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Bridges and Berries

Thursday July 27 and Friday July 28, 2017                                                     Most Recent Posts:
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Mount Desert Island, Maine                                          Kayaking Lower Hadlock Pond and Walking its Lovely Shore




In our effort to visit all of the Carriage Road Bridges here in Acadia next on our list are the Eagle Lake Bridge and the Bubble Pond Bridge.  The first bridge is a snap as it is very near the parking for the carriage road entrance named for Eagle Lake.  I snap pictures in both directions and we head on down the road.



All of the bridges are simply spectacular stone structures.  All different, all beautiful.



.  It’s wise to have a carriage roads map with you if you are unfamiliar with their numbering system.  There are lots of ways to get everywhere but if you are looking for the most direct way, you need a map so you’ll know whether to go left or right at points like this for the shortest route.






The carriage road is a lovely walk along the lake for a while.






Lots of mushrooms along the edges of the road.  As those who read often know, they fascinate me.





Somebody’s had a bite.  Wish I knew if that meant I could too.


   My size 7 shoe for size reference. 





Love this angle.



We finish our hike along Eagle Lake, cross the Park Loop Road and are officially on our way to Bubble Pond.



The parking lot at Bubble Pond has been closed all summer long and only the buses are permitted to use it.  I think this is fine except since there is no where to park anywhere near here, it makes it nearly impossible to kayak the pond any more.  Guess you have to come back after the buses stop running in September.   This is the only place you’ll find an empty parking lot in Acadia during July that’s for sure.




As with Eagle Lake, the Bubble Pond Bridge is very near the parking lot.   We go over the bridge.




And then we come back down to go under the bridge.   I’m not sure why the path under the bridge goes nowhere but each bridge is different.  In some cases,  like Eagle Lake Bridge, a public road goes over the bridge and the carriage road under.  In others, like here at Bubble Pond, the carriage road goes over.  Many bridges have streams under them.  But they are all beautiful.  They don’t build bridges with beauty in mind any more I don’t think.  These fit so perfectly into the landscape.   Thank you Mr. Rockefeller.




Every bridge has its creation date somewhere on it.  We always keep looking until we find it.  Of course we found them all in 2013 too but after 4 years, we’ve completely forgotten where they were.






Leaving the bridge we head back toward the lake.



We’re looking at the other end and that’s where we’re going.   We’ll turn around and come back when we get there.




Although we’ve accomplished our mission, as I said, we agree that we’ll continue on along the shore until we run out of this side of lake and then we’ll turn back.



Such a lovely lake.  You can see why we’d really like to explore it by  kayak.



Especially now when there are so few, if any, people who can figure out how to get a boat here.



I just love this holding hands or is it fingers?  





We’ve reached the middle of “the short side”, looking back to where we started.  You have to spy the little trail that goes to it from the Carriage Road  to get this picture.  It’s time to head back.




When we arrive back at Eagle Lake, the wind is up and there are actually some waves.  Fun to look at, not fun for kayaking  unless you are going in the direction of the wind.  Hard to plan that.



At the end of the hike, we’ve done 7.41 miles, seen two bridges and two lakes.   Another great day in Acadia.





We were planning to kick back today but then Nancy asked if we’d like to go berry picking at Connor’s Nubble.  You bet!! Since we’ve used up 10 cups of berries making pies in the last week, we jumped at the chance.

Back to Eagle Lake parking.  Bill and David take the lead up the carriage road to where we pick up the Eagle Lake Trail which will take us to the trail to Connor’s Nubble.



At first, like yesterday, it’s an easy walk along the lake on the beautifully maintained carriage road.



They must have been deep in conversation.  Nancy has to holler up to them that they’ve missed the trail.  Back they come.



The carriage road does not go all the way around Eagle Lake but the Eagle Lake Trail does.



Pretty rocky in many places, muddy in some.




We turn up the trail to Connor’s Nubble which becomes a bit of a scramble up hill beyond where Bill is waiting for us.  He does that frequently. 


It’s not a terribly long scramble and look at the view of Eagle Lake!!



David starts right in.  He has to pick a lot in order to make up for all he eats as he picks.



Bill’s version of picking requires a seat.



Nancy is in the middle of a big patch.  I don’t know how she does it without stepping on the plants.  Carefully for sure.



Here’s my catch for the day.  Should be most of what’s needed for another pie.



And with David’s, we’ve for sure got it.



We head back down, picking on the way.



A view of the trail from Connor’s on the way down.  David descends carefully.



Back on level ground with our leaders.




Bridge is in sight. We’re almost back.
Thanks Nancy and Bill for bringing us along so we could replenish our supplies.
A Great day with Great Friends!!



  1. Amazing views from up high! It's remarkable how resilient a tree can be when it needs to be!

  2. Great trail, great patch of berries, at least one great picker (YOU!), great guides, views and weather - what more could one ask for?? It is exactly these qualities that contribute to the traffic/car problem that lead to the closing of the parking lot at Bubble Pond. I know they are working on it and I hope they are able to improve on the current situation. This is not a problem that will go away any time soon.

  3. I believe that was my favorite thing to do, berry picking, when we weren't conquering the summits;o)) Something very special about Conners Nubble...all those berries and all those amazing views!!! Great day!!!

  4. That large mushroom would make a great design for goblets - so pretty! I love those old bridges with their vintage character. The holding hands trees really touched me, I might have teared up a bit. Really smart friends to help the pie maker pick more berries :-))) While I know you like to get caught up, I'm amazed at your memory for details!

  5. Great pictures! We really enjoyed our week there. Walked a lot of trails and enjoyed the bridges, but not sure we saw them all. Also went berry picking. After the fact someone warned us that you have to be careful doing that as the snakes like to lay in those areas. We did not pick any more berries:)

    1. There are no poisonous snakes in Acadia. Mostly garter snakes. Pick away

  6. I love these bridges! I want to revisit Acadia just to see all the bridges and find the dates. They are so neat! Eagle Lake is beautiful! Love hiking up over lakes for the good view. You picked a ton of blueberries!! They are so tiny, it must have taken forever.

  7. I remember all those stone arch bridges when driving/hiking Acadia :). Lovely.

  8. I always love the pictures of the bridges. Nice shot of the tree roots holding hands :)

  9. I bet Maine is now experiencing a blueberry shortage thanks to ya'll! :cD

  10. Love these bridges. There is obviously beauty at every turn in Acadia.

  11. Beautiful bridges and beautiful berries. I can imagine those are completely delicious! Lovely hiking views too! 'Hi' Nancy & Bill!

    1. Hi Carrie:o)) We need to see some photos of Celia...please tell Mom!!!

    2. Hi!! I heard she sent you some :) Hope you both are well!

  12. The look like keystone bridges. Definitely artistic compared to most of today's bridges. You should find somewhere that knows their mushrooms and hike with them before sampling. The one with the bite out looks suspiciously like a poisonous Amanita. Better to stick with the known blueberries. Oh yum.

  13. Such a beautiful view of the mushroom from underneath! Love the trees intertwined, too. Holding hands. :-)) I really want to explore all of those carriage roads and the gorgeous stone bridges in Acadia. What spectacular weather you had for your summer Maine adventure.


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