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Indian Key Fiasco

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Marathon, Florida


You might have noticed that I published two posts yesterday in my stated quest to try to catch up to current.  There are links to them both above.  This is another version of that attempt with a post covering 3 days. 





The winds are predicted to be 4-5 miles per hour so we decide to try snorkeling at Indian Key which is actually to the east across the highway from Lignum Vitae Key.  It’s a short paddle and folks say it’s a good place to snorkel.

We find the put in just off Rt 1 before the bridge and take the kayaks off the car to the launch site.






Things are going fine until I discover that I’ve left my canon camera back at the rig.  I have the underwater camera but it’s pictures above water just don’t make the grade.

David goes on over to the Key, he’s not the forgetful one, and I go back for my camera.

That takes nearly 40 minutes so he’s had time to circumnavigate the entire key and see where the best snorkeling might be. 


He also looks for nice take out spots so we can hike the trail on the island.  He finds a few.  The provided dock is for power boats obviously and is way too high for kayaks









I return with the camera and start out for the island.  The clouds are looking really iffy.  There wasn’t any rain predicted for today but that doesn’t mean anything.




Looks like a black and white doesn’t it, but it isn’t. The sky really looks that way.  Pretty ominous.




I paddle right toward David who is easy to see from a distance in his bright red kayak but somehow he doesn’t see me coming even though he’s waiting.




Others are on the island or come in to greet me as well.






After going nearly all the way around the island we have found no place that looks promising other than this coral shelf so we tie up there and have a coral shelf lunch spot. 





The coral itself is very interesting in it’s designs and the critters, like these snails, living in the water catches.




David gets the dive flag ready for use.  Not sure we have to have it this close to land but since we don’t know, we get it out.  I get in the water to check it out.  It’s very shallow so that should make for decent visibility.





I think these are sea urchins.  Some of them look like beautiful long eyelashes to me.







I’m having trouble with my mask fogging again and the cream we got at Diver’s Direct really doesn’t help.  We must stop somewhere and get some sort of spray.

But I can see well enough to notice two or three queen conchs on the bottom.



Even with my skin suit on,  I get chilled after a while.  Perhaps it is the cloudy day or maybe my blood has turned Florida on me but I get out and David continues snooping around on his way back.




Here’s where the story ends.  I have my canon camera in a case around my neck as I always do when I kayak.  What’s different is that I usually don’t get in and out of my kayak while it’s floating.  Today I slip getting back in and just fall into the water for a second but the camera goes with me.   Why in the world did I bring the canon at all?  I guess becuase the Nikon’s above water pictures are so mediocre and I wanted the canon for our hike.  Take a lesson here,  do not bring anything but a waterproof camera snorkeling if your boat is a kayak.

Our party comes to an abrupt end as we race back to shore to get the camera dried off – my towel went in the water too – and get it in a bag of rice.
We’ll have to return sans snorkeling to dock on the island and hike around.

I won’t keep you guessing.  I’ve done the rice trick before with success but this time it doesn’t work and the camera is ruined.  Perhaps snorkeling and I aren’t meant for each other.




After dinner we go over to Laurel and Eric’s which of course perks up my spirits.  We get a tour of their really cool new Arctic Fox trailer.  I want to take a picture of Laurel and Eric sitting on their sofa but Laurel won’t let me.  Something about her hair.  So the only thing you get to see is the bathroom anyone who loves bubble baths will envy.   Take a look at that tub.  Perhaps I don’t get around much but it’s the only one I’ve ever seen in an RV.  And it’s just my size <wink>. 

When we return home, I open Live Writer to publish a previously written post and get that same error we all had to deal with back in May.  So no blog post.  I think it’s time for this day to end.





Now I’m not a believer in Astrology particularly but a friend writes to tell me I have birthday wishes on Facebook so last night I looked at Facebook and while there I read this week’s predictions from We’Moon.  Perhaps if I’d read them on Monday, my birthday, I’d have taken heed.  Here’s what they say

Mars opposes Uranus under all balsamic Sagittarius Moon and leaves us no patience for things that do not work or are not fair, whether we take this on a political or personal level. We don’t want to study the problem; we want to do something about it. Things that were stuck can become unstuck, debates abound, mechanical difficulties can get explosive, and accidents proliferate. Stay present and pay attention to keep accidents at a minimum.

Guess I should have paid attention to that accident thing. Today is the new moon and it will be waxing for two weeks.  That is supposed to mean things look up.  I sure hope so.

The camera is still in the rice so David takes this picture of me wrapping packages.  I am amazed every year at how long it takes to create beautiful presents that are history in under 5 minutes in most families.  Luckily we spend the entire morning opening presents with each person having center stage to carefully open and examine each gift. 

This is how I spend my morning while David goes to Fishermen’s Community Hospital for his last major blood draw of 2015.  




He comes back with a present for the wrapper. Tis’ the Season!   It seems Bailey’s is on sale at Publix in December before the holidays so he picks up two bottles, one original and one chocolate cherry.  I’m pretty partial to original Bailey’s so I’ll be stepping out on a limb here with this variation.  It’s a tough job but someone’s got to try it.





We end the day with a rousing round of The Birding Game.  It’s actually pretty neat and we should play it more often so we get better at identifying birds.  We’ve had it a long time so you’d think we’d know everything by now.  But definitely not so, we’re both still beginning birders.  You have to choose a “level of expertise” first – Level 1 beginning birdwatch, Level 2 birdwatcher, Level 3 Listener, and Level 4 Hard Core.  That would be you Judy.

Players attempt to identify as many birds as possible in a set time period in order to raise funds for an environmental Cause.  Players must find sponsors to pledge funds for each bird they identify, acquire equipment such as binoculars and field guides, select those habitats – freshwater, open country, saltwater or woodland – in which they can identify the most birds and answer questions about the birds they identify.  

Glad we weren’t playing this with Laurel and Eric, they put us to shame.





NO rain today and nice temperatures but the wind is howling.  Right outside our window, one of our neighbors is chowing down on the bush he’s climbing.   He keeps me indoors to watch him since I know he will dart away if I go outside.




I have fun watching him climb around and investigate.  I get some good looks at his belly, a part you don’t usually see.  Green…hmmm.



Check out those eyelids.



Now that’s an acrobatic move, sideways splits.
Makes me wonder if any cheerleaders can do that and then that leads to wondering if there are any sports teams named the Iguanas.   South America maybe?  A soccer team?




Nice view of the perfectly designed fingers and toes used for climbing




What does he do with such a long tail?



Yeah you’re a cutie all right even if you are rather bizzare looking.
And you know it too, that’s a pretty smug look you’ve got there.



We spend the day finishing the wrapping and putting things away for our move tomorrow.
We have now spent an entire month, in two 2 weeks segments in Curry Hammock State Park
We know Marathon Florida pretty well.

David gets this shot of me enjoying our last sunset from the Curry Hammock Beach.
Really do love the Keys for the sunrises and sunsets both of which you can see within walking distance at all three of their state parks.






 Tomorrow we move to Long Key and we’ll check out the sunrise/sunset situation there too.


  1. I feel your pain on the camera loss! I lost a good camera on a canoe misadventure. Now I do not take a camera on a boat unless there is at least two feet of freeboard:)

  2. I too chilled fast in the seemingly warm water even with a suit. I am crazy sad about your camera and would have probably suffered the same because I tend to take my big Nikon everywhere even if I have the waterproof camera. Crossing fingers the rice worked. (You are getting close to caught up:)

  3. Sad to hear about the camera, but I hope you took the battery out quick. I have played with several wet/ soaked cameras and take battery out ( they ruin quickly in water and need replacing anyway ) then keep in gallon ziplock coveed in fresh dry rice. Change rice daily for about three days and then install a new charged battery and turn on. I have had a 100% success rate with this method.

    Kathy loved your Iggy pics. You sure have the photo eye.

  4. I just find those huge iguana so interesting. While they are so ugly, they are also so beautiful:) Glad you were able to get in some kayaking and a little snorkeling. Safe travels as you move to your new home:)

  5. When I read that you made a 40 minute trip back to get another camera I was thinking to myself that we are so different - I would never go back. Now I feel bad about even thinking you should have just used the underwater camera for your above water shots. I hope the rice dries it out - my daughter has had great success with spilling liquids on computer keyboards and getting phones wet.

    I love iguanas! They are a delicacy in El Salvador, and I saw them being sold out of the back of trucks. I think that it was just the men who eat them.

  6. So sorry to read about the camera fiasco...that is a bummer:o(( Hopefully the Bailey's will brighten your days;o)) Love the iguana photos...they have such funny expressions and are so much fun to watch!!! Will be waiting for your post about Long Key as we have never stayed there.

  7. Shame about the camera. Hopefully you can save it, but frankly I don't hold out much hope. Salt water does a real number on cameras when they do a dunking. But it never hurts to try ... keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  8. Grr on the camera. We always use dry bags, one for phones, one for camera. It's a pain putting it in and out of the bag when you want it at the ready, but.. :)
    I'll have to try that new Bailey's flavor, yum! Amazing all the different flavored liquors, geez!

  9. Sorry to hear about your camera. I always take my Canon kayaking, and so far so good, but my time is coming, I'm sure. I have a small water proof dry bag with a rolled velcro closure. My camera is on my neck when I'm kayaking but always in the water proof case when I'm exiting or entering the kayak. Al gets a little aggravated with me, because I also always make him take the bag from me before I get in or out of the kayak.

    When I had to buy a new Canon about a year ago (after my other one died a week past the warranty, I was able to get one of the last of the old models (which was what I had). I got it for half price, even though the new model was much nicer. That new model I coveted may be half price now, as they probably have come out with yet another new and improved model. Maybe you can find it half price too. Maybe Santa will bring you a new camera.

    I'm glad you got in a little snorkeling. Yes, those are sea urchins. The shell underneath is very pretty. I have picked up a few dead ones, and tried to save the shell but it's so fragile, I never could seem to keep it in one piece.

    I think the mask fog we use is called No Fog, but I can't remember for sure. It works well. Many people spit into their masks and say it works, but we've always gone with the no fog. Sometimes an improperly fitted mask will fog up regardless of what you use.

    Happy Birthday, by the way. I guess I missed it. Let me know how you like the chocolate cherry Bailey's.

    Great iguana photos. I love the textures on the big guys.

  10. Yay for some snorkeling, but super bug bummer on the camera accident! I dropped mine the other day and fortunately no damage, but for a couple seconds I was just sick!! Sucks that the rice didn't work this time - hope Santa is paying attention :-) Your acrobatic neighbor is wonderful, I could watch him all day (so glad you shared so many poses). Stunning photo of you on the beach.

  11. I'm surprised by the agility and flexibility of that iguana!

  12. Sounds like an interesting board game. Never heard of that one before.

  13. Saliva as a fog preventative has worked for me since the early 60's. Put it in, smear it around, rinse the mask out & put it on.

    The camera loss makes me feel bad for you thousands of miles away!

  14. I forget my camera so often I'd be smart to have it surgically implanted. And as far as cameras I've killed, I have a whole encyclopedia full of ways I've done it. But I haven't drowned a camera (yet). ;c)

    Loved your Iguana pictures, they are the prettiest ugly creature that I love to watch.

  15. Oh no, what a shame about your camera! Hopefully after a few days in the rice, it just might work. That's what has worked for us with anything electronic that has gotten wet. Having said that normal water and salt water are two totally different things.

    Love your iguana pictures!


  16. I was so bummed about your camera, but you certainly took it in stride. I'm glad you ordered another one right away. We can't be without our cameras! :-) Wish we had played the bird game with you -- next time we see you we'll play that and dominoes. LOL at your photo of our bathroom. It looks minuscule! You are such a little paparazzi!

  17. As always an entertaining blog. So sorry about your camera. Thanks for transporting a couch potato to an interesting day

  18. So frustrating about the camera!! Great blog though...those iguana pictures are amazing as is the sunset picture at the end. Wish I could try the Chocolate Cherry ;)

  19. Ok, yes, must be the year of the destroyed camera :-(. It was the most terrible feeling going under and realizing the camera was around my neck. I also meant to say on the other blog that we have been having some little annoying things going on with our Progressive Surge Protector and yes, they also told us only replaced with a receipt. Which I don't have. Oh well. Glad to see you are still writing....:-). On to more catching up!

  20. Be careful not to step on those sea urchins, they are painful. When I was young the only way to ease the sting and the pain is for someone to pee on it! ha ha. yup that is true.
    One day if we meet I would like to join in your birding game, I think that is the only way I can remember bird names, and no I won't play with Laurel and Eric.
    Time for a new cam!


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