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Tampa RV Super Show

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Thonotosassa, Florida



Today is Wednesday.  That means David has an appointment at Florida Cancer Specialists.  I can’t help with this so I hitch a ride with Bill and Nancy to the RV Super Show at the Tampa Fairgrounds.  David will meet us when he’s finished.

We arrive just after it opens and the crowds are reasonable inside the first Supplier Building.



Nancy and I just laugh over this woman tending her booth.  Not sure how much she’s going to sell while she’s reading.  Nancy says she’d fire her if she was her employee.  I zoom in to see what she’s reading.  The title is There’s More To Life Than This.  I kid you not.  We just broke into gales of laughter.



This photo is for Bill.  He’ll know why.



David and I have come to investigate some specific things so I’m looking for those while the 3 of us are walking around the first building.  Nancy and Bill have their list too and we stop along the way to check things out.  When we finish with Building A we head out to walk over to Building B stopping along the way to look at coaches that strike our fancy for one reason or another.

In this one, Bill is not talking to the saleswoman about the coach but about fishing in the Keys.  She’s very happy to relate her stories about the “big ones”.  She’s a deep sea fisherwoman and has already set up to go out while she’s here at the show.



While we are outside Bill gets a call from Lee and Martha.  The two men agree we’ll walk towards each other and meet up.  When we reach them, Bill and Linda walk by and join the group.  It’s amazing to me that Bill and Nancy keep in touch with so many people.  I think they know everyone.  I also always get a kick out of the fact that when couples get together they seem to split up in male and female discussions rather than all together in one discussion.  Do we really have  nothing in common?

Later in the day we each meet up, though separately, with Karen and Al Lueck.  That time I don’t think to take a picture.



Looks like this van was painted by someone who loves South Dakota.  Mount Rushmore is on the front.  I assume that’s the Black Hills on the driver’s side.



This side has Bear’s Lodge (Devil’s Tower).  Reallyl beautiful paint job.



We enter Building B on the far end in the land of the seriously expensive.  These coaches are shown indoors. No out in the weather for them.  I wonder if these Prevost Lights are always lit to make it look sort of like a casino.  You sure won’t have any trouble finiding your coach in a dark campground.




David calls around noon and we meet him on the main road between the buildings.  Both he and I have uncharacteristically totally forgotten to bring our lunch so we have to get something terrible and ridiculously expensive at the show.  Nancy and Bill were not so forgetful.  We part company at this point and they go on around the show looking for something small that might work for their “some day Alaska dreams”. 

Just after they have left, David and I find this one that’s small.  Not sure it will work for Alaska though.




I love the awning.  Seems like the perfect gift for a fulltimer to give a grandchild.  This one is just a display and not for sale.  But I did find it on line so if you are interested it’s the Jetaire Camper Playhouse and it’s only $198.97 marked down from $249.00.  What a bargain! <grin>







How did I know this wasn’t Willie Nelson?  Take a look at his shoes.  Or am I the only one who thinks he looks like Willie?


It’s always wonderful to meet up with a blog reader you have never met in person.  I was waiting for David to finish talking with someone about tire pressure sensors when Patty came up and told me she’s been following my blog for some time now but she never comments.  No wonder I didn’t know her.  She and her husband have just gone full time and I promised to send her the information about how to comment.  It’s always nice to hear from the people who are reading and get to know them a little too since they know all about us.  Thanks for introducing yourself Patty.  Hope to hear from you often.



There are two different spots in the show where they are selling these signs and women are free hand painting them in calligraphy.  I love beautiful handwriting and wish I’d learned calligraphy.  When I asked where she learned it, she said it was required in her Catholic School.  What a wonderful skill to teach I think.  I’m pretty sure they don’t even teach cursive in school any more and I think that’s a shame.   I watched her for some time as she just chatted away while writing in perfect circles and straight lines.   If we were sign people, I’d have bought one.  Our Earth Flag doesn’t give our names but it pretty much tells who we are.



All around the fairgrounds both inside the buildings and out there is “entertainment”.  I’m always amazed that people do this and wonder if they are like circus performers and travel from show to show.   Here’s a parade outside.


The mime is not in the parade.


Here’s what I guess you’d call The Green Man.  We find him inside talking about his need to “branch out”.



I agree the covered wagon was the original RV although they were only fulltimers until they got to where they were going.  Still they were “living on the road.”   This cowboy looks a bit large for his wagon.






As you can see, over two days I didn’t take very many pictures at the show and this is the only outside rig I photographed.  Not sure why since I had the camera over my arm the entire time.  Guess I just frequently forgot it was there.  I was interested in the paint job here. It seems to be the only one that isn’t the current rage of various hues of brown, burgandy and gray.  




We managed to buy the last 3 MCD shades to upgrade Winnona and to investigate all sorts of other “possibilities”.  That’s one nice thing about an RV Show, there are lots of things to learn about and consider.


  1. I don't remember ever going to an RV show, and I'm not sure I would like the crowds of people and entertainment at this point. I think the guy in the photo would like to resemble Willie Nelson, but the real Willie is much sexier looking.

  2. We've never been to the RV Show in Tampa. Looks a little much and too crowded. Glad you went to show us around:) I just love that photo of the woman reading the book as she manned the booth! And the book title was perfect:) Gee, that Prevost is a little to gaudy don't you think. The show has a little of everything.

  3. Neat show - the woman reading that book is hilarious - I would have been laughing right along over that - LOL! Some of those rigs are mighty impressive and the parade and mimes are definitely an interesting type of entertainment. It seems like it's some education, some entertainment and some just showing off of RVs - impressive paint job on that one!

  4. I'm intrigued by the entertainers. I wonder if they are paid by the group that sets up the show or do they set out a hat for donations? I would think that would be difficult to do if one is moving around the show. So funny. The RV that Bill is in talking to the salesperson about fishing looks so roomy inside. Nice! Thanks for sharing. Hope that David's appointment went well.

  5. I saw Willie Nelson too, but the guy I remember seemed to be younger. I wonder if there were two?

    We got a late start getting to the show, so we went back on Friday after the rain passed. It was kind of nice breaking it up in two days.

    Did you get any deal at the show for the MCD shades? I'm guessing you took your measurements with you? I knew you had put them in the bedroom but until I saw a picture of the living room, I didn't know you had put them all around. We replaced a broken shade in the bedroom with one, but wanted to make sure it would fit inside our valances before we bought any more. We love them and obviously you do too. It was nice seeing you both.

  6. Must be cold there as it looks like everyone is wearing winter coats. Just got to Quartzsite yesterday so we will be doing the RV show thing today. I think people watching is the best part!

  7. One of these years we're going to have to make that show. Never seem to be in FL at the right time. Maybe it's better that way so a new RV doesn't follow us home.

    I'm interested in your MCD shade upgrade. I'm getting tired of restringing these day/night shades in our Journey.

  8. Going earlier in the morning must be the key, because it looks like about 1/4 of the people who are at the show in Q! Love the reader, but the book title seals the funny :-)) Everytime I see the super tall interior of those fifth wheels, all I can think of is cooling and heating all that wasted space - makes me even happier with our motorhome. Glad you found what you were looking for.

  9. So, did you find any deals? We were able to attend on Industry Day, so nowhere near the crowds, but also quite a few of the vendors were not open. Camp Indiana had brochures out, but no human in sight. She was probably reading in her motel room. The Prevosts were being cleaned by heavily tattooed and pierced young people. The only person manning the Airstream area was the East Coast Sales Manager, just the fellow we wanted to speak with regarding some issues we have been having with our trailer.
    Glad to read on an earlier post about David's myeloma staying in check. Yay!

  10. We thought about going to the show, but since we will likely make the Winnebago state rally next month, we passed. Looks like fun:)

  11. We've always wanted to attend the Tampa RV Show but never got to it. On the other hand that is the place too get excited with new stuff that can be used to modify or enhance the rig such an MCD!

  12. What a zoo that place is! Best part is running into fellow blogger/RVers for sure. Never been there to that show. I can't believe all the lighting on outside of RVs these days. Keep me up at night! We got one of those signs somewhere. Most of the time we don't put it out unless we're somewhere where the wind doesn't blow like it does here in Oklahoma!

  13. We did not make it again this year. Too many fun things going on over on this side of the bay.

  14. Maybe it's a good thing we don't go to RV shows so that we don't find all kinds of stuff that we suddenly realize that we can't live without. :-) Glad you were able to get the rest of your new shades.

  15. I always enjoy the Tampa RV show. They always have something new and often things I didn't know I needed until I saw them. Also fun to just look and sample the candy treats they use as fishing lure.

  16. We missed it this year, having too much fun down at Disney! I do enjoy looking at all the new technologies and items. The MCD shades for our bedroom was a very good investment. Glad you had good weather.

  17. Glad to meet you at the show. So much to se and learn. Thanks for a nice visit🌞

  18. thinking the last time we were at an RV Show, we were helping friends in their vendor booth. . .don't really miss them at all. . .

    Are the MCD shades any cheaper at the shows. . .they are on my "want" list. . .

  19. RV shows are interesting but I find the crowds a little overwhelming. We didn't go to the Big Tent in Quartzsite.

    A Native American friend had a bumper sticker on her motorhome with a picture of a teepee that said "First mobile home".

  20. How much for the South Dakota themed van?? I'm thinking that would look great in my driveway...


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