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One Out of Two Isn’t Bad

December 13 & 14, 2016                                                              Most Recent Posts:
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St.  Augustine, Florida






What a wonderful day we had in St. Augustine and seeing its Nights of Lights yesterday.  That post is the first one above under Most Recent Posts.

Today we spend most of the day on the beach before heading to the Lighthouse.






I have it all planned out.  We’ll arrive at 3:30, take the tour and spend the rest of the time until sunset on the grounds and in the museum before climbing the light at sunset. We arrive right on time to find this sign saying that the last tour is at 3pm. SIGH……. If we are going to pay our $12, we want the tour. SO, knowing there will no doubt be a next time since we seem to be trapped in Florida for the winter, we put it on the list of things to return for.   We can do that and visit the Lightner Museum.  

But in order to duplicate this plan I have to arrange to be here within two days of the full moon during the Nights of Lights.

Oh well, we saw the Nights of Lights this time and one out of two intentions isn’t bad.






Today is our last day at Anastasia.  David heads out for the clinic for an all day infusion.  I go down to the beach. 

The skies are blue and full of white clouds as I take the boardwalk for the last time.






I guess these are the sandmen that Pat Boone or was it Patty Page sang about.
Florida’s answer to the snowman.



Not many people out today.  The two in their bathing suits are dressed quite differently from the biker and those walking along the beach.  




It’s a beautiful day on a beautiful beach and I’m surprised more people aren’t out to experience the wonder that is nature.








Time for me to go back to make dinner.  David will be home after a very long day. 

I’m so sorry he missed this praiseworthy afternoon.




On my way home on a previous day I passed a gopher tortoise at nearly this same spot.  Today an armadillo is snuffling around.
Nature is just grand!



  1. Didn't know there were armadillo's in Florida. Florida's not such a bad place to be trapped during winter. Looking forward to hearing aout your Christmas

  2. Hi Sherry and Dvid, the two people on the beach must be Canadians, coming from freezing temps and making the most of the situation.
    We've been following your blog for quite some time and included you on our side bar of "My Blog List" so you have some of our readers looking into your posts as well.
    I enjoy your pictures. Best Wishes

    1. I'm so glad to hear from you Marilyn and know that you've been following for quite a while. I hope you'll comment more often. I love hearing from you too. Thank you so much for the compliment of including me in your blog list. I thought the same thing about the folks in the bathing suits being from Canada or Minnesota. HA!

  3. The picture of the armadillo is such a good one. I doubt I've ever seen one, even in a zoo (which I no longer visit).

  4. I cracked up at the lady riding her bike all bundled up. It's like that in CA now, I guess we're acclimated. Been very cold in the morning, freeze warnings up even. I sit in the recliner bundled up in a quilt most nights!

  5. The advantage to longer stays is that ability to return to catch the things you miss! Such a lovely beach, we sure enjoyed our week on the water. I can relate to the biker too - I have to take a jacket to go inside anywhere in LA as they find it necessary to have the AC on very low temps - yet all the locals are in t-shirts and shorts inside. Armadillos are just the strangest critters - we've seen our first here in the state park. Love David's Santa hat for the beach :) Looking forward to seeing how you celebrated the Solstice!

  6. I've never seen an armadillo in the wild. What a critter!

  7. I must stop at St. Augustine one of these winters. It looks so nice. I hope you and David are doing ok. We will be finally getting to Florida this weekend. I'm looking forward to the sun and warm weather :-).

  8. I didn't know Florida had armadillos. Our amazing country . . .

  9. Your beach shots are so appealing...we're currently freezing in Oregon. So happy you saw the holiday lights in St. Augustine. That's where we were about this time last year, and it was magical. Sorry you missed the lighthouse tour—it's still on our list, too. :-)

  10. Beach seems pretty quiet:) Somehow we never managed to visit th elighthouse. Looking forward to your pictures when you do.

  11. I agree with Roger, there are much worse places to be trapped in Winter than Florida. I am surprised I like it so well. Based on my first encounters before we retired, I thought it was all old people and backed up traffic in over-developed spralls. There is that, however it is true that you don't have to go there at all since there is much undeveloped and preserved land too. That is what I love in Florida. Anastasia beach is a great example of the natural beauty we enjoy. Thanks for the great pictures to remind me!

  12. Your beach shots are very inviting and I can only dream about it as we are freezing here in California!

  13. Yea, probably Canadians in bathing suits. I'd be with the bundled lady just not on a bike. Looks a lovely last day this time. Happy New Year!

  14. Sorry you missed the lighthouse tour!! Next time!! A beautiful day at the beach can't be beat! Glad Florida makes it possible! I'd definitely pick your day over Dad's!

  15. An armadillo!!! I'd love to see an armadillo- I've never seen a real one! Looks like you had the beach to yourself only having to share with a couple of people and the birds. Perfect! xxxooo


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