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Early Morning in the Meadow

Thursday June 25, 2015                                                                                       Previous Post:
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Shenandoah National Park, Virginia



It’s beginning to be my chosen morning  routine to go to the meadow for sunrise.  It’s just such a wonderful way to start the day.   Today it appears as though the clouds are trying to push the sun and its colors back down.  They form a nearly straight line just above the horizon. 







After taking way too many pictures of its various stages of rising, I start out walking down a path and enjoying the grasses and flowers all around me.   I see every stage of bloom.  






I wonder what really is the difference between a meadow and a prairie. As you can see, these grasses are very tall.











The sun casts its golden glow on the meadow.  It doesn’t last long but even with the clouds in the sky it looks as though a goddess has poured butter everywhere.







I share the field with many different deer this morning including this young male just getting a start on his antlers.



These Fly Poison are green at the bottom.  I’ve never seen that before.


The field is full of them.



And of milkweed.  Can the monarchs be far behind?


This is the first buck I’ve seen in the mornings.  His antlers are completely velvet.




There have been doe with fawns each morning.  They watch me to make sure I’m not going to cause trouble and then proceed on their way.




The grasses are so tall they go in the way of this picture of the fawn on its hind legs peeking over the doe’s shoulder.

The fawn’s legs seem to have gotten much longer since last week or perhaps this is a totally different pair than I’ve seen.




I wander around for nearly two hours and finally start to head back toward the road on this path when I hear voices, several voices.





Actually, the two of us hear voices.  I’m probably 6 feet from the deer who isn’t paying much attention to me but she snaps to attention at the sound of the voices and I get numerous pictures of her as she stands absolutely still.  Only her ears are moving.




We both relax when the horses and riders come in to view.  There are numerous horse trails in the park but I’ve never seen them out so early in the morning.




I wonder if you see more, or less wildlife if you are on horseback rather than on foot?


  1. Lovely deer photos!

    Virtual hugs,


  2. really, really great pics of your morning adventure. . .I always wonder why folks go out in nature, and then talk so loudly. . .what's the point really?

  3. Today, your photos are exceptionally beautiful! Loe looking at them on such a rainy day, for us.

  4. The pink and yellow tinges on the grasses and flowers is so delicate. I read the post as a whisper in my head so as not to break the spell. Lovely to spend time with your deer, I'm sure they enjoy it too. That young buck is so handsome :-) I imagine both the hawk and the mouse think their view of the same landscape is the best one, and probably the same is true of the rider and the walker. I'll take the walker these days I think.

  5. Beautiful! What a wonderful way to start your day.

  6. Lovely photos. Lovely descriptions.

  7. Beautiful views! The deer are certainly aware of you. I imagine not only do they hear, but they must smell the horses at a distance too.

  8. That picture of the buck with the velvet covered rack should be in a Nat Geo magazine, fantastic shot!

  9. I'd bet less wildlife when on horseback. Lovely deer shots!

  10. I enjoy your early morning walks as your shots capture the serenity and solitude, except that we can't hear noises as you do.
    That is a great shot of the buttered meadow I can sense your exhilaration when you see that view.
    All deer shots are just beautiful captured as well as the sunrise!

  11. I think I would enjoy the fawn peeking over its mom's shoulder the most.

  12. I love these pictures of the grasses, flowers and animals - I love those antlers and the beautiful mothers with their fawns. Nature is immensely beautiful. I bet you see less on a horse because other animals can hear you coming!

  13. It certainly is a beautiful morning in the neighborhood:o)) Nature is absolutely amazing and your photos are wonderful!!!

  14. I know I rarely saw wildlife on horseback. The horses make plenty of noise as they go through brush. Not as much in grass but usually animals have a keen sense of hearing. Mostly we rustled up plenty of birds who were hiding in the brush and scared my horse, which in turn startled me when she jumped. Love the beautiful flowers and sunrise. Perfect!

  15. I don't remember ever seeing horses in Big Meadow. Not sure I like the idea of what they might be leaving behind for me to step on :-(

  16. Beautiful meadow! Love the photos of the deer. I am tired of the rain here in the Midwest.

  17. Oh, my gosh - those velvet antlers and the babies - not to mention the gorgeous sunrise! The perfect morning I would say. Love the flowers in the nice light too. Lovely!!

  18. Early morning in the meadow is a divine way to begin the day. Your photographs of the deer are wonderful, and so are the wildflowers. I'm always happy to see milkweed -- we used to encourage it to grow in our yard. :-)

  19. Defintiely a great time to be in the meadow:) Beautiful flowers and adoroable deer! I love those young antlers!

  20. All those grasses are so lovely and give the deer a bit of cover. Seeing the velveted mule deer here also. I've heard that many animals don't see horses as a threat, even with a rider. A wonderful way to greet the day.

  21. What a wonderful way to start your day. I think a prairie is bigger than a meadow but not sure. Meadow speaks to me of something a farmer might have. Prairie is vast...

  22. Very serene pictures of the meadow. Love the fawn's spots, they are so cute when they are little :)

  23. Great shot of the fawn, so sweet!


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