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More Rain, More Beach, More News

Monday & Tuesday January 12 & 13, 2015
Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey, Florida





This has been a cold and rainy winter here south of Sarasota.  Now take that with a grain of salt if you are anywhere north of the Florida line.  Compared to other years we have not been able to do nearly as much during our time at Oscar Scherer.

Monday was one of those 80% chance of rain days where it rained about every 90 minutes so you couldn’t get out and do anything.  And we didn’t.  David worked on the missing medications AGAIN.  More phone calls.  We’re up to having used 350 minutes in the first 10 days of our month.  We do have a phone card so IF we can find a pay phone we can use that if need be.  We have it mostly for when we are in Texas or the Everglades where in our experience Verizon just wasn’t around.  AT&T owns them both we think.

I do want to say how grateful I am that he feels well enough to fight these battles for himself rather than needing me to fight them for him as has happened in the past over the course of this illness.





Monday was a different story weather wise.  When the temperature was 75 by noon, it was time to go to the beach. David isn’t as much of a beach lover as I am and had things he wanted to do that he wasn’t able to do in the rain yesterday so he dropped me off and came down later.

Just look at those big white puffy clouds.  I am a happy camper. 







The skim boarders were out and one of them was an acrobat. Is skim boarding an olympic sport? I watched him all afternoon and into the evening.













The winds were brisk for an hour or so and then it turned into a lovely day so when David joined me, we stayed for sunset. The sunset itself wasn’t seriously glorious since it set into a bank of clouds which isn’t unusual but it was still beautiful.  I love the clouds here too. But the after colors were wonderful intense pinks.








Maybe the sunshine brought the good news late today.  They called and said the myeloma drug will be here tomorrow FINALLY.   It’s been nearly a month now without drugs. Of course it remains to be seen if there are snafoos with the delivery but at least it may be that the insurance nightmares are over for now. 

It also remains to be seen what side effects this new treatment will have.  If it starts tomorrow, in a few days we’ll know. It’s sure been nice for him to be able to sleep and feel pretty normal these past weeks.  

It appears he’s off on another medical adventure if you can call it that.   I guess doctors have to “practice” on somebody.  Selfishly, I wish it didn’t have to be David.   

He sure got some mighty fine skies tonight. 
We hope to be back here tomorrow if the weather holds
and stay for the Drumming down of the sun.
What will the skies do to surprise us then?
Such beauty, isn’t it wonderful?



  1. I'm glad to hear the medication issues are working out. I don't know why it has to be so hard for everything lately. I wish they didn't have to "practice" on David either. After the shenanigans with my mother this past year I'm getting a very jaundiced view of our medical community. Have fun at the drumming!

  2. Glad David's going to get going on his meds! Thanks for the mention on the camelback cleaning kit the other day, I bought a hydration bag last year but haven't been on any hikes yet I felt I needed to use it but am pretty sure this will be the year for day long hiking at last. I'll pop onto Amazon and see what I can find so I'll have it on hand.

  3. Beautiful pictures today. Clouds looking mighty fine. Your skill at catching guys airborne is amazing. You have become quite the photographer. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday and got no where with a hospital bill. They said they submitted it to both my insurance and it was declined, I have not rec an EOB from either. I will let Kathy the expert deal with those bureaucratic nit wits.

  4. Glad to hear the meds are coming! I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. Beautiful sunset pics!

  5. Indeed, it is beautiful. Lovely stripes in the sky. So glad it appears David will be getting his medicine too! It's been gray, cold and windy in the gulf states too. Should be warmer be sunnier by end of the week while we play in the French Quarter.

  6. What a gift to finally have an entire day on the beach, from noon till sunset! I know you both are relieved to have the medication snafu resolved. More beach time ahead! Great new profile photo of you two. :-)

  7. I'm afraid that until insurance companies figure out that the ACA is here to stay they will continue to cause problems in the hope that consumers will blame the program and not them. Unfortunately they are too often successful in that. Sorry it's been such a stressful time for you :-( Glad the sun got you out to the beach to lift your spirits, and that you had such fun entertainment! Your pics really capture the joy of riding surf and air. The pepper of birds across the pink sky is magical :-) I love the ritual of drumming down the sun ......hope today's weather makes it possible.

  8. Happy to hear David will get his new medicine. Now praying he won't have any icky side effects

  9. Don't know if you got the comment I made in the earlier post, but if you're running out of minutes on the phone I really recommend buying some credit on Skype and just using your computer to call. On Skype you'll be using your Data plan, not your cellphone minutes, even if you use the App on your phone. I've been using Skype to call my family for years. It's cheap and will save you having to find a pay phone (where do you even find one these days?).


  10. Beautiful sunset picture, love all the colors. Good to hear meds are on their way, sure hope the new script works.

  11. thankful for good news on the meds. . .finally!

    beautiful, uplifting end of the day pics. . .

  12. Insurance companies sure can be a nightmare, hopefully the meds arrive with out a hitch. You've got enough to worry about with David being ill. Thank goodness he won the battle.

    Now with the meds in hand, he'll feel well enough to show those skim boarders some good techniques! :cD

  13. Yea! SOMETIMES good things happen at the right moment! I would say this is cause for a celebration.......a bakery visit, David?

  14. Such beautiful sunsets for such great news. So glad that hurdle has been jumped. Hoping you got to the drumming circle!

  15. I certainly wish Dad didn't have to be on any medication and could feel as fine as he does always; however, further treatment is a necessity; hopefully, this will work and it will not be too uncomfortable for him. What amazing pictures of that skim boarder - wow - it's like an art form. Beautiful sunset; it's great when a day ends well :)

  16. At least the medication thing is resolved.

    I think that's the first time I have heard of a skim board.

  17. The insurance game shouldn't have to be so convoluted. Glad David's persistence paid off. And you got another beach day with a bonus sunset. You caught those guys on the boards very well. Action shots are tough for me. Hope you get to do some paddling.

  18. So glad to hear David's meds are on the way! Fingers crossed. xxxxxx

  19. Oh, I needed to hear that good news today. I'm praying for y'all! Hang in. Love the sunset.

  20. Oh, happy dancing to the good news. Was wondering if it was still even possible for insurance coverage on such high priced, lifesaving medications. So glad those calls and minutes were worthwhile. Happy belated birthday, David! Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed the good eats! And I think those sunsets are stunning!

  21. Your photos of the Skim Boarder and the Sunset are wonderful. So glad that the medication nightmare has ended. I believe if our politician had to use the same insurance coverage we do things would change in a hurry!!!

  22. That skim boarder is very good. Maybe it should be an Olympic sport? Fingers crossed that Davids meds work well for him.

  23. I'm glad to hear the drugs are coming and I just hope the side effects will be minimal. You finally got a wonderful beach day. Love those skimboarders. It looks like so much fun. We have found with our Verizon phone minutes, that if we find we're going over our minutes, we can upgrade the plan to a higher number of minutes, then change it back the next month. It beats worrying about how many minutes you are using, and trying to make important phone calls with pay phones. Looks like more rain may be coming, so I hope you've gotten more beach days.

  24. Those are some awesome sunset pictures. Really glad to hear the drugs are finally going to be available for David. What a bummer to have to spend the day making phone calls. Great pictures of the skim boarder too. Pretty incredible!

  25. Im just glad that insurance and medications hiccups are almost a thing in the past. Like you I would pray that the new meds agree with David.
    You had better weather there in FL than us here in TX near the Gulf ! I envy your 75 temps, for we have not broken to 50 since last year.
    I love sunsets and your captures made me smile, fabulous!

  26. Terrific post! You really did capture the skim boarders doing what they love, and that shows best when they soar. Fabulous sunset pictures as well. Thankful are we that I have good practitioners!


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