut I wish I’d had for the wedding so I would have looked less like Carrie’s Grandmother and more like her Mother. The 40’s Victory Roll hairstyle was really lovely, my hair is wonderful in that it will do about anything, but I thought it was quite aging with my gray hair. I like this better. 

If you haven’t seen the wedding post which I was forced to do on straight Blogger you can find it here.   This post was done in LiveWriter to Blogger with thanks to those who fixed the problems.  I hope it’s a permanent fix.  It sure was easier to do.



  1. well. . .I thought you looked stunning in the wedding pics. . .

    glad to know Live Writer is kicking again. . .maybe I'll go give it a try. . .

  2. Haircut is cute, but the other way was nice as well. You looked lovely, Sherry. Hope David is rested and feeling better by now. Lots going on for sure.

  3. Oh, wow - I had meant to say how I liked your longer hair when I saw you!! BUT, I love it short too and I know how much easier it is in the summer.
    What a great home and pool to relax in after the festivities! Sounds like an incredible weekend!!

  4. Love your haircut! The day after gathering was a nice ending to the fun filled wedding festivities. Praying for David. I'm sure he was much more active considering all the activities.

  5. Nice relaxing day after all the festivities! The pool did look inviting. I'm sure family understood and would rather miss a visit so David can get the rest he needed Hope he is feeling better. Wishing him the best:) Love you new hair cut. Looks perfect for the Virginia summer heat and humidity.

  6. We missed you guys too - didn't know about the gathering at the Iwanowski's until too late. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Good chance for you to make a connection with Matthews family as well. Really enjoyed the wedding - such a beautiful setting, beautiful music and great reception. Matt and Carrie looked very, very happy. I am happy for them too.

  7. What a nice way to wind down from all the wedding excitement. Love that pool, I wish I had one like that, but don't know where I'd carry it in the motorhome. :cD

    That is a lovely hairstyle, you done good!

  8. Wow! That place looked like a mansion, and I guess they're big Beatles fans as well.

    I wish I had hair that would do anything. Mine just seems to stand up at attention. ;)

  9. You look beautiful no matter the hair style. I'll bet you were bummed not to have a swim suit along. 80 degree water sounds marvelous. Sure hope David is feeling better. Hugs to you both.

    Yea, LiveWrite is back.

  10. You certainly do look relaxed sitting by the pool - well deserved opportunity! I thought your hair looked lovely in the wedding photos, you do look great in the shorter hair (and younger as well). I had my hair cut before I left Sac (end of March) but I don't know if I can make it until I get back in the beginning of July!

  11. Quite a beautiful home and property!

  12. Your hair looks beautiful!! Hope David is feeling better....
    So very happy for Carrie and Matt, they look the perfect happy wedded couple!! Can't get over how happy and beautiful they were at the wedding and cannot say enough about Carrie's dress, so very lovely!!!

  13. Really like your short doo - looks great and so much cooler!

  14. Love your new haircut!

  15. I'm sure you are happier with the short haircut. I thought you used to use the Flobee? I concur, you look younger :) How nice of the new in laws to invite everyone there, they have a beautiful home!

  16. Beautiful home and pretty day for such a lovely party:o))

    I thought your wedding hairdo was just perfect!! You really looked wonderful. However, I am just more partial to short hair and glad to have my hiking buddy back;o))

    Hope David gets his strength and energy back soon. The two of you take care!!!

  17. How nice to have a great day of relaxing after the wedding. Hope David feels better soon. I like the short hair cut.

  18. What a wonderful "day after" for everything to literally let their hair down. Delightful to see the formal bride and groom as cute boy and girl playing with their friends, even more so for their parents to see them so happy :-) Your haircut is adorable, and I am so envious of your beautiful silver hair at any length!

  19. What a wonderful way to unwind and continue enjoying each other after the wedding festivities! I think you looked beautiful and elegant in the wedding photos. And I also think you look great with your new shorter hairstyle -- and I know it's easier and cooler. Hope David is feeling better.

  20. Nice haircut! And that is some big house, just a perfect place to finally relax and destress from all the wedding related activities.

  21. Wow!, the post title got me. I thought for sure it would be one pic of a sink full of pans and a counter of dirty dishes. Perhaps a way to express your thoughts of Blogger.

    Instead we get to see your beautiful family and a glimpse into how the 1% live. That is a nice house and well taken care of. Wonderful post via Live Writer. Hope David is doing better now.

  22. You did *not* look like Carrie's grandmother. You looked quite elegant!!!


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