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Day +13 – First Day Out

Sunday July 29, 2012
Quail Run Lot 15
Residence Inn room 118

I have to apologize up front for the lack of pictures today.  I’m just taking a break from having to take my camera everywhere for everything we do.
Color me having a lazy day.


Last night, David did his PT exercises right before bed and when he laid for sleep his back hurt him all night long.  This guy just can’t get a break with the sleep stuff.   The bed is very nice so it wasn’t that.  I’m sleeping on the pull out sofa in the living room so it wasn’t that.  His back just hurt all over all night. 

Once he gets up and has some breakfast and takes a walk he feels much better.   For breakfast we walk down to the Residence Inn buffet and he picks out what he’d like.  When she sees him in his mask, the person from the kitchen staff comes out to ask what he’d like and then makes him a plate directly from the kitchen which we take back to the room.  Then I go back and get mine from the buffet.  The Residence Inn really knows what these transplant patients need.  It is a really great place to be.

They have a wide variety of breakfast choices from eggs, sausages and biscuits to muffins, bagels, English Muffins, toast, waffles, cereal, juices, coffee, fruit (dried and fresh) yogurt and all the things I cannot now remember.

*imagine picture of buffet here*


After breakfast he has a small bout of nausea unfortunately.  He rests and then is able to go out for a walk before it gets too hot.  We walk over to Lettuce Lake Park which is across Fletcher Avenue from the hotel.  In all he walks, at a slow pace, for 25 minutes.


*imagine picture of David in front of Lettuce Lake sign here*


The following picture is actually from last night’s walk around the hotel after I’d posted the blog but doesn’t he look like a duck??


Day  11 004

At this point, I’m the odd woman out.   Everybody else in my party is a Duck.  I’ll try to get a shot of the 4 Duckies, Moby, Handy, Roxiannie and David, later this week.  But here’s a close up of Duckie David’s beak.


Day  11 006


After the walk he rests and has a cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin he got at Breakfast.  He eats small meals more frequently to try to combat the nausea. 

I suggest he call Carrie instantly my phone rings, it’s her.  She and I are definitely on the same wave length.  :-))

He talks to her for probably 45 minutes and then I talk to her for an hour.  Her poor ear must feel like cauliflower after all that. 

Day  11 008


We have a little lunch and then take a drive back to Winnona.  When I brought things yesterday he neglected to tell me that he had told the the pharmacist not to fill the medications that he already had at home.  So today before his first outpatient appointment we have to drive up and back an hour to Winnona to get them and some other things we decide we need.   I just hope we can get all this stuff back to Winnona in one trip.  I am definitely tiring of so much driving.

From Winnona, we drive directly to the Outpatient Clinic.  He sleeps the entire way.  I’m expecting they will have to transfuse him for Hemoglobin since they transfuse if it falls under 8 and yesterday his dropped to 8.4.

We arrive right on time at 2:15 in the BMT waiting room.  They call him in for the blood draw and he stays in the infusion center there to await the results.  He doesn’t have to wear his mask if he’s there but would if he were in the waiting room where I am.  I’m thinking I will leave and come back for him if he has to have a infusion so I wait for him to call and let me know.  Only one other patient comes in during the hour I am waiting.  At 3:30 he calls and says he’s talked with the doctor and is all finished.  No transfusion.  Great news!!

We then walk completely through the hospital back over to the West Wing to see if they have found his sleeping cap.  No luck.  He walks all the way back to the Outpatient area but says he’s had enough at that point and I go on into the garage and bring the car around and pick him up.   This walking counts as his 2nd walk of the day.

There are no white board numbers to easily take a picture of but here are yesterday’s and today’s numbers.  His white blood cells are making great progress.  His platelets have turned back upward and so has his hemoglobin.  All in all, good news and he doesn’t have to come back to outpatient until Tuesday.   WOW!  A day off!!


                   Yesterday       Today
WBC               2.9              10.5
Hemoglobin      8.4              8.8
Platelets           22               26


When we get back to the room, he’s tired but doesn’t nap again.  Instead he turns on the TV and watches Women’s and Men’s beach volleyball.  David has been a volleyball player for years and really enjoys playing and enjoys watching today.

Although he says he isn’t hungry, he does eat his dinner and has no problem with it.  The Olympic coverage stops in favor of the news so he moves to the side of the table with his back to the TV and tries to organize the medicines he has to take since his nurses will no longer be doing it for him.   In total he is now taking 8 meds, 2 of which for nausea and pain, are taken as needed.  No vitamins are allowed at this point so all of these are prescription drugs.  We are certainly doing our part for the economy in supporting the pharmacies and the drug industry.

Day  13 (6)


7:00 time for dessert.   ICE CREAM! 

He watches the Team USA win the silver medal in the synchronized diving competition and then we go out for his final walk of the day.  I do take my camera for that.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story except to say that we came upon an endangered species so I took its picture for any young folks who may never have seen one.  The moon is 3 days from full and is looking very lovely indeed.

Day  13 002

Day  13 007


Day  13 014


Day  13 015


Day  13 017


The End!

Day  13 018


  1. Except for the trip back to Winona that won't be necessary very often, it sounds like you're having a better experience at the hotel. Great news about David's number and no transfusions.

    Tell him I think he looks great without his hair--not only is it in style, but he has a nice shaped head.

    I've been to Lettuce Leaf Park--back in the early 90s. Small world. My son lived in Tampa for 2 years and couldn't wait to get back here, but when we were down he took Rich and I to the park.

    Really feel badly about David's back. I'm suffering, as well--not as badly as David, but it is miserable. At least I can sleep--I just can't stand or walk. I'd be miserable without sleep.

    Take care. Hope tomorrow is an easy, relaxing day, and Tuesday is another step up.

  2. David looks really good, especially with his new hairstyle. Very distingushed.

    Now about those Almond Joys, is he taking inventory to ensure there might be one or two left for him? ;c)

    Any chance a heating pad might help his back pain? It works for me when my back goes out.

  3. I think David looks better with his hair cut. Be lazy if you want, you deserve it.

  4. Oh, I'm so happy to read that David is out and that he did not have to have a transfusion. Double yay! Wonderful news. Hang in!

  5. Hey, numbers looking good! C'mon little cells, rev up!

    Do you want to pay for this breakfast now, or shall I put it on your bill? *quackquackquackquackquack*

  6. You certainly don't need to apologize for a "lazy day". I'm so glad to hear that you and David are able to stay so close to the hospital, but for him to be able to get out into the fresh air and a change of scenery.

  7. Lol...David does look a little 'ducky'. Glad there will be a day off tomorrow. More prayers for rest. :-)

  8. I'm so pleased you both are doing well! Even with the gadding about today, it does sound a bit more laid back, and that's a good thing. :)

  9. So happy things seem to be going well. Don't worry about pictures. You are not supposed to worry about things like that. You have more important things to take care of!

  10. Whew, a day off! What you going to do with all that free time?

  11. I have always felt like sleep is so restorative...hope David's back cooperates. Thankfully he is able to nap when needed! I guess he could have a little fun with artwork on his masks if he wants to change his look. Glad to see him outdoors...sure beats laps around the clinic!

  12. David is looking good. I am sure it is nice to be able to get outside for a bit. Enjoy your day off.

  13. Oh.... so nice to see David outside walking.... just breathing fresh air. The photo of the moom with the Spanish moss in the backdrop is beautiful, Sherry. I also love going outside here and seeing the moon through the big trees. Now if the weather would just cool off a little, those strolls would be even better. Abby sent David a special card and doesn't feel it got to the hospital before he was dismissed. Can you keep your eyes open for it. Maybe they will hold it for him. Now to get that back behaving better... hmm.. what to do? Was hoping in the BIG bed with more room to shift positions that he might do better than in the hospital bed. Sounds like the "new digs" are working for you two and that you are being treated well. Let's keep those numbers headed in the right direction... yeah!!! no transfusion! hugs every day.. gentle ones...

  14. Wow, David looks really good considering what he has been through. Glad to see him outside walking. Kinda like the Ducky look;o)) Also it is great to see his numbers improving. I just think being able to do at your pace and not have the hospital staff interrupt all the time will help both of you get back to a more normal situation. Tell the truth David, that love of beach volleyball couldn't be the bikinis;o))

    Wishing you both rest and recouperation!!!

  15. He does look a bit like a duck when outside, but quite distinguished with his trimmed cut. Too many medications and still looking tired :( I really hope the back pain goes down at night - that is not at all compatible to sleep. Glad to be seeing some pretty outdoor pictures again! :)

  16. Yay! a day off! You guys are really really doing great...David looks wonderful and by the way, I think he looks more handsome with all that side hair cut off! He looks YOUNGER. Bald is beautiful! or should I say handsome! (Eldy's son totally shaves his head so bald is big in this family. :-)

  17. David is looking great....how wonderful that his levels are coming back up :).....enjoy your day off....

  18. Good to see David out in nature again - I'm sure this is breath of fresh air, even if it's behind a mask for a short while. So good to see the WBC count back to normal. Hoping for a quick return to something more akin to normal.

  19. I'm sure you both will appreciate a day off from doctor's visits. Too bad there is nothing they can do for David's back pain. He would probably feel much better if he was getting a decent night's sleep.

  20. how come you never post what I write? How is everything today? I expect he enjoyed the ride, even if you did not, and being at the house for a few minutes. Probably looking forward to going back there. What happens then? Do you get released to go anywhere you want? Are you going to stay at the park your in for a few months??? Glad he's up and out for sure.

  21. Good news on the numbers and no transfusion. Way to go! Now if his back pain would just go away.

    Enjoy your day off!

  22. Looks like a mainly positive first day for both David and you! Wonderful!

    As for back pain, it can be aggravated by too much sitting. And that lovely red chair doesn't give him good support or good posture. If he sleeps on his back, put a pillow under his knees to reduce strain on his back. Gentle core exercises and yoga stretches would be ideal when he's able. My hubby suffers from night-time back pain from a car accident so we know what David is going through. (We used to own a large fitness club with our own physiotherapist!)

    One day at a time...hope it's all good now.

  23. You sound much more upbeat; good -- getting away from the hospital is doing you some good, as I am hoping will be the case for David.

  24. So glad David's hospital stay has past. He really seems to be doing well all things considered. That should be good medicine for you too. I'm sure you'll both be glad to get home to the motorhome. Keep bringing on the good news to all of your followers.

  25. Those numbers look better! So encouraging.

  26. Sorry we have been out of touch! The kids kept us busy at Niagara Falls! Glad that David is out of the hospital and that things are going as they should! Take good care (both of you!)


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