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Into Some Lives A Lot of Rain Falls

Sunday December 6, 2015                                                      Most Recent Post
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Marathon, Florida

I'm going to "try" to post every day and perhaps twice a day if I can,  rather than every other in order to get caught up to real time.  As you can see, I'm 10 days behind.  So IF you are one of the people who likes to read every post, you'll find a link to the previous one one the right side of the header.

Thanks to all those who have commented recently.  There were actually a huge number on my rant (42) and 24 on the next normal post.  You really do spur me on with your comments so in gratitude this post has only 16 pictures and also because you said you like them EXTRA LARGE, I've put more than I would have.  Thanks again!

It rains heavily all night long on Saturday and all but a few hours in the early morning today.  It must be nearly a foot of rain over 24 hours in this "dry season" in the Keys.

It rains through sunrise this morning but I am out in the morning just after the rain stops.  The skies look like they might have some blue back there behind the clouds.

I can certainly understand why this cormorant has to dry off his wings after the rain, rain and more rain.

I'm getting my hopes up looking North and see some blue sky below the clouds but the winds, as shown by the palm trees are blowing powerfully from off the shore.

Forget the blue skies, looking east the clouds have dropped right down to the horizon and it rains again.  I did not take this as black and white.  That's just how things look.

The clouds just close right over that blue sky and the sun.

With the dark cloudy skies the osprey looks like a beautiful black shadow.
I can't decide which silhouette I like best.  How about you?

Hope springs eternal,  the clouds lighten a bit and I think it's going to clear up.

But just as fast, things change again.

I get a closer shot with a little more color of the osprey.  
Neither he nor the sand crab seem to be the least bit bothered by all this on again off again rain.

It doesn't get better, it only gets worse.  And I give it up and go back inside before the next downpour.

Here's our second attempt to foil the Crazed Catbird.
Down comes the black plastic, up goes the snake on its rope.
Thanks to Nancy Mills for the suggestion and to Dollar Tree for the snake.
He's supposed to swell up when he gets wet.
No problem with wet around here.
We'll see if this plan works.

This rained out trapped indoors day is saved by the courageous efforts of Laurel and Eric who actually brave a down pour and winds to join us for dominoes.   

The sacrifice pays off big time for Laurel who wins the first 4 hands.
She says beginners luck.

Thanks for saving the day for us you guys!
Boy do I wish we could send this rain to California.


  1. I just can't believe how much rain you are/were getting. We have never had that much. Hopefully it has stopped, I haven't been watching your weather much. I'm sorry your first visit has been dampened by the weather. I do love the photos of the pretty clear water even with the skies gray and dark. Great pictures! I'm anxious to hear how the snake works.

    When we get days of rain, we like to binge watch recorded TV shows. I know you don't watch TV so I'm glad you had some company for some games.

  2. I've heard of the snake trick, hope it works for you.

  3. the snake trick is hilarious. . .will need to keep in mind. . .hope it works!

  4. Well, El Nino is supposed to bring us lots and lots of rain...some time this winter! Fingers crossed...

    Good luck with the snake!

  5. That snake looks so real it might attract some friends. Hope that bird finally gets the message and goes somewhere else and leaves your trim alone.

  6. Never heard of a snake that swells up before. Wonder if it worked.

  7. I read we ( Floida) are going to have a warmer & wetter than normal winter..... :(

  8. We had several days of rain here in Canpbellsville and it made things so dreary. Look at it this way, at least you have a beautiful beach to look at while its raining ;-).

  9. It certainly looks like a thorough drenching.

  10. It was so much fun playing dominoes with you guys -- I swear, it really was beginner's luck for me to win. I seem to always win when I first learn how to play a game, and then it's downhill from there. :-)) We really did get a crazy amount of rain that day, didn't we?

  11. The Keys are definitely at their best with sun:)

  12. I re-downloaded the OpenSource Live Writer and got it to work, saw that Al got it going so thought I would give it a try. Takes a couple of minute to do initial loading and check, brings up a browser and you give it permission for live writer, log into your blog through browser and after that, it is configured for future use (kind of a strange way to configure for the first time, but it works!) From that point on, it works just like Live Writer did, and that is real real real nice.... --Dave

  13. The snake is so funny....hope it works!!! I want a picture of it as it GROWS!!!

    Playing Dominoes with friends makes a rainy day a lot more fun:o))

  14. The osprey is so beautiful, I think the second one is my favorite, sort of looks like he's swaying as he flies. As much as we need the rain, I'd be feeling the cabin fever as well by now. We hope to skirt El Nino when he arrives! Good times with good friends certainly make any situation better :-))))

  15. LOL...that snake..!! Hope it works!! Looking forward to dominoes...very soon :)

  16. Oh I don't believe in Laurel's excuse of beginners luck,...she is a good Domino player :) At least despite the rain you had fun inside with good friends!


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