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Leaves and Leaving

Thursday October 11, 2012
Charlottesville, VA


It’s starting to feel like fall. 
Highs in the upper 60’s and low 70’s,
low’s in the 40’s.


Some of the leaves are falling but not even enough to rake.
My favorite flowers are still blooming.  We haven’t even had a frost yet.
And it doesn’t look like that will happen in the next 10 days.


Tree Bench & pie 009


Crossing my fingers for this next week.


Next week is the pull out date for moving further south and the leaves are just starting to turn.  I really hope I don’t miss the colors after having been here over a month.  That would be such a shame.  The farm valley is gorgeous in its fall beauty.   COME ON LEAVES!! 



Painter Will


The painting and carpentry should be finished this week-end and the hole in the wallet will be huge.  But that should take care of it for the next 10 years.  Hopefully.







Carpenter Brian


Roof painters


It’s been an easy few weeks but lots of progress.

David’s numbers are improving.  He’s feeling less fatigue and taking fewer naps.  We’ve seen friends and gotten many things taken care of.


I’ve worked just enough in the yard to feel that connection with the land and am really enjoying the many variations of my pansies.  Such great flowers in both spring and fall.  Not too many flowers you can enjoy in both seasons.


Tree Bench & pie 010  


Tree Bench & pie 013



What about those postcards you ask???

Where Winnona is parked, I can’t put out the living room slide to mount the latest postcards.  But once she’s on the road I’ll be posting pictures of the current status of the postcard Mirror Wall.   Thanks to everyone who contributed to its fabulousness!


Tree Bench & pie 012


Tree Bench & pie 014


Hope you are seeing Nature’s splendid palate wherever you are!


Tree Bench & pie 015


Really looking forward to being on the road again even if we are headed back to Moffitt for the 3 month evaluation.


  1. Those are the most beautiful pansies I've ever seen!! I hope you don't miss your fall colors. Even Oregon is having some beautiful colors right now. And after over 40 days of no rain we are going to have a few good storms in the next few days. I'm happy about letting mother nature water my flowers. You have a beautiful home. I like the colors on the house.
    Take care and safe and happy travels and praying for a good report for David at his 3 month check up.

  2. Soon you will be headed south to find out what direction your lives will take... Have you been thinking about options or waiting for the verdict. In any event... hoping the last few days are lovely and work is done. I say it is time for some fun!!

  3. I understand wanting to see the fall colors, but those pansies are extremely brilliant. Safe journey, all the best for both of you. Postcard on it's way.

  4. The flowers are gorgeous! Great minds must think alike, we are painting our house also....in greens. Thank goodness the "new duds" for the house are almost done. Liz

  5. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...so glad to hear that David is doing better and his numbers are improving!!! Your Pansies are spectacular. Not much color where we are, but the temps have been fabulous:o))

  6. The house is looking good. Hope the leaves give you a little fall before your departure.

  7. Pansies are my and my sister's favorite flowers! Beautiful shots of them..so glad to hear from you, we were getting a little worried! Wonderful news about David...

  8. Sure hope that the leaves cooperate and that you get to see the colors before you head South! Good news on David's numbers. :-)

  9. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm glad to hear David is doing better. I hope he'll get some good news when he gets back here.

  10. I like pansies too. They have such jolly little faces. :)

  11. So happy to hear about David's numbers! Just love the smiling faces of pansies. As we've been moving south, we're seeing new colors popping out. In South Dakota they were pretty much done, but here in Missouri they are just starting. Liking the warmer weather too :)

  12. So very very happy to hear David's numbers are improving :)....love our pansy pictures...travel safe and hope and pray David's numbers continue to improve...I am having major computer problems on this end..seems I'm off line more than I'm on...:( hopefully that will be straightened out soon...take care and travel safe...

  13. Beautiful pansies. Good news that David is feeling better. I'm sure you'll be glad to get back on the road even though your destination is Florida!

  14. Too happy for words that David is doing so well. Fall is my favorite time of year. Hopefully, by next year I'll be able to be out in it to enjoy it.

    How far south are you going, Sherry? If you're anywhere near Atlanta in your travels, my home is your home. I don't know if David can be around Jack (don't tell Jack). Or, if you're in a park within an hour or so and I'm not in the hospital, I'll drive down to see you. I thought of you so many times while camping in Kentucky, but I could not find a post card anywhere! Not even at the camp store, and I only stopped in that field overnight and for pit stops for Jack on the way home.

    Again, best news ever with David. It's been a long, difficult journey. Robin Roberts got home, today, too!!!

  15. Hey, great news!

    I love pansies. They're so hardy I don't know how they came to be synonymous with wimpdom. I miss houseplants, too! They just don't seem practical in the Duck, and they're not much of a reason to settle down!

  16. What good news! I hope David's numbers continue to improve all the way back to Moffitt. Hope you see some good colors in the next few days. Travel safely.

  17. The home is so lovely...must feel great to check that off your list and know it's there awaiting you. Hoping for some more sweet days as you travel south for the next eval! Thoughts and prayers in that direction but mostly that you two are getting some lovely days, hours, minutes, enjoying each other and your surroundings....blessings and hugs your way! OO (Green is one of my fav colors :O))

  18. What beautiful pansies!

    Really happy to hear that David's numbers are improving and his fatigue is less. Praying that he gets an excellent report at Moffitt.

    Hope the leaves give you a spectacular send-off!

  19. Gorgeous flowers! And, glad to see the workers are hard at work so you can get back on the road!!!! :) Also glad to hear Dad is showing more energy - focus on the good news!

  20. Glad to hear that David is making his way back to full health. I'm sure you are both encouraged by his progress, even if it is slow.

    I don't know which looks prettier, the pansies, or your house after all the work. ;c)

    At least the pansies can look beautiful without hurting your wallet.

  21. Your home renovations look to be coming along nicely - nothing like a new roof and a fresh paint job to make things look like new again.

    Glad to hear David is doing well and you're looking forward to getting away.

  22. From your pic's and post, it appears things are looking up! Nothing like a Sunny day in your own yard with happy flowers. The work on the house will hopefully keep the inside in and the outside out. All things need some maintenance sometimes. Perhaps the weather will allow you to stay North a little longer. I do wonder what Florida is going to be like this Winter, snow & blizzards might be in order. This has been one goofy weather year up North. Happy to hear David is doing well.

  23. All things going well, how long will you be at Moffett? Will you stay in Florida or head elsewhere?

  24. LOVE Pansies! what gorgeous photos! So glad David is doing so well ;)


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