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Wednesday- A Multi Split Day

Wednesday April 13, 2016                                                       Most Recent Posts:
Walt Disney World                                                                
Afternoon at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show
Orlando, Florida                                                                     Surprise Visit to the Epcot Flower and Garden Show





Today is David’s morning at the Cancer Center.  I take the boat over and spend my time at the Magic Kingdom just wandering around and working on my Sorcerer’s Game.  It’s just such a happy place to be, it doesn’t matter what you do.

On my way down Main Street I see two young fellas dressed up as early 1900’s reporters.  They appear to be interviewing this Suffregette.   Their mother made the outfits.  I think the older boy isn’t far from the age where he wouldn’t agree to do this but they sure look great.







This morning appears to be the morning for vehicles.  As you can see, just behind the boys comes a barbershop quartet.  I follow their car for a bit hoping they will get out and sing but it appears they must have already done their singing.  Darn.  I really love Barbershop.



The double decker is coming down the street going away from the castle but I hop on anyway just for the ride and go down to the end of Main street and back up.


I get off just in time to see two of my friends from the Double D Ranch at Fort Wilderness pulling the wagon with the singers and dancers who usually show up on the Trolley Car.




I’m headed over to liberty square to use a fast pass for the popular haunted mansion.  On my way I get a picture of Walt, Mickey and me in front of the castle.











Along the way back to my next Sorcerer’s spot I pass two favorites of mine, Chip and Dale.  Carrie once had stuffed animals of each.  Wonder where they are?  Might have to find them for Celia.



So here I am in Frontierland.  I put my magic band up to the key hole, step on the circle on the floor and the Wizards and villains appear in the circle of rope there on the wall.  I cast my spell, defeat them and am on to my next challenge.





Well not before an early bite for lunch since the Columbia Harbour House is right here and they have fabulous clam chowder.  New England style of course.  I only wish with such a nice place to sit and eat that they had real bowls.




Nice view of the riverboat coming in from my lunch window.



This morning it was all about antique vehicles and now I seem to be running in to lots of characters.  First Chip and Dale.  Now Aladdin and Jasmine and then Captain Jack Sparrow.   Aladdin and Jasmine are just passing by and so quickly I can only get my camera out to catch them from the rear.  Captain Jack and his side kick Mac do a Pirate Tutorial of about 15 minutes which I stay to watch.






Looks pretty authenitic doesn’t he?


ALove this shot of the castle and as I come around the corner who do I see but Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.  I could sure use one of those with a magic wand.  I know just what I’d wish for unless it had to end at the stroke of midnight.



Walking through the castle are gorgeous mosaics of the Cinderella story.



I  look back over the castle moat toward frontierland on my way out of the Magic Kingdom but I can’t see what is ahead of me in front of the castle.



After I cross the bridge I’m confronted with the Move It , Shake it, Dance Party.  Guess this parade will slow me up a bit.  But no matter.




Woody and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl are dancing down the street.   Donald is atop the float in front of them.  When they aren’t dancing, they ride on the float behind with Mickey..





Chip N’ Dale are here too.



And of course Mickey. 






If you haven’t seen Zootopia, and you like Disney films, you’ve missed Officer Judy Hopps.  She is one of my new favorites.



I make my way beyond the parade and out of the park.  I’m on my way to meet David for an afternoon in Animal Kingdom where I will finally finish all thirty of my Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorers Badges. David is driving the car since he has been in Orlando for the morning. I take the monorail to the bus.

I arrive at Animal Kingdom at almost exactly the same time as David.  We take our time enjoying the birds on Discovery Island this time.



These are African spoonbills. They aren’t pink obviously.  They also nest on the ground.  The wild roseates in Florida nest in colonies mainly in red mangroves usually 5-15’ above water but I found out they also sometimes nest on the ground.  Who knew?




I spend a lot of time watching these guys.  They are too cute and so cheerfully brightly colored.









What wonderful long tails you have.



Am I getting the stink eye here?



Swans of every sort.  Black in color, with red bubble noses.  Nature is amazing in every single species.







What a wonderful mottled beak.   It is fantastic to have so much time we can take as long as we want at any spot in Disney World and return multiple times in one stay.  Before this, I had no idea how very very much there was to see and do until I slowed way down.   But then that was true of fultiming too.  I love a slow easy pace.





Enough birds for now.  On to Dinoland, a place I have never been.  I’m not much into dinosaurs although I know that there are some preschoolers especially boys who know more about them than I ever knew or could ever know.  I’ve always thought of Dinoland as the little kids area.  Although since I like to ride Dumbo and the carousel seems odd not to have checked out this “land”.




Once you are inside though the creativity is as you would expect, amazing.  We enter  under a 50-foot tall skeleton of a Brachiosaurus.




We are at an archelogical dig.  Lots of dinosaurs to discover, crawl around on, over and under.







Ancient cooling mechanism not in use today.



The 3 headed or maybe 4 headed whateverosaurus.



Crossing over the bridge under the Brachiosaurus we enter the “bone yard”.







The archeologists are really into it.







Some people think this is a pretty tacky land but we thought it was cute and funny.       Think top of the line 50’s theme park and you’ll really enjoy it.





There is a more adult and educational ride here with the largest audio-animatronic figures created to date we are told. It’s cleverly called Dinosaur and is within the Dino Institute.

The description says “Travel back 65 million years to the Cretaceous period in search of an Iguanodon dinosaur! Your time traveler will race through a meteor shower and come face to face with some rather large dinosaurs” It also warns “This is a rough, turbulent ride! Think of a bucking bronco! Dinosaur is mostly dark with lots of light flashes, loud noises and dinosaurs jumping out at you! It can be scary for youngsters and perhaps some adults.” With my extreme rides issues and my intention to focus on filling out all my badge requirements in Dinoland, I decline. “Maybe” next time? Probably not but I’ll bet David will do it even though it warns those with heart, back and neck issues.


Our last fun for this day is to see Finding Nemo the Musical along with all these friends of ours.


The “puppets” are fantastic and their operators are on stage costumed with them but you hardly notice.









As we make our way out, I have to stop in Asia to see the tigers if I can.  I never come to Animal Kingdom without seeing them.  They are spectacular even taking a nap in the heat of the late afternoon.  Napping lying down or sitting up.



Reminds me of David  - eyes closed but sitting straight up. 


Most everyone is resting as we walk by.  Such a variety of horns.  Nature IS amazing!




Well not everyone is sleeping.  Some are cooling off in the water.  Wow what a mouth.





Next time I know I want to spend more time looking closely at the tree of life and hopefully see the 3D film and live show “
It’s Tough to be a Bug”.  It’s in the theater inside the tree but is closed today.  Hope that doesn’t mean it’s being swapped out for something else.  It’s really a favorite of mine.




From Dino to Asia to Africa as we make our way out of the park.  Here are some scenes along the way as we pass by Harambe.  I am always amazed at the look and feel of autenticity.









Crossing the final bridge.  Good-bye to Animal Kingdom.



Another idea for another day, lunch in the Rainforest Cafe.  But for today it’s an excellent backdrop so I can remember the day I completely filled up my Animal Kingdom Wilderness Explorer badge book!




BUT, since it’s only 5:00 when we leave Animal Kingdom, we head back over to the Magic Kingdom to see if we can catch the Electric Light Parade at 7:00.  David drives to Fort Wilderness and takes the bus, I take the bus and monorail.

I get there first – remember it was 5:00 when he left.  Walt and Mickey are still here at the head of Main Street.



The castle is getting its evening colors.



The lights are starting to gon on around town.



I’m just wandering around when David finds me and it isn’t any time at all until the skies open up and it’s pouring.
We happen to be in Fantasyland where there are not too many indoor venues so we hop on the boat in It’s a Small World.  I think this ride has been here forever as the song will be in your head if you take it.  I remember bringing Carrie for a day when she was about 4 and my mom just loved this.  It was my mom’s favorite ride.  I think of her.  I miss her every day.






It’s still raining when the ride is over.  People are standing around in the entrance just to get out of the rain and the Disney folks are trying to make room but it’s really conjested.  SO we go around again.   By the time we finish the second time it has turned to drizzle.


We stake out a spot to see the parade in front of the castle.  We wait and we wait.  The Disney folks are sweeping the water into the drains.  It was a downpour.  There’s lots of water.   They delay the parade…..7:10……7:20.   Thinking it’s quite possible that for the safety of the parade they are ultimately going to cancel it, we decide we’ll just have to catch it another time.




We see the skyline of the Magic Kingdom as we leave.




And on the boat on our trip back we are treated to the Electrical Water Pagent instead.  Lucky us!  Great day!


  1. Disney is such a wonder with all the variety of rides, places and parades. I'd like to see a Disney Geology park that takes us from the Big Bang to the building of Earth as we know it. Congrats on finishing your book.

  2. That Bunny could arrest me any day.
    Best to stay off the Dinosoar ride. I ride it every time and then wonder why. It is the most tossing jerking bouncing ride in Disney. Mechanically, it is a flight simulator type hydraulic system under a fake ' Jeep' and it is on a roller coaster type track. It allows movement in all directions. The track moves through jungle where dino's jump out as you are told to ' look out'. Now that I think about it, might be better than a doctor for pulling sore joints.
    Thanks for all the great pics

  3. Well, I wasn't impressed by the Bunny, but that pirate could spirit me away to his boat any day!

  4. The parrots and the hippos are my favourites among these shots!

  5. Loved Zootopia. We're waiting for it to come out in Redbox so we can watch it again :-). You had a really nice day!

  6. If you look at your lunch window photo you will see a brown path running down the street. This represents sewage running down the middle of streets prior to sewage systems. Just don't look out the window next time your eating your chowder.

  7. Wow, you saw a lot in one day.

  8. We missed Zootopia in the theater with my health issues, but it's coming out on DVD's this month. You can bet we're going to buy it.

    Finding Nemo show is our favorite show in AK, just amazingly done (like everything else in WDW). :cD

  9. Wow, that was a full and fun day! I loved Finding Nemo when we watched it with our daughter many years ago -- I think it would be fun to see the show. We still haven't seen Zootopia, but I think with so many good reviews we need to see it. Congratulations on finishing your book! :-)

  10. Not surprising to see the crowds grow during your day. Main Street looked so nice with fewer people in the morning :-) I continue to be amazed by all there is to see at DW. I imagine most people never see more than 50%. Love the birds, especially that last showy duck. A nautical light parade looks wonderful - what a treat :-)))))

  11. Wow another fantastic day at the Kingdom and what a variety of sights and color to enjoy. I am still amazed at this place and thank you for doing the tour for us. Of course I love the birds, I probably would be hanging out there for a long time just watching them.
    I think Sherry you are the only one I know who have done an extensive tour and enjoying every bit of it.

  12. Wonderful day! Hard to believe we did all that in one day, but we did. Of all the great pictures here, my two favorites are you about to be chomped by a dinosaur and later standing proudly with your completed Explorer Badge book! Go dear over achiever!

  13. That was a very full day. Dinoland ended up being quite exciting - I do like that picture of the dinosour biting your hand :) Great bird pictures too and, of course, the tiger. Disney never fails to entertain!!


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