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April 7, 2016




My most recent post “A Side Trip to Alexander Springs Run” has not shown up on blog rolls in the past 14 hours since I posted it with Open Live Writer.  If you use blog rolls to find me, here is a link to that post. 

In my next post, I will talk about this situation but for now I don’t want all the comments to come to this notice rather than to the post I spent so much time working on.  Who knows if the next one will show up on the blog rolls or if I will continually have to put up notices.


  1. I see the post and your notice both no problem in my RSS feed in my Netvibes dashboard. I don't use blog rolls ... never have.

    1. Thanks Erin. it's good to know that RSS feeds are not affected. Sadly it appears that my most consistent commenters do find it there. And besides, it is an indication that something is still wrong in the OLW/Blogger connection.

    2. Not necessarily ... it could well be the roll call gadget itself is at fault ... from what I recall, those gadgets are add ons often written by external parties.

  2. The post came up on my dashboard. Nothing missing.

  3. I think you've had it once or twice before... it happens, unfortunately. I looked yesterday to see if there were any new posts from you, but nothing.

    I have blogs I follow that don't update at all, even though the bloggers regularly post, and then others that might post all of a sudden a dozen posts that were spread out over two weeks in their listed dates.

  4. I often have to go to the last post showing on my list, and then scroll down to "Newer Post". I don't know why Blogger has this kind of problem with some blogs and not others, but I can always find you!

  5. Sherry, since we left Florida three weeks ago and I have written more posts, I have had two, maybe three, which did not show up immediately, but did show up within a couple of hours. The only thing I could think of is that the length of your blog postings are fairly long...and that could be the reason for the delay. I wouldn't change things though, and like Erin says, it comes up on the RSS feed real quick, but I know you get a bunch of hits by being on other blog lists, such as the Bayfield Bunch which is where I get a high percent of our traffic from. --Dave


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