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Henry David Thoreau

Spring Equinox & the Late Birthday

I did “Book Festival Lite” this year
in order to spend Saturday and Sunday
celebrating the
Spring Equinox
Carrie’s February 7th birthday
more than a month late.  J
It’s sad for parents when the kids grow up
and aren’t able to be home for their birthdays
but we just have a party the next time
she is here and
that’s just what we did.

Mother Nature showed herself in fine form

I am very glad to see the waxing of the days.
Every day now will be longer than the one before.
More time outside!

In our family, you are
King or Queen for the Day
when we celebrate your birthday.
So dinner was Carrie’s request.
Red Bean Toss.  A family favorite
(sorry it’s on the wrong side of the table
AND we didn’t take a close up.  It’s delicious)


And then
Anyone following this blog for very long
has seen this cake in MANY incarnations
Yummy rich moist chocolate cake
with mmmm good
Butter cream icing
and LOTS of it.

The Cake Baker and his "assistant".

Licking the bowl in an her cooking Apron I made in 1982
Hand embroidered name and all.

She hadn’t quite grown into it at age 2.
 DIG those glasses Man!!.
This time the cake was a dual celebration.
Green for the Equinox and
Decorated for the birthday.
31 Best Year Yet
 But not SO many candles
And of course there were presents. 
she’s still just like a kid
in loving that even if it looks like
one gift
what fun to find
several others wrapped inside

But the author of the card
wasn’t paying attention
when she wrote it and it turned out
upside down
which caused
quite a bit of laughter and teasing.
Oh well……
the older we get………..

Cake started the party.
After which we watched a PBS special that none
of us had seen when it was shown on TV in January.
A friend had seen it and sent me the DVD
It’s entitled “Chautauqua: An American Narrative”

Chautauqua was a part of my summer
and our summers for many years. 
I was able to spend the entire “season” there
for several years just before I caught the RV bug.
It is such a special place and
hard to describe but 
this Special did about as good a job as can be done I think.

Guess who was on the screen close up
not once but THREE times
watching the most fantastic young pianist

he’s ever anywhere
within miles of you
pass up the chance to see this virtuoso.
 And if you get a chance to see this special,
look for me. 

Then it was time for games. 
Birthday girl brought out 3
and chose to play canasta
She and her father had Chocolate Stout
He beat us SOLIDLY the last time
But we got revenge and skunked the old man. 
She the first game and I the second
I know, you shouldn't beat the Birthday Girl
but all's fair in love and CANASTA.
Time for bed but more food and fun tomorrow……………..


  1. What a FUN time!!

    How about sharing the Red Bean Toss Recipe ;o)

    How's the furnance coming????

  2. Great post, Mama! Excellent recap - I almost relived the weekend :) How I've grown since I was 2! So glad we kept that apron!

  3. That looked like a wonderful party and Happy Birthday to Carrie!
    I agree with Nancy, please share the Red Bean Toss Recipe. I've never heard of that before and love to try new things.

  4. What a fun gathering! Love the apron!

  5. I still have glasses like that. I just don't wear them, I prefer to walk around blind...

    What a lovely time with your lovely daughter.

  6. I had a pair of glasses like those too! What were we thinking?! LOL


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