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Visiting Pelican Place and Cedar Key

Wednesday March 18, 2014
Manatee Springs State Park
Chiefland, Florida






Yesterday we got an invite from our friend Syl to visit Pelican place today and go for a bike ride in their new home town of Cedar Key.   You bet!  Pelican Place is only about 30 minutes from us here in Manatee Springs State Park so we arrived just after 11:00 to find Syl there to direct us into a parking place and Gin arrived shortly to welcome us to their new winter home in the Cedar Key RV Park.   They recently bought the spot right next to Dan and Tricia and thus have created the gathering area known as Pelican Place.




I neglected to get a picture of the very nice sign saying Pelican Place that Tricia made which is just behind where David is sitting.  But I did get this picture of everyone gathered round on the patio there between the two lots.  They have done a bang up job of landscaping both their lots and the grounds around and behind them.  They have a fire pit, plenty of covered wood, a bbq area.  Just everything you could think of for outdoor Florida living. 




Tricia says Dan gets all the credit for seeing the potential here.  They’ve done a fantastic job making this their beautiful winter home.





Syl tells David about all the hard work they have done making this lot into just what they wanted.






After eating our lunches while chatting round the circle, we take the bikes to Cedar Key to see about the owls and eagles they have all been keeping an eye on.  The owls picked a nice tall pine overlooking the water on the edge of a quiet graveyard.  Nice spot.  Though the group saw the owlets as recently as 2 or 3 weeks ago, we are too late for the owls.  Not a sign of them other than the nest.









That nest has a fine view that’s for sure.  Hope they’ll return another year.  It must have been a lot of fun to bike over often and watch the progress.





Ok so off we go over to the Eagle tree.  This one is a pine too and located in a lucky someone’s back yard.  Tricia says there were two baby eagles but they sure aren’t babies any more.  We only see one juvenile hanging around.  No sign of the sibling or the parents.  Probably off fishing or perhaps giving fishing lessons.  Who knows?








Cedar Key is such a great place, you can stand around in the middle of the road looking at an eagle nest and no one even drives by.





While we were standing in the cemetery looking for the owls, another bird watcher drove up in a car to see if we had seen them.  She tells us there are two osprey nests near the museum.   Those are 3rd on our bird watching bike ride.

Here we have the best luck.  An adult is standing near the nest also in pine tree and a little osprey is peeking out.  It’s a long way away so my picture is a bit sketchy but my binoculars at least show me where to point the camera.  In the second picture, you have to look very carefully the little osprey is white and fluffy and facing to the left.  Look for the beak.







We head back for the center of town.  Tricia has told David there is a bakery next to the pier and that’s all it takes.





Cedar Key Diner has a bakery where today among the purchases are a cinnamon bun, a piece of key lime pie, 2 raspberry chocolate scones, a slice of cherry pie and a German chocolate cupcake.   Notice there are 4 + me is 5 people standing in line so no David didn’t eat it all himself although I’m sure he would have been happy to.





Here’s a sampling of the stores along the Cedar Key waterfront.  I’m standing in front of the bakery.




David is carrying his goodies just outside the bakery which is on the ground floor.  Tricia says the diner above the baker, open only from 7 to 2, has the best hamburgers around.  Sadly we’d already had lunch by the time she told us.






Next door is the pier and our last stop for the afternoon.   The fishermen are here and the pelicans are on guard.






Looks at those eyes.




We had a fun afternoon with long time friends whom we don’t see nearly often enough.  It is wonderful to see them all so happy in their new winter spots.  Hope we’ll see them on down the road somewhere before so long.  Thanks again ya’ll for the invitation and showing us around your new homes.


  1. What a nice winter home Gin and Syl, and Trish and Dan have. It looks like they've done a lot of work there and made such a beautiful site. We sure don't have than much space on our Keys lot!

  2. I think they've done a nice job on their Pelican Place. Lovely pictures of the Ospreys and Eagle!

  3. Thanks for visiting! I always feel soo relaxed after peddling around in Cedar Key. It's just something about that little town that I like. As always, it was good to see you two again. Travel safe.

  4. That is one mighty fine winter hangout. It sure has the looks of a comfy place to spend time. I like all the paving blocks and natural plants, great landscaping. That town sure has a lot of character also and with a bakery and burgers, what could be better.
    Pelicans sure give the looks of knowing all and it shows in their eyes. Great pic.

    I still can not reply on my blog, so to answer your question. Kathy just wants a new car, new smell, new drive etc. I was lucky that after she test drove so many and still wanted another Caravan. They sit high for good views and are easy to get in and out of for me, 25mpg is still something we can depend on.

  5. Cedar Key is one our favorite towns in Florida. We've stayed many times at the Low Key Hideaway where they have the best sunsets I've ever come across!

    I love the Osprey picture! did you notice the talons? I think a pedicure is needed...

  6. Unfortunately you are going to find high campground prices in Michigan and WI. We've camped in Bayfield, WI to tour the Apostle Islands. We stayed at the Buffalo Bay Campground attached to the Red-Cliff casino. The casino is really small and the campground far enough away that it wasn't intrusive. The campground is right on Lake Superior. The views were awesome. I suggest staying there and then checking out the other campgrounds in the area. Then if you find one you like better, you can move to it. The ones we toured we thought were hard to get into. We pull a 40ft 5th wheel.

    Little Sand Bay is nice, but a little further away from Bayfield. Dalrymple Park had a sharp entrance on a hill. I didn't see any big rigs, the driveway was very narrow. It was tough just driving through with our truck.

    Aposilte Island Area Campground and RV Resort had lots of hills and curves to navigate. There were huge ruts and potholes. Not big rig friendly in our opinion.

    Make sure you go to Cornucopia. West of Bayfield, on the water, has an awesome beach.

    Good luck.

    Lori Anne

    1. Lori Anne, thank you SO much for your comment and all this information. I am so happy to have these insights and suggestions.

  7. We need to get up there. I can not believe how quickly winter has flown by.

  8. We love Cedar Key. I'm so glad you got to visit it. Be sure to go back and stay awhile.

  9. Cedar key looks to be a great place....and the opportunity to see all those feathered friends!

  10. Cedar Key is almost at the top of our "Must Visit" destinations. Now knowing that there is a bakery that serves cherry pie has moved it to spot number one! :c)

  11. Looks like a great place and wonderful day with friends, birds and a bakery to boot, who could ask for more.

  12. Another great area ... I do hope to 'do' Florida again ... did the entire perimeter and y'make me want to do it all over again.

    baby Eagles and LOVE pelicans ... those eyes! and well... pie. and pals.... sigh

  13. Looked like a wonderful day for a visit to the "Infamous" Pelican Place!! Haven't they done a wonderful job making it their special place:o)) Great to see all of you out enjoying a beautiful day!!

  14. Oh, I love that pelican. SO beautiful.

  15. I certainly hope to visit Pelican Place at some point, although I also can't believe where the time has gone and we leave for the summer in a little more than four weeks. Thanks for the tour.

  16. I remember you writing about very comfortable flip flops or sandals you had purchased. I can't remember the name. Can you let me know what the brand name is?

    1. I couldn't find any way to contact you directly Kathy. The flip flops are called oofos. Good to see you here in the comments section.

  17. Neat set-up! Fun day! Glad you were able to spot some birds! Yummy bakery! I'm sure Dad enjoyed those goodies :) The pelicans have gorgeous eyes! The hair (or is it plummage?) on the head looks so soft :)

  18. Spent a week in Cedar Key a few years ago. Nice little place, but not sure I would like to spend a lot of time there.

  19. We were biking all over Cedar Key yesterday -- just as we have done every day for the 8 days we were there! We also biked to the eagle's nest, and downtown, and along the waterfront -- can't believe we didn't see you somewhere along the way. We love Cedar Key and regretfully left this morning. But we're on to new adventures at St. Mark's. The birding was fabulous this afternoon. Looking forward to seeing you guys on St. George.

  20. Great day with great people, doesn't get better than that. Pelican Place is beautiful setup, big, private lots in the back all beautifully landscaped. Great job Dan, Trish, Gin & Syl! Thanks for sharing your experiences in Cedar Key and showing us around. Love the pelican eye & really did his/her hair!


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