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A Fantastic Bookshop and a WaterFall Bust

Thursday August 25, 2016                              
Winhall Brook Campground
South Londonderry, Vermont


Still no help on my problem with a 404 error not allowing me to post a blog on Hamilton Falls and Overlook Rocks. in Vermont  So I tried posting this one to see if it is just that post.  Turns out apparently it is.  Since this one posted, I’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with the other one or attempt to redo it..  Thank you all for all the comments of encouragement.  I was seriously tempted to throw in the towel on blogging but the consist comments kept me trying.  I honestly did absolutely nothing differently in creating this one than in creating the one that won’t post.


 IMG_9083Today we have to drive to Burlington to pick up David’s medications at a Walgreens pharmacy.  Given the number of medications he takes, we have to use our drug company’s “preferred pharmacy” for the best pricing.  Walgreens is it and the closest one to us is 60 miles away.   Obviously we’ll make a day of it.  We drive to the city, get the meds and get out as fast as we can.  I later learn there are actually some things we might like to see in Burlington.  We really do have an anti city bias.  AND there is a waterfall hike on the way back I want to have time for.

But I do stop for great bookstores so before going to Lyle Falls which in on our way back to the campground we are going right by Manchester Center and we stop at the Northshire Bookstore.  Just for a look never even suspecting that we could spend an entire day there.  What a fabulous place!



It’s a gorgeous independent bookstore.  Barnes and Noble eat your heart out.




Books, books, books and more books!








Books with Rocking Chairs nearby.  I think this is my spot given the category


Books in little bay windows with comfy seats.




And if you walk all the way to the back – voila, a cafe. Food and books what a great combination.






The book shop has two floors.  The children’s section is up there and look at the entrance there in the rear of this picture.



What a goreous old stairway not to mention the entry to it.  Fun for kids no doubt.



I could for sure spend all day in here but we want to do a waterfall hike so sadly it’s time to go.  On the way out we pass by this wonderful wooden bench.



Outside, across the street is a wonderful old New England church and line of interesting looking shops.



Walking back to our car we enjoy the sign on one of them.  Clearly we are a lot closer to the northern end of the AT than the souther.  It’s a long way to Springer from here.


Unfortunately for us, it starts to rain just as we finally get to the parking lot for our hike to Lyle Falls.



We had planned to have lunch on the trail or at the falls but clearly that is not to be.  David is smiling about having lunch behind the wheel in Ruby.  Not sure why.  I guess that’s what you do when someone takes your picture. 



There is a kiosk with information just to the right of where we are parked.  Becasue it has a roof over it, I run over to look at the map.  Clearly there are a number of Trail Heads (TH) in this area which is less than 18 miles from the campground.

I think we’ll have to come back twice. Once to hike Lyle Falls and once to spend a lot more time in Northshire Books Store.


  1. Being a college town, we found Burlington to be quite pleasant.

  2. What a charming fun looking bookstore! Did you manage to get out without purchasing anything? The town looks fun too! xxxooo

  3. What a great bookstore! Looks like a nice town too. And I love the bench.

  4. That does look like a fun town to spend a day walking around. I do wonder where they found those stairs. I think David is happy the rain saved him from the hike.

  5. Yet another thing we have in common....love of independent bookstores. It looks to be a really fun one. It always costs me a fortune when I find one. Spokane actually has a great one called Aunties, very much like the one you found. In addition there is a connected game and puzzle store with lots of unusual games and puzzles. Fun. I hate it when I get rained out but then I love being retired when I can just wait the weather out!!

  6. You do have a city bias - at least you admit it :) That bookstore looks wonderful and with a cafe, too, I can imagine being there all the time, if I lived there! I like the stair case - we're all kids at heart really. Dad's probably smiling because he's about to eat! Haha ;)

  7. Love bookstores like that! The Upstart Crow in San Diego is my favorite so far. Love that stairway!! I admittedly miss having books, but given that we read three or four a week there's no way we could make it work :-( Still, browsing a wonderful shop like this one is a treat. A comfy lunch surrounded by a nice rain, sounds like a reason to smile :-))))

  8. Love a good bookstore, especially if you were to happen on one during a rainstorm.

  9. What a cute little town. Too bad the hike didn't happen, but sitting in the car eating lunch, listening to the rain hit the roof would have been nice too.

  10. That bookstore is my idea of heaven!

    One of the other blogs I follow was having issues with Live Writer as well in the last couple of weeks.

  11. That bookstore is a beauty!!! Can just picture you spending a day there...of course, David would be in the cafe;o)) I agree with Carrie, David is about the happiest person I know when it comes to eating!!! Glad it appears to be a one post problem with Live Writer.

  12. Books and Treats in one spot, now that will make me grab both and sit in the corner.

  13. Nice little bookstore, sad that they are on the endangered species list with e-readers. :c(

  14. What a delightful bookstore! We love browsing good independent bookstores, even better if there's a little cafe attached. We have one in Ashland that we love.

  15. I too have a "city bias" yet little towns can be fun. Used to spend more time in bookstores, and libraries but limited space and time stop me from buying books. Hope you got back there.

    Sometimes the whole WWW is wonky. Thanks for not giving up.

  16. So funny I eat in the car alone all the time. Prefer it to eating outside with the wind and the bugs..or in this case the rain!

  17. Too little time for the town and the bookstore. Would have enjoyed sitting with a book in the cafe for a while rather than having lunch in the rain in the car, but who knew it would rain on our plan?


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