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Remember the Opps–2014 Our Year in Review???

January 2, 2014





Remember that strange post on December 29 that some of you saw because I accidentally posted it before it was finished?  Well blogger has decided that even though I’ve changed all the text in it I cannot repost it so it will forever be dated December 29 and not show up as my most recent post.  

I can’t find any other way to let you know about the real post other than to put up this link to it.

If you’d like to read the real 2014 Our Year in Review you can use the link on the title. 

If anyone knows how to totally delete something from blogger and repost a dramatically changed version at a different date please let me know. 

Thanks for your patience and loyalty as commenters.  Without you, I’d never go to the trouble to blog at all.  Your comments are the only reason I continue to put up with both Live Writer and Blogger. I love hearing from you.  My patience is running very thin on these two.   Hope this isn’t an omen for this Happy New Year.  I sound just like Scrooge.  :-) 



  1. Have you tried changing the title a little bit?

    1. That was the first thing I tried Diana. For those who may run into this problem. I tried changing the title and totally rewriting the first paragraph. I don't know how Blogger knows what you've posted but it simply won't repost at a different time even if you delete the original which I did several times. Every time I reposted under any title or with any changes it came back up as an older post from December 29th rather than today.

  2. Glad to see you are continuing on posting....I for one would miss you if you weren't't posting. Somehow I missed seeing the post after Carrie left so I am off to get caught up.... :)

  3. Hi Sherry,
    Have you tried this in live writer. Open it and hit file in the upper left.
    Choose open recent posts.
    Use the box at the top to add more posts until you find that one.
    Choose it and use the delete button at the top of that window.
    That worked using Win7, but not sure if you are using xp? Live writer is a little different in xp. I'm also using Live writer 2012
    That worked for me once.

  4. Use the Blogger editor, make a change to the text, choose a date about 80 years in the future and then save as a draft.

  5. Well, I'll go back and read it now :)

  6. PS. What you can't change are the copies in people's feed readers. With a slightly new title the new one should even show up in the readers, too.

  7. If I couldn't read your blogs I should be so sad!! Seriously :-)! And I wouldn't know where you are in case its close, and we can't have that now!

  8. Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments; your presence is so welcome as always! Have you considered WordPress? I went through frustrations with Blogger recently and started exploring WP. I know publish on both platforms. The more I use WP, the more I (kind of) like it. You can check out my WP site at http://txyellowrose.wordpress.com/. Guess I hang around Blogger still because I "know" folks there and so many are RVers. Please don't stop blogging . . . I'd miss you, girl!

  9. It looks like good suggestions above. Personally I don't use Wordpress, though I comment on several blogs using it- I've just had problems in the past with posting pics in a group blog I've used.

  10. It's funny that this point to post has more comments than the post it was intended to point to. It's interesting to see the number of people commenting here with great suggestions but not going over to the 2014 Review post I actually wanted to refer them to. If I hadn't spent so much time on that particular blog I'd try out these great suggestions but now that this post is here pointing to it, I think I'll wait until I do something stupid again. You guys are great to make all these suggestions on what to do when I accidentally post something I didn't mean to.

  11. Easy on the meds there Sherry, The big machine knows it is getting your goat.

  12. Great recap of first six months....looking for the next six months. --Dave (GoingRvWay.com)


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