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Ode to Lithia Springs, on to Quail Run

Sunday July 1, 2012
Quail Run RV Resort  Lot 15
Wesley Chapel, Florida


At Lythia Spring 005 

This isn’t an really an “official” ode.  To be “official” it would have to be lyrical verse in 3 parts.  But it is about a particular subject, a place, and I would like to sing its praises.


Another great mushroom.  They are amazing!misc from Lithia & Quail Run 036

The park remains closed.  The river continues to fall and the park may reopen on Monday or Tuesday although there is no guess as to when the spring will be able to reopen.  Until the river falls back below the spring run, no swimming will be allowed.  The river was too high on Saturday for any kayaking so we were not able to have a last day on the river.  I’m sad about that.  We have gotten to know this section of the Alafia well.  It is like a friend.  We visit every day sometimes more than once.  Like any friend, it’s sad to say good-by.


The Alafia and my tree, water is receding.misc from Lithia & Quail Run 091


We leave Lithia Springs this morning after many two week stays over the course of the last few months.  It has been a wonderful  place to be (other than the speed bumps :-)) during a difficult time in our lives.   This lovely 200 acre wooded area has a variety of habitats that we have come to know.  The river is a cypress swamp, there are hardwood hammocks in which most of the campsites are located, and there are sand hills as well. 

The campground has been nearly empty during the week.  The warriors on the week-ends were seldom TOO bad.  The manager Brian and his staff are hard workers, thoughtful, considerate and quick to respond to any need.  I am very grateful to them for allowing us to stay in the park when it was closed during Debby’s Reign.  It was a terrific experience watching the river we had known only as a shallow lazy paddle rise up and retreat.   The peacefulness of being in such a beautiful place with literally no one here for an entire week is a calming experience. 

Even if it was too hot to do much outside,  just looking out our windows was relaxing or exciting depending on what the river and spring were doing.  Although the humidity was high, still I was able to run every other day and David walked the park daily and took pictures of its changes.  I love just being in such a natural environment.


misc from Lithia & Quail Run 110


So it was with sadness that we said good-bye to the spring, still overtaken by the river, to the resident hawk and heron, to the beautiful oaks and spanish moss.  I do hope we will be back next winter for at least one visit.  It’s been a welcoming place in a time of shock and difficulty for us.


misc from Lithia & Quail Run 051

Anyone know what these flowers are??misc from Lithia & Quail Run 039


By 10:30am, we are on our way to Wesley Chapel and Quail Run RV park.  I stop by the Lithia Walgreens to pick up one of David’s prescriptions while he visits the dump and drives Winnona the 39 miles up route 75 to our new home for the next 2 months.   Easy trip.  This may be our shortest move ever.


It will be  a brand new experience for us as we have never stayed more than 1 or 2 nights at a commercial RV park or “resort” and that was always while we were on the way to somewhere else.


Our new side yard.misc from Lithia & Quail Run 124


The people at the office were very nice and everything at check in went smoothly.   We now have a mailbox and key for it and a gate transponder to open the gate for us.   I’ve never lived in a “gated community” before.  Not sure what I think about it.  The area around the park doesn’t look at all dangerous so I’m not sure what the gate is about unless that’s required to call yourself a resort.


misc from Lithia & Quail Run 119

The park has two sections, an older one with mature trees and a lot of shade where we are parked in lot 15 and a newer one with double patios but no trees. 50 amp service seems to be throughout.  Our site is $260 a month plus electricity.  The sites in the new area run from $320 to $380 a month depending on the size of the site.   Karen and Al of RV Travels with Karen and Al are in the new section for another few weeks.  They stopped by this afternoon and talked with David but I was inside and didn’t know they were here.  We took a walk this evening after it cooled down and went by their coach and knocked.  Their car was there but no one answered.  I was sorry to have missed them.  But we’ll see them on another day.


misc from Lithia & Quail Run 117

We got most things set up even though it was 91 degrees and 140% humidity.  The site is smaller than we are used to but the trees are lovely.  The picnic table looks nearly new.  Our chairs and table fit nicely on the patio.  The awning is up, the kayaks and bikes are off the car and I hope they won’t be in the way for those who mow the grass.


Backyard with dolly, bikes and kayaksmisc from Lithia & Quail Run 123


Except for a short walk this evening, it’s been too hot to get out and see what it is that makes a park a resort yet so I will have to report later on that.  I know they have a pool, not sure how big, and laundry facilities.  They provide wifi and cable TV.  I’m hoping the former is not like other parks where it’s there but if more than 3 people try to use it, it is useless.   I have no interest in the cable but who knows maybe I’ll check in on Oprah’s network or National Geographic since there are no longer hawks, rivers, springs and herons in my neighborhood.  :-).   


It was a long day and tiring for David.  But he seems to have settled in easily enough and the heat doesn’t bother him like it does me although his nap was shorter than usual.


misc from Lithia & Quail Run 121

Tomorrow is a day full  of doctor appointments at Moffitt starting at 7:30am so it will be Tuesday before I get out to get more pictures of what’s in the park and particularly where I can run 4 or 5 miles.

Another chapter begins…..


  1. Best of luck to you Sherry. Quail Run is one of the places we considered applying to as workampers, as its not too far from Homosassa, but the gentleman we spoke to at the Tampa RV show said it was very difficult to get in there as most of their workampers returned each year. I will be interested in your imoressions of the place. Al and I are very discouraged at the work opportunities (rather, the lack of paying ones)in Florida for the winter, and have elected to do sugarbeets and Amazon again, and take off the time between Christmas and Easter...unless you can talk them into using us! :-).

  2. Your spot looks really nice. Will miss Lithia, "we" have had fun being there, even tho i prefer the beach time "we" had :)

  3. Well the shade trees sure look nice. Laundry on the grounds sure is convenient. Hope you can float in the pool once in a while too.
    Needless to say, we hope that David's next chapter is one of success and smooth sailing. You're both in our thoughts daily.
    Syl and Gin

  4. Your new home looks beautiful. The Lord will continue to be with you as you start this new chapter of your life.

  5. That was a beautiful Ode to Lithia Springs!! Your desciptions were wonderful and reminded me of our lovely visit there. Know you are fans of RV "Resorts", but your site looks nice. Hope all works out and you get back to the places you love:o))

  6. Hi, Sherry. Glad you're all settled in. I'll be thinking of you and David, as always, as you start this new chapter. I'm sure you'll revisit Lithia next winter when all this is behind you, and you'll see even more of its beauty because your mind won't be burdened with worry.

    David is SO strong, and he's got you at his side. He couldn't be better armed going into this phase of treatment. Just hold on to the love you have for one another.

    Keep us posted as you can. We're all out here pulling for you.

  7. I hope your stay at the resort is a good one. Do you hear road noise where you are?

  8. Your new site looks just lovely. As for the resort thing, I think the only requirement to being able to use that term is the ability to spell it.

  9. Well, despite, it's still a nice park. Least you still see some green. David will continue to get stronger :)

  10. It looks like a nice site. We are thinking of you and hoping David's next chapter goes as smoothly as possible.

  11. Your new "home" looks very nice with the big shade trees and I think I see some of the Spanish moss hanging down. I hope you and David feel at peace settling in there for this next life chapter... the one that will help put these terrible challenges behind you and lead you into a better life that allows good health and free travel in Winnona. Many of us take our health for granted. Seeing David's challenges, I will never do this again. I have always said to my friends that one phone call can change an entire life. We are with you on this journey every day. We are busier than usual now, as we settle into "family reunion week" and "beach week at the Outer Banks." Our girls are all coming. I sensed a tone of relief after you accomplished this move. I know you will miss Lithia Springs and all of its beauty. I think both of you need to jump in the new pool and cool off! We are ready to come down and do whatever we can to help after the beach week.

  12. I know you guys would rather be in the woods but your new "home" looks nice! Enjoy the comforts (laundry!). I know you will make the best of it!

  13. Sorry we missed you. We were out walking Baxter in his stroller. The wifi seems good and like we told David, you just need to ask them for another access code for then second computer. The pool is not much....I understand it's going to be replaced and it certainly needs it. I think this will be a good place while David goes through his transplant. We feel safe here and the management is very nice and helpful.

  14. I think you'll adjust to the new location. It is just a place that you need to be for a while. Lithia Springs will be there when you can move.

    I don't know what the plant is, but it reminds me of a bottle brush plant.

  15. Looks like a great spot for you both! Glad you have company to visit with, guys!

  16. As sad as it is to leave a lovely place, this is where you need to be now. It will be a good place to rest and gather strength as David goes through the last challenge. I hope you find good piece of mind and soul to stand by David's side while you're here.

    David is amazing, too, with all he's gone through and still able to do RV chores and take daily walks. He's a fighter!

  17. Hope all goes well in the next few months there and you guys are soon back on the road!

  18. Yikes.
    When Mother Nature breaks a drought she doesn’t fool around.
    Have a productive week. Here is a quickie informal sorta Ode.
    New place looks pretty neat!

    Hasta la vista, Lithia Springs
    Fare well, but not goodbye.
    The Spanish moss,
    the heron and hawks
    keep vigil from on high.

    Days will prove harsh
    as you trudge uphill.
    You’ll wish you had
    an amnesia pill.
    Yet the Alafia
    will burble…still.

    But you’ll soon get to gloat
    as you float in your boat,
    Moffitt fading from memory.

    Adieu Quail Run
    our battle is won.
    We’re out of here,
    we’re FREE !!!

  19. ps.

    That plant is dwarf chenille, Acalypha pendula.

  20. Welcome to your new home ... for the next little while. It may not be what you prefer, but at least it's convenient to where you must be, and it looks spacious considering how some resorts pack 'em in. Focus on the future and you will get through this, too.

  21. Looks like you found a decent place for the price. Hope you meet some nice people to help make your RV park stay tolerable. And hope all goes well with David's transplant.

  22. Oh, your Ode to Lithia Springs makes me sad. But you'll be back again, and this time you'll be free of distress. This CG may not have the ambiance you prefer, but it's only temporary -- and you're a pro at turning lemons into lemonade. Prayers continuing.

  23. The spot in Quail Run doesn't look terrible - I do like the trees and, in truth, you aren't that far from Lithia should you wish to 'get away' for a day at some point. I enjoyed MBJ's Ode! :) That park was quite something - I am so glad I got to be there and see it for myself. Mother Nature is amazing - the different flowers, mushrooms and trees - never dull. I am thankful to that park for allowing you happiness and little moments of space between treatment weeks - I'd say that was a blessing really.


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