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Vermont Country Stores

Tuesday August 16, 2016                                                Most Recent Posts:
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A unique thing happens today, it rains.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any rain at all.  This is really rain off and on with sprinkling and misting but it is sure needed. Still makes for a dreary day. We use this as an opportunity to go Country Store hopping.



Of course in Vermont that means the Original Vermont Country Store in Weston Vermont which is just a short 10 miles north of us.   We diddle around enjoying the rain on the roof in the morning, have some lunch and when we arrive about 1PM it appears that everyone else has this same idea of what to do on a rainy day.  The parking lot is packed.  Inside the clerks tell us they have never seen a Tuesday like this.  Perhaps this is the last week before Vermont kids head back to school.





The greatest thing about the Vermont Country Store is the unique things you can find.  Lots of fun stuff and many items from former times that you think aren’t sold anymore.  There’s a chance that they are here.



A true housedress from the 50’s still being sold.

Sock monkeys and Raggedy Ann and Andy just like my Aunt Carrie used to make.  Well not JUST like since hers were individually made by hand.



There is the companion volume for men as well.



Hmmm, I want to see who buys this product but no one does while I am watching.



Moustaches are big here.    Everything you need including the stache.




This is not dessert, it’s soap.



Every Laundry supply you can imagine including the washboard should you require one.



Looks like Dick and Jane are making a comeback.  The ULTIMATE Dick and Jane seems to have all their adventures with Spot and others in one volume.   You have to be of a “certain age” to recognize.  “Look Jane!  Look!  See Spot?  See Spot Run?”  This is how many avid readers learned to read believe it or not.  They were exciting adventures at the time.



Love this old golden oak icebox now filled with super sugared sodas of all kinds including Moxie!



Next to the icebox is the antique toaster collection.  Worth a fortune and fun to look at.



Around the corner is the candy, penny and otherwise.   The area was packed, I was lucky to get this picture without people in front of me.  David got a bag and put his selections in.  Cost less than $1.00.  Probably the least expensive thing in the store and fun to pick out.



And of course with the late coloring craze for adults and in an election year…………..

Would have bought this shirt for our favorite Mr. Bill but they only had it in L and XL and XX. 


While we are inside wandering all around in spite of the crowd, it stops raining,  so we head out to check the older country store across the road.



Before we leave the property, David wants to check out the other buildings, most especially snack bar and restaurant.  No problem with the snack bar but they’ve just stopped serving lunch in the restaurant.





We head down the walk toward the road.  The flowers on the way are lovely.  They seem very happy about the rain.










As you can see, The Vermont Country Store has become a large enterprize with 3 buildings including the food offerings.  The idea is to come spend the day no doubt and if it’s your first time here, it just might take that long.  Lots of swings and rockers and checker board sets to amuse the non shopper.



Across the street is the “original country store”, the Weston Village Store which dates from 1891.  The Vermont Country store opened more than 50 years later in 1946.





Weston has more “touristy” type things and probably not a nationally famous catalog.  No doubt they get walk throughs like us from across the street.  Unfortunately many people have already spent all the money they are going to spend before they get to Weston.

Still I love some of the signs and sayings here.   They make me smile.  Some of these remind me of this year’s election outrage.




David’s favorite T-shirt


  And mine.  Everything seems to be LARGE.



Were I still buying “stuff” I might have chosen this for Carrie.


I’ve known some folks for whom this might be good advice.



I read the steps on the way upstairs to find out what I will see.  I also learn that upstairs was the town dance hall in the early to mid 20th century when this was still a complete country store and the only one in town.




Lots of toys on the second floor.



Looking down on the floor from the stairs as I come back down.  Love the ceiling.



Weston too has a snack shop and a cheese bar.



I laugh every time I read these and if the price had been even half way reasonable would have bought them all to dry our dishes.




We bid adieu to the Weston Moose and I wonder how he doesn’t mildew in the rain.  He’s bigger than me!  What fun it might be to gift him to someone who drives the DC Beltway in the HOV lane for 2 or more.  He’d make a great passenger.





Better weather tomorrow so hiking is on the radar!


  1. I love country stores! I really want a Dick and Jane book! Hope we get up there one of these days. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Always a fun place to visit and look around. Too bad about the restaurant closing when it did. I think they had PIE!

  3. My mother-in-law used to get the Vermont Country Store catalog, and actually ordered things from them. I always loved looking at that catalog. It would be even better in real life!

  4. We really enjoyed the small Vermont towns. They sure know how to charge the tourists:)

  5. I so love Vermont. All of it. Love the store photos brought back good memories.

  6. I used to get the Vermont Country Store catalog when I owned a house. Bought a LOT of decor for my home from there. Never got to the actual store when I was in Vermont. So nice to see rain! Wish we could get some here in CA :(

  7. I also got the catalog for years. I so well remember the ladies of the neighborhood wearing those housedresses in the 1950's. They look pretty awful to me now. I liked the Dick & Jane type early readers (since I went to a Catholic school we had "David & Ann" books). The repetition of the words was a big help I think - I don't know what they use now - my grandchildren are reading before they go to school. I didn't want to wait for school to learn to read either.

    It would be fun to go through the Old Vermont Store, but I don't buy stuff like that now so it could be a frustrating experience in some ways. I might have bought the book about not becoming an old lady, but don't know how it would work since I am already in transition! You got some great photos of the merchandise!

  8. What a store! I really need something to fix my Monkey Butt.

  9. I love, love these old country stores.

  10. I would take my time at that store even if I will simply drool at it since there is no place in the MH for stuff these days. Did you browse the contents of the book , how not to become a little old lady?

  11. I do remember learning to read Dick and Jane about the same time as buying penny candy. Fun stores to wander on a rainy day. Like your T-shirt choice. Love the towels.

  12. I ordered a pretty bed jacket for Eric's mom from the Vermont Country Store about 15 years ago—it was the only place I could find that carried such an apparently old fashioned item! Seeing the photos of the store is fun—although I think I would be a bit overwhelmed by so much stuff!

  13. Now we have to go back, didn't have time for that one.

  14. I swear by the Monkey Butt powder, I use it when I ride my motorcycle. Had I been there with you, you would have seen me buying it by the case! :cD

  15. A marvellously eclectic shop! Thanks for sharing it!

  16. What a wonderful couple of old stores - more of what I thought Wall Drug would be instead of the nightmare that is its reality. Loved reading Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot!! the flowers are beautiful and the moose delightful.

  17. Hilarious...I, of course, loved the signs and towels :) That moose is fantastic and you look good in those shades! I imagine you had great fun there...I would have too!! PS...I smile because I'm your daughter. I laugh because there's nothing YOU can do about that :) I know, I know...I'm the greatest..well, so are you ;) Love you to the moon!!!!

  18. Whenever I see Dick and Jane it makes me remember when I was in 6th grade I participated in a program teaching the 1st graders to read. Sadly I don't think the school do things like that anymore which is a shame because we all know nothing inspires a young child more than to hang out with the big kids and want to do the things they can do!


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