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Jumping to the Present(s)–Carrie’s Baby Shower

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Those of you who haven’t tired of following me know that I am chronically behind in my blogging.  SO I’ve decided to jump up to the present since I want Carrie’s Baby Shower to be posted in close to real time.   After this I’ll return to finishing up our winter in Florida.

We have returned to Charlottesville to await the birth of our granddaughter just in time to attend a shower that Carrie’s friend Jess is hosting at the home of her in-laws, the Iwanowskis. 

The shower is on Saturday and when we arrive on Friday we can see that the time is growing near for the birth.  Carrie looks great.  We pose for a picture together while we wait for Matthew to get home from work.  Lucky Carrie telecommutes.

Matthew arrives home from work and they take us out for dinner to their favorite Friday night spot where their very favorite waitress, Jen, grants our every wish including fabulous desserts.  Sorry no pictures of that, too busy eating.

  They have been spending Friday nights at Jen’s table for so long that when they ask for the check, she comes back with it and with a baby gift.   Amazing!  Have you ever had a waitress buy you a gift?

Back at the house there have been several gifts arrive from friends who are unable to attend the shower tomorrow.  It’s like Christmas.   First she opens two perfect gifts from a close friend of mine Laurie who has known Carrie for years.  She sends Gentle Giraffe and what we called a Johnny jump up but is now called an exersaucer.  I love the little Giraffe who is so soft and cuddly I want to take him home and have him lull me to sleep with the gentle sounds coming from a speaker you can turn on and off inside him.  The jump up was probably Carrie’s favorite pastime when she was tiny.  Not sure if Laurie knew this or if she’s just a seer which is actually very possible.




Next are Jen’s gifts, really darling clothes for a baby girl.  They turn out to be the only dresses given at the shower although Carrie’s cousin Carmen who has two little girls, sends a bag of baby clothes with her MIL Carrie’s Aunt Robin.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  The shower is tomorrow.


This one is just too cute!





On Saturday we arrive at the Iwanowski home to find all the elves that Jessica, Carrie’s friend who orchestrated the shower, has enlisted to help with the set up including one of Matthew’s cousins, another Jen, who is a pastry chef and has brought SEVENTY cupcakes.

I now realize that absolutely every family must have a pastry chef among the relatives. 




Elves in the background of Joan’s kitchen.  Carrie with her Aunt Carol.


Kate and her mother Pam look pretty serious as they approach the delicious platter of fruit.  The food for the brunch is delicious.  I’m sorry I didn’t take other pictures of it.  I guess I was too busy putting food on my plate to think of getting any pictures.





I finally remember to stop eating and take a picture of the table of people around me.  Carrie’s Aunt Carol, Carrie and her friends.  To Carrie’s left is  Kate a friend since the 4th grade, Jessica whom she met when she moved to Maryland and Eleanor a college friend.   Those of you who follow along regularly might recognize most of these people from the wedding last year.





There are other tables of guests enjoying the food.  From the left is Matthew’s Aunt Nancy,  Matthew’s cousin Jen, the pastry chef,  Iwanowski family friends Karen King, her daughter Blair and her daughter in law Eileen who has a new baby herself.



Even more  folks are in various spots all around.  In the back here is Carrie’s fantastic mother in law Joan who has offered up her house and kitchen for this party,  her daughter Diana and one of Carrie and Matthew’s good friends Anna who also has a young baby.




Jess and Eleanor




After the delicious brunch, we take up pen and paper to create a bingo game.  Just fill in the squares with things you think Carrie will receive today.  First one to bingo wins a prize.

Kate, Anna and Eleanor are working on their Bingo sheets.  Well sort of.




Time to head over to the gifts.  The Mommy to Be looks pretty happy about it all.


And why wouldn’t she be.  Look at the generosity of her friends and family.



When she opens two “loveys” in a row everyone tells her she’ll need to have more than one to keep them from being loved to death.  At this point Matthew’s Aunt Nancy goes upstairs and brings down Matthew’s lovey, a bear she swears he took to college with him. Teddy has had multiple operations to the point where only his head is original.  Everyone is in stitches.




Carrie reads the card from a surprise gift.



She is amazed to find that my wonderful friend Nancy Mills has sent a beautiful crocheted blanket hand made for Celia by Nancy’s 93 year old mother,Elsie Watson, whose picture Nancy included but you unfortunately can’t see very well in this picture of Carrie explaining the story.





The blanket is absolutely beautiful and SO soft.



Carrie’s Aunt Robin is carefully checking Carrie’s bingo list for her.




This mother to be really is  being SHOWERED by her family and friends.



And none more so than her wonderful Mother-in-law Joan who watches from just beyond the circle.





My very good friend Pam, also Kate’s mother,  is an expert on children’s books and has given Carrie a box full of books as well as a wonderful fleece blanket that she made for Celia.   This little girl is going to be wrapped in love all the time.





The Iwanowski and the King families have been friends for a very long time.  It is traditional in August for both families to spend some weeks in Corolla NC at the beach.  Karen King has made sure Celia will have a great little swim suit and sun wrap.  So cute!




Too soon it’s all over and I’m taking a final round of pictures.

Love this one of Jessica and Carrie.  Jessica is an all star planner.  She planned and carried out the perfect bridal shower for Carrie at the farm last year,  she was her matron of honor and made sure Carrie’s special day went off without a hitch and now she has just pulled off a fabulous baby shower.   Everyone should be lucky enough to have such a talented and giving friend.


Two of Carrie’s three best friends from elementary school drove the horrific route from Charlottesville through the rain and 6 accidents on the DC beltway to be here with Carrie today.  Kate is on the left and Allegra on the right.  Only Emma, who is a doctor in Chicago, could not be here.  We missed her.  But these three make great trio!  Carrie is lucky to still have wonderful long term friends in her life.  They are the LSW, the Attorney and the MD.  All they need is a CPA and I think they’d have most possible problems covered.  

It’s a fun note that Allegra is an OB/GYN and Carrie has relied a lot on her for advice and recommendations.  Sure helps to have soneone on the inside.  Allegra came with her mother, my friend Lynne who somehow managed to avoid being in any of my pictures.   How did you do that Lynne?


Kate Carrie and Allegra



And here is Matthew, her very best friend who has been entertaining his father-in-law and Carrie’s Uncles all afternoon with some help from his dad and his uncle John.  

It won’t be long until Carrie and Matthew will be a family of three.  May they always be as happy as they are right now.



  1. Saw the pictures on Facebook yesterday and was happy to see you blog about it. What a wonderful shower! Carrie looks terrific!

  2. Oh what a joy! Carrie is radiant. So glad you could be there for this celebration of new life to the family.

  3. Wow, the time has flown! What a lovely celebration and wonderful smiles and treasures to welcome baby Celia.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day! So nicely preserved too for us all to remember. So happy to see the joy in Carrie's expressions. I see a number of gifts deserving of being loved to death as children may do.

  5. Fun times waiting for the new arrival. Everyone looks so fancily dressed. Guess I've been in blue jeans for too long. ;) By the way, what's an LSW?

    1. I love that you always have a question. LSW-Licensed Social Worker. There is quite a set of hoops to jump through to get licensed. Kate works with badly abused teens and pre teens. She's a saint.

  6. What a wonderful day!! Wonderful that you have been able to combine the travel you love with the family you adore. I am so glad you both are able to share these blessed moments with your family and friends. Can't wait to meet the little bundle of joy.

  7. Carrie looks wonderful! What a beautiful shower that was held for her and such wonderful friends and family to be there with her.

    You all must be getting so excited for that special day. It wouldn't be long now!


  8. What a beautiful, joyous celebration! Carrie looks terrific -- she certainly has a group of amazing and generous friends -- that tells a lot about who she is and what kind of friend she is. :-)

  9. What a lovely, special time for your family!!! looks like a GREAT shower and good time had by all! Bless you all

  10. What a wonderful day!!! Carrie just looks so happy and I know you and David are just as happy for her. How lucky is Baby Celia to have so many special people who are ready to shower her with love:o))

  11. Yay! Such a great shower...totally worth the drive despite the rain :) I loved seeing all the amazing gifts and getting to catch up with everyone...and getting to spend the day with my mom. Can't wait to meet baby Celia when she arrives!

  12. What a beautiful day for a beautiful new mama. I love the bright yellow room - perfect for such a happy event. Elsie's blanket had me tearing up, so sweet. I'm delighted you're at the farm in time for all the joy and excitement of this wonderful time.

  13. The mother-to-be is glowing ... a lovely shower.

  14. What a wonderful day, shared with so many special friends! We are excited for the arrival of your grandbaby, it is a wonderful thing to see a new life enter into your loving family. :c)

  15. So much fun watching Carrie's life evolve through your posts. Yeah, chronically behind, not only in writing but in reading! Trying to catch up at least, and it is good to read about this wonderful family time.

  16. Thank you, Mama, for such a lovely recap of the day! I feel quite lucky!! Thanks also to all the commenters too for the nice posts!! A few more weeks and life is really, really going to change for me and Matthew :) So thankful for my family, my in-laws and my amazing friends. Can't wait for Celia to enjoy all the generosity!!

  17. Lovely party, lovely family. You are truly blessed, Sherry.

  18. Lovely shower:) Lots of new baby items! Best wishes to Carrie and Matthew:)

  19. Such a nice day! Nice people, delicious food, beautiful decorations and lots of great presents for Celia. I'll be anxiously awaiting the news of her arrival! Have a happy birthday, Celia!

  20. Carrie looks beautiful. What a lovely day. I'm sure the grandparents-to-be can't wait!

  21. Oh, it was so wonderful to see these pictures. I'm so excited for y'all. You will be wonderful grandparents!

  22. Carrie is just adorable. . .what a wonderful day!

  23. The mom to be is glowing! She is indeed blest and showered not only with presents but with love. I bet the grandparents are as excited as she is.
    No worries about behind in blogging, Im several post behind too:)


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