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Apalachicola Oysters–Boy are They GOOD!

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On Wednesday,  David drives 90 miles to Tallahassee for his infusion at the Florida Cancer Specialists. The winds have lessened so if the sun shines full it is warm enough that I walk down and read at the beach but don’t take my camera so no pictures.  He’s gone all day since the trip takes 2 hours each way on these little back roads but everything goes well.



On Thursday we both go down and find the fishermen have taken over the water front.




One has even brought his row boat and has launched it off the shore.  Obviously the wind is down and the  waves as well.  This one conveniently has wheels on the back.  Quite convenient for pulling it on the sand.




A flock of pelicans coes over as he pulls the boat out of the water.



Aren’t they wonderful??



I have a front row seat for all this fishing by the people and the herons.




This beach bumb wanders by and takes up the seat next to me.  I’ve heard he is an excellent cook so I let him stay.









We didn’t see the creator but the abandonded castle was holding strong although on shifiting sands the kingdom may be short lived.






Friday is the most beautiful day we’ve had since we’ve been here.  Slight breeze and warm sun.  We spend hours at the beach.






We watch the men with the boat pull it off the beach and back to their truck.



When we leave the beach we decide we must make at least one trip to Apalachicola for their famous oysters and tomorrow is our last day here.   So we head out over the 4 mile bridge and 20 miles later find ourselves in the cute little town.



It’s only about 5:00 but the town sidewalks are humming with “cocktail” hour, mostly beer.



We’re headed for The Hole In The Wall, famous for its oysters.




It’s a small place and while we’re there two groups of 10 try to fit themselves in here.  








These are probably the very best oysters I’ve ever had and I’m from Virginia where Chesapeake Bay oysters are abundant.  These Apalachicola oysters are sweet and The Hole in the Wall does an excellent job of LIGHTLY breading them so as to enhance rather than detract from their flavor.  Pretty close to heaven!






We stroll the sidewalks and when we round this corner we find Holly waiting for her popcorn.



She sees it coming out the door.





She eats it one kernel at a time.  I think I’d rather share with Holly than with David who stuffs fist fulls of popcorn in his mouth.  I’m a one kernel girl too Holly.  Enjoy!!





On our last day at St. George we again head for the beach but the wind is up and the clouds are often blocking the sun.  Notice David has on a wind breaker and I have a sweat shirt.  Even the fishermen are not all over the place today.  But it’s our last day here and we’re dedicated.





We are entertained by the Great Blue Herons one of which poses for quite some time among the sea grass right in front of us.  We have our chairs turned with our backs to the wind which makes him front and center.







He stays for an amazingly long time and gives us picture post card poses.





Eventually he heads on down the beach  at a pretty good clip.




With the winds up a family comes down and tries to get their kites flying.  The father really doesn’t let out enough string for his bigger kite and thus he keeps nose diving into the sand.  Over and over.   But the daughter’s little kite flies right on up with the same amount of string.  Of course that’s because it’s smaller.  I was really surprised that he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his attempts with the larger one.   Her kite looks lovely up there among the clouds.






David naps, I read until about 4:00 when it gets too chilly to stay.  There are a few other hard corps beach lovers left but not many.






I’m not as happy as I look in this picture to be leaving St. George.  It’s a wonderful spot and we haven’t had the opportunity to do the many many things there are here that we love.  Still, I’m glad to have had at least 11 of our 14 day reservation to just relax and enjoy.


Tomorrow we leave for O’Leno State Park and River Rise. 
Maybe my cough will disappear there and my energy will perk up.


  1. Such a peaceful place! Holly is a cutie!

  2. What a nasty virus you both picked up! Hopefully, you will be done soon.

  3. Popcorn has never been a big favorite of mine, but when I do eat the addictive stuff, I grab fistfuls of it. One kernel at a time?????

    My parents used to enjoy oysters every now and then but they just didn't look appetizing enough to me. Yuk, I'll take the popcorn! Glad you liked them though.

  4. That parrot with the popcorn is adorable.

  5. Ooooo my favorite thing (besides looking for sea glass) is reading on the beach! Glad it was nice enough to spend some time there. Love the heron all stretched up peering over the mound of sand! The parrot is pretty. Oysters.....blah but at least your were fried. Beek eats them raw and they are revolting. Before I was vegetarian, I used to love fried clams. Get yourself some oranges or fresh squeezed orange juice. It will fix what ails you! Unfortunately, I am now addicted and don't like "store bought" orange juice anymore. XXXOOO

  6. Is there a story about all the ball caps hanging on the wall?

  7. I understand there are some great crab cakes to be had there, too. Nice to see you are both recovering!

  8. It sounds like Hole in the Wall has a handle on how to prepare oysters!! I wish I were there to try some!!
    Love your beach pictures!! I would love to sit there on that beautiful beach and just relax!!

  9. Wait until I tell Steve about this oysters place! The last time we were in that area, Apalachicola, (where we first met Eric and Laurel) we stopped by and bought fresh shrimp, lots of them!

  10. Well, I am happy to see that you finally got some beach time. I assume all that sand and sunshine has helped to cure the crud. Glad YOU are enjoying those oysters...not high on my list of seafood favorits;o)) I'm saving my seafood quota for "Lobstah"!!!

  11. Well, after your review I wish I had ordered the oysters or perhaps better would have been the crab cakes and split, although I would give them high marks for their grouper - it was great too. No losers there. Loved having some beach time to relax and recover. Great pictures as always! Loved Holly and her popcorn show - what a hoot!

  12. It is a great town. Always stop in if we are anywhere nearby,

  13. You're making me homesick for St. George and Apalachicola! So glad you got some beach time and that you're feeling better. Apalachicola oysters are the best! We like them raw or roasted over a fire. Love those pink flamingo clips you have holding your beach towel onto your chair. ;-)

  14. I have very fond memories of eating oysters in Apalachicola! We were actually staying at Alligator Point, but drove to St. George and hiked one of those trails. It is a beautiful place. So glad to see David looking relaxed. I just returned from a trip through Virginia and thought of you often!

  15. Not a huge oyster fan, but those do look good! Love your Flamingo towel clips!

  16. I'm glad to hear you finally got a little beach time. It can sure feel cold on the beach when the wind is blowing. We awoke to 59 degrees here in the Keys this morning and it feels darn cold. I have never tried oysters, and probably never will, but I'm glad you enjoyed them so much.

  17. One never knows what you can find on a beach, glad you found a real treasure (David)! :c)

  18. Glad you got to spend time on the beach. Is that where I have to go to find a good cook? Those are most certainly post card photos of the heron.

  19. Wonderful to see you out and about - and on the beach! I've been down for a few days with the stomach flu, so lots of empathy "over here" :-( Love your Heron buddy, such a handsome neighbor. Like your beach bum!!

  20. Great beach bum picture! He is a good cook :) Sounds like the oyster outing was a success! Beach time is the best!! Glad you got to enjoy!


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