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What a Surprise

Friday April 14, 2016                                                                      Most Recent Posts:
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I know it seems like we are never going to leave Disney World but we are. Today is our 6th and last day and then it’s back to the real world where it isn’t always magical. 

IMG_6761But for now we’re still here and on our last day we end our stay at the same place we began it,  in the incredibly MAGICAL Kingdom.

We take a few selfies and mostly they are terrible but they are so funny I’m using them anyway so beware.

Here’s how we spend our day. 

First we take the boat at Fort Wilderness and sit outside and up front in the wind right behind some first timers.  We chat with them and they are so excited.  What fun they are going to have.



When we arrive, we hop on the double decker bus.  If you’ve seen the details on Main Street from the ground level many times as we have, we highly highly recommend this as a wonderful way to get up Main Street and see everything from a high perch.  Of course you have to sit up top.




Wish every town had such a picturesque City Hall and town clock.



This is the opening crowd wandering down Main Street.  The traffic slows down when the all spread out and only begins to pick up around 10:30 or 11am.




The closer to the castle we get, the nearer the crowd we are.









Looks like we are going to drive right up and into the castle doesn’t it?


But we’re not and this is the end of the line.




I couldn’t arrange fast passes for David which is one of the many reasons to arrive early.  There are short lines now.  David recreates his roller coaster series from Animal Kingdom here starting with Splash Mountain and moving on to Big Thunder Mountain.  Luckily they are pretty close together.



Notice the no people at the stand by entrance.






Heads up Carrie!  Here comes Big Thunder Mountain with the Liberty Belle in the background.






And here come the surprise.  We seriously could not believe this.   THE high school band from our REALLY RURAL high school in Nelson County Virginia is Marching in Disney World and we get to see them.  What are the odds??.  They are the Marching Govenors and I have no idea how in the world these kids and their families could possibly pay for this trip.   But it just brings tears to my eyes. What a thrill for these kids.  Right through Liberty Square they come.







Pretty sure every kid in the school must be in the band.







Well that made my day. What a surprise. Wishes Really Do Come True for the band from Nelson County High School!





Back to defeating the Villains who want to take over Disney World.  Two not very likely looking Sorcerers here.20160415_165848


It really is fun and the story lines are great.  Hades is the villain here.  I’m casting my spell on his minions





Well he doesn’t look very excited but he is going to ride on the Magic Carpet with me.  Way to go David!  I know it isn’t Splash or Thunder Mountain.   You are such a good sport, truly.






Can you see the bubbles?  They come from a camel.



This camel faces out from the magic carpet and he sprays water.



This is the bubble camel facing this way but not blowing bubbles at the minute.






Back on the ground and all throughout the Magic Kingdom are flowers and works of art.  Or at least that’s what I think of them as.





These “sculptures” are really drums and tapping on them makes wonderful sounds.  How clever.


I do manage to get a fast pass for Pirates of the Carribean and it’s our time though we don’t look much like pirates either.







Our boat takes us past the pirate ship, through several of their “incidents” and ends with Handsome Jack Sparrow.



One thing about this ride reminds me of It’s a Small World.  THE SONG – Yo Ho, Yo HO, A Pirate’s Life for Me.  I’ll be singing that little ditty all day long now.



There he is, the pirate king and all his treasure…….Yo Ho, Yo HO……..


When we step outside the Pirate recruitment show has just begun.  What a coincidence.  Yes I saw it just the other day but David didn’t and these two actors are really great with the kids.




To be a pirate you must know how to use a sword.




You must swear an oath to your captain.





And learn to sing the song.


Not exactly Captn Hook and Smee but in the same tradition.



For my second choice after the Magic Carpet, I pick the carousel.  Yea, Yea, I know, kiddie rides.  But that’s me.




Just outside the carousel are topiaries of Alice in Wonderland.



David’s turn with the villains. He uses his magic band to bring up his next challenge.  Unfortunately none of my pictures of him actually taking on the bad guys came out.



David would like to do Space Mountain and the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train but again we were too late for fast passes and it’s way too late to stand in line for stand-by.  Check out both lines now.




I drop my jaw when I see the wait time for the Seven Dwarfs.  People actually wait 2 hours for a 5 minute ride?  Really??



Well it’s another afternoon shower so we take refuge for a late lunch at the Columbia Harbour House.  I know, I ate there just a couple days ago but their New England Clam Chowder is something David has to try.  Why does one or the other of us always seem to have these scrunched up looks on our faces??






Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder.  Wish I were going to Acadia this summer.



Well enough rain.  Time for us to head back down Main Street before we get drenched.



It’s an early exit tonight but after 5 days we’re heading back to get packed up for our move tomorrow.



We wave to Daisy in the kitchen.



And we say goodbye and thanks for a great time to the Magic Kingdom as we pull away from the dock


Back in the front of the boat again. 
Nothing compares to Disney World for taking your mind off of all your cares and worries even when it’s raining.




  1. Yes, there are plenty of people who wait over two hours for a ride; I'm not one of them! LOL. So happy you had such a good time, and Celia is one lucky little girl to have such fun grandparents :-).

  2. My grandson' s band,flag corps and drum corps all voted to make Disney their first choice for class trip. They took two years to raise the funds, Disney comped them on hotel rooms in return for twice daily marches and all had oodles of fun, save the chaperones. They were kept busy coping with raging hormones...

  3. What a terrific experience to get to see your local high school band!

  4. How very cool to see your home town band and what an awesome experience for them. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite rides. In fact I love all the "kiddie" rides. Maybe that's because we're just kids in grownup bodies. Your selfies sure are better than mine. So long Disney, until next time.

  5. Sssspalsh Mountain is my all time favorite ride, and both my grandsons agree with me, too. Now if I can just figure a way to stay dry on it... ;c)

    Thanks for the tour of WDW, we sure love it there, but like you won't stand in any two hour long lines. One of these days we'll get to the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train ride, it's even hard to get a Fast Pass for it. I've read where the FPs are usually all booked two months in advance on line.

  6. Looks like another magical day in the Magic Kingdom! I enjoy seeing all of the fanciful creations at Disney through your lens—it really does transport you into another realm, doesn't it? Pirates of the Caribbean and the Magic Carpet ride are just my speed, too. :-) So amazing that the band from your local high school happened to be there! Seems like a great ending to your week at Disney.

  7. Oh, the bubble spitting camels are my favorite kind! It's the little quicky things like that make the Disney experience so genuine. I really do need to get to DW someday soon. Pirates is such a fun ride, hard to remember it inspired the movie franchise, and not the other way around. It is especially difficult to imagine little ones having the patience to wait 2 hours for a ride although I guess sleeping in a stroller beats standing the whole time. The carousel is still one of the best rides of forever! I teared up over the hometown marching band - what a wonderful treat to be there to enjoy them, and to share in their grand adventure.

  8. Captain Sparrow certainly looks the part!

  9. Thank you so much for the tour at Epcot and Disneyworld. I really enjoyed reading your experiences there coupled with great detailed pictures and I am sad the Disney series is over :(
    Since I adore Captain Sparrow, I would enjoy the Pirates ride and skit.

  10. Renewing our pass for sure after this series of fantastic posts. Even have a few new things I have not seen before, great exploring. What are the odds on that band being there at the same time as you? Great pics as always.

  11. After five days at Disney I have to give you high marks. You look as happy on the last day as you did on the first!

    I've been thinking about you since your last post, and hope the issues you mentioned can be solved.

  12. Again you brought back memories of my childhood in Disneyland. I loved the Pirates ride, the song, the dog with the keys. The 7 Dwarves mine ride was one of my favorites, but back then it was 'E' tickets and no lines for anything that I recall. How cool that your local high school band was there! Did you know anyone?
    Hope your issues are resolving..hugs...

  13. You guys have way to much fun at Disney....I'm afraid I could never get passed all the planning it takes to make sure you have a good time. I would definitely need a tour guide. I have missed what you two are doing this summer so I'll just have to follow blindly along. We are headed for the wilds of Montana...With no definite plans. Hugs all round....am anxious for some pics of the sweet baby.

  14. Such fun! Must be hard to leave there - although, I bet some days are tiring, especially if there are 'too' many people. 120 minute wait for a ride...good grief! I think it's great that you do the kiddie rides and Dad too - why no? They're fun! So neat to have seen the Nelson County High Band! Looked like they were doing well :)

  15. Things have certainly changed sine we were there in '96. Don't think I'd wait 2 hours for a ride. How cool to see your local high school band there.

  16. I have totally enjoyed visiting Disney with you! It has been way too long since I was there. A teacher I taught with worked at Disney during Christmas and summer breaks as different characters. He loved it! Thanks for the great blog you share with us.


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