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Henry David Thoreau


I know that those of you who have been
following along with this SAGA
will be happy to hear that
after nearly 4 months of

continuous searching

for tires that were both
within 100 miles of Winnona’s current location
made within the past 6 months,


Winnona has NEW SHOES!!

For SURE I have never had
this much trouble
 this much money.

Here’s the problem.  
Tires made in 33/03

Notice cracks

That makes them going on 8 years old.
More Side wall cracks
and cracks in the tread
now you can see why I was
on tires.

Here’s where we finally found the tires
3 MONTHS after we’d initially checked with them .
David called originally, I called this time.
Clearly they like me better!!!!!!!!!

First tire off

First tire  back on

Putting these tires on
looks like a backbreaking job to me
Checking out the spare which showed,
of course,
NO wear at all
since it has been in the dark for 7+ years
And never been mounted.
Thanks to Steve and J.R. who got them
All mounted and balanced
And got our girl on her way.
This is a class operation and
this review gives them 10 stars!


So that’s the end of this SAGA 
It took three months to find them
and less than 3 hours to install them
On to the awning and slide toppers.



  1. Woo Hoo!!! We are so happy for you guys:o)) Sure as been a trial to get those tires, but now you are riding around safely!!!

    Bill took the Van in for an oil change today and $900 later, we had new breaks, axle seals, axle cylinders, some other stuff I don't really understand and oh yea, an oil change. Just never done with an older vehicle;o(( But at least we will be able to stop going through the mountains on the way to the rally ;o))

    So any plans on heading to the rally a couple days early;o)) Just asking...

  2. Now aren't ya ready to get those new wheels rollin'? We're just aching to hit the road but we've got stuff to do. See y'all in April!

  3. I am SO happy you finally found Winnona new shoes! Now she can travel to the rally in comfort...and so can you! :)

  4. Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing you at the rally.


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