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Let the PARTY begin

Thursday March 27, 2013
St. George Island State Park
Eastpoint, Florida



The attempted camera repair continues.  


David has gotten the camera all apart and cleaned the pieces before it’s time to leave for the party. So everything stays on the table waiting for his return.   Although I doubt that it will get any more attention today. Quite the mess isn’t it.  Just pray no one bumps anything there are nearly 4 dozen screws in 3 different bottle tops. This surely is not something I would have attempted but as I said.  Nothing to lose, it’s useless in my mind without its zoom and he wanted to do it.  He has the patience for this sort of thing and actually likes to do it.   To a Point.  Check back on how long he’s willing to persevere













The 2nd day of the Party begins at Up The Creek





We arrive at Up The Creek for a late lunch and then we’ll meet, Laurel and Eric at the Owl Tap Room at 4:00. Those who bet on beer and restaurant fare win.

Those who bet on bakery will have to find us a good one in the area. We struck out. Those who bet on breakfast are probably correct too as he did finally find one he wants to check out So it will no doubt be on the agenda for a day later in our stay here.  You all know him amazingly well.  <grin>  The two top of the line things for today are lunch here and a brew pub with friends.  Up the stairs of Up The Creek he goes.






Up the Creek turns out to be perfect. It’s another very windy day but we can sit inside or outside on their porch out of the wind and still watch the river. We pick outside.








We study the menu. I’m torn between Oysters Parmesan and one of the house specialties,  the Grilled Conch Cakes served with tupelo honey-lime sauce and topped with a sweet/savory coconut-mango slaw. The comment on the menu is “Key West wishes they had this dish.   We can’t seem to make it to Key West so let’s make them envious.




Apalachicola is famous for its huge oysters. I get the oysters, David gets the Conch and a cup of alligator, shrimp sausage gumbo. The oysters are great and taste delicious. the gumbo is excellent but the Conch wins hands down. It is just out of this world. Lucky David!! He generously gives me several tastes of his three cakes and this is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. It is all I can do not to order another plate of it all for myself. For sure we are coming back here before moving on so I can have it.





The Highlight of the Day is the celebrating with friends.








We meet Laurel and Eric as the Owl Café Tap Room opens. Laurel writes the blog Raven and Chickadee which features hiking, biking, kayaking and wonderful pictures taken by them both. We have known each other only through our blogs and emails but we hit it off immediately. We have so much in common we have yet to find anything we don’t. It’s amazing. They are from Oregon, we are from Virginia. You’d think we’d been friends for years. We actually talk about politics, religion, spirituality and all things in between.

The beer drinkers 3 try all different brews at the happy hour prices. I have dessert which gets disappeared long before any pictures get taken. Notice empty plate.






We have just a fabulous time of non stop sharing and of course their beer selections. We reluctantly part at about 6:15 since her parents, who live in the area, are expecting them at 6:00. Sorry to make them late. We’ll be making plans to see them again while we are here. Thanks Laurel and Eric for making this celebration an extra great occasion.


Does this man look happy?



Any more fun would have been illegal.
Great way to celebrate things at least seeming to trend in the right direction.
And so, I chauffeur the celebrator home. Smile
Life is Good!!


  1. What a great day for a celebration! It is great to see those big grins on both of you! I KNOW the feeling!!! ;-> The food sounds very tasty, too. I might even be tempted to join in!!

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Nice to see you out having a great time!! Good food with good friends and mix in some good beer...it just doesn't get much better!!!

  3. So glad David had a great celebration. The Conch dish does sound yummy and different. What a great smile he has:)

    How exciting that you met Laurel and Eric. Isn't interesting how easy it is to feel comfortable with fellow bloggers.

  4. So happy for you and David!! May the trend continue on its current path towards ongoing good health!

  5. I'd have to go to a place like that with you. You could talk me into trying the conch and then eat it if I just couldn't. ;)

  6. Glad you're having a good time and celebrating! Looks like some good celebrating too :)

  7. Yes, David does look happy! And nice that he has a designated driver. Can't wait to see what the next day brings.

  8. Can't wait to get out there and start enjoying all that wonderful local cuisine! It all sounds fantastic. A couple flights of brew is the perfect celebration and your smiles just light up the page.

  9. The conch is my favorite dish at Up The Creek, too -- just one more thing we have in common! We had such a great time meeting you two -- like you said, it was as if we have known each other forever. Looking forward to seeing you again very soon!

  10. alligator shrimp sausage gumbo… man? conch… I dunno ... how do they get that poor little conch out of its beautiful big shell... poor slimy thing... are they slimy? jeeeeeez and alligator... hope the shrimp had their feelers removed... wonder who said .. let's eat those things... someone had to be first...

    HAhaaa WHAT a fun looking bunch of old pretty people… ha! and yes… he looks happy… "Any more fun would have been illegal." haha… love it

  11. Did David leave any beer for anybody else? I'd recommend not letting him near your camera for a little while... :c)

  12. That man has the patience of Job! That sea food looks and sounds soooo good. The beer? notso. Wine and margaritas for me...

  13. I'm catching up and am SO delighted to hear this news. Yay! I'm so happy.

  14. Looks like a great birthday celebration, good friends, good food and good beer. Yes life is good, hope David can get the zoom working.

  15. What a day! It's great to meet people with whom you feel an instant connection.

  16. Good thing he has a designated driver.

  17. This post just made me smile :-) What a great celebration day! The different beers sounded good. We've gotten those kind of samplers so we could try different beers. The conch sounded good too!

  18. I want all the food you talked about!!! It sounds so good! We'll have to stop here when we start our travels. Did I tell you Ted notified STAB that he is retiring June 30 when his contract runs out. I think I am too, but I haven't told anybody yet. We can't wait! Keep having fun!

  19. Oh how fun! I read this out of order...sounds like Laurel and Eric make great party companions. I would have enjoyed beer tasting too and the seafood that sounds like it was extra special delicious! Celebrate good times come on! :)


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