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Wow is all I can say!

Thursday October 4, 2012
Greenfield Mountain Farm


As I started to put this post together of a great visit with wonderful friends I went looking for something on my last post and noticed the page view counter.  It was 102,555 views.   WHAT?  I am dumbfounded at that number.  I would never in my life have thought that so many people would check out what in the world we are up to.  That is just amazing.  I don’t see the counter since it is at the very bottom and had actually forgotten it was even there.   I actually refreshed my screen since I thought there must be something wrong.  What a sweet surprise! 


The even bigger WOW was about friends who will drive 90 miles to visit you.  And that’s just what Terri and Mike did today.  They have been in Richmond for a while.  It was their hometown when they sold everything and went on the road.  They are leaving there soon and moving on south.


They hand delivered a postcard to add to my sweet collection.  That was so cute.  As soon as we get back on the road I’ll put all these recent post cards up on the mirror which will be more than covered and post a picture of it with the new additions.


Richmond postcard

We chatted about all the things we’d done since we’d seen each other last which included too many doctor visits for both Terri and David.

I made a pot of vegetable soup and we had that and a salad with the fresh Hanover tomatoes they also brought us for lunch from Hanover county.  By the time I remembered to take this picture the guys were on bowl #2 and all the focaccia bread plate was empty. 


misc 012


It was a beautiful day so we went out to take a walk down to our lower field which Mike did remark was up a little hill and then down a bigger hill so it would have to be up a bigger hill on the way back.

Notice David’s defensive socks outside of jeans strategy for avoiding any ticks.  His mommy made him do it.  :-))  No one got any.


misc 014

Here they are looking back at the farm as we start out to walk up the shorter hill.


misc 015


This may look flat but it’s the beginning of the steeper down hill to the field.


misc 017


After all the exercise we thought we deserved some pie.  It seems the only picture I took was the one of David cutting it.  Both Mike and Terri must have been standing just outside the picture.  I sure don’t pay much attention to what I’m doing.  Great photographer that I am.


misc 019


Too soon it was time for them to head back.  What a wonderful afternoon for us, in the midst of all the workmen, to have time off to chat with friends.  We took some parting pictures out by the old barn before they drove off down the driveway.


misc 020

Thanks Mike and Terri!   It was really wonderful to see you guys!!
Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your coming such a long drive both ways just to spend the afternoon with us.  
What great friends we have!!


  1. How terrific of Mike & Terri to pay a visit. Even nicer that you took the time to fix some eats! David is looking good. George and I were talking about you two while driving today, wondering how things were going.

  2. Good friends and good food, what more could one ask for.

  3. I'm not seeing a lot of fall color; when does that start?

  4. How great that Mike and Terri visited. I haven't been reading blogs, but did want to check in with you. I'm not a bit surprised by how many views you had on your counter. You have been in the thoughts and prayers of many. Glad things seem to be going well.

  5. Gosh, with those matching hair-do's, mustaches, and glasses, were Mike and David separated at birth???

    We had THE BEST time with you guys yesterday. Thanks SO MUCH for a lovely afternoon of delicious food and good conversation with wonderful friends. The time went by way too fast! Looking forward to the next time our paths will cross again.

  6. Soup sounds so good with the chill in the air. I'm going to make some minestrone as soon as I hit the farmers' market Sunday and pick up the vegetables I'll need. It's always so good to see old friends, and it is a humbling experience to know they've driven so far to see you. I had that experience my first year at Lassen when I was visited by Paul & Mary Witwer, as well as Howard & Linda Payne.

    David is so smart to avoid ticks. I'd almost be afraid of going outside.

  7. You may think they drove all the way over to your house just to hand deliver the postcard, but the real reason is they can't afford stamps... ;c)

    It's a great circle of friends we have in the RV Dreams family.

  8. I have to agree with Terri...I think David found his twin;o))) Oh that vegetable soup sounds wonderful and we know the pie was spectacular!!!

  9. Nothing better than spending time with friends.

  10. Great pictures - I'm glad Dad got to take the walk and without the hat! He's looking good :) No pictures of you with Terri and Mike-oh well :( Sounds like a great visit. I, too, am thankful for so many views, but I am not surprised - you are a talented blog writer and have quite a story to tell!

  11. What a wonderful afternoon with good friends! I'm so used to seeing pictures of people eating in an RV that your kitchen pictures look down-right huge! Your lunch looked wonderful.

  12. I think I'll pass on the soup; it's much too hot here to enjoy a bowl no matter how good.

  13. What fun to have such great times with good friends. David is looking better.
    I love your home so cozy and warm very welcoming.

  14. Was that one of David's delicious pies? One of these days, seriously, I'm going to try my hand at pie crust. Maybe.

  15. Nice move on the socks...looks like he is ready for a game of soccer :O) I'm putting vegetable soup on my grocery list this week... So happy you got to enjoy time with friends...that's what makes the world go around!

  16. Soup sounds wonderful but ... Pie! ahhh

    What fun! and glad David's doing so well ...

    My count is about half yours and I'm amazed ! Fun innit ... ;)

  17. Congratulations on your many page views, Sherry! Your blog is a pleasure to read with excellent photos. Your warmth radiates off my monitor!


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