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Happy Summer Solstice

June 21, 2017 Wednesday                                               Most Recent Posts:
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Mount Desert Island, Maine


I’m skipping ahead a week to wish you all a wonderful Summer Solstice on the very day.  Well actually if you are in a time zone west of Eastern, then the solstice was yesterday since the actual time was 12:24am today Eastern Time.

I was up in the dark for the 4:48am sunrise. The moon was a sliver as the dawn was barely beginning.



By 3:45, Nancy Mills and I are driving up Cadillac Mountain to greet the day at the top of one of the first spots in the US to get the sun’s rays.   Unlike the last few foggy, rainy, cloudy days, this morning dawns bright and clear.  As we reach the bottom of the mountain the cars are pouring in.  Looks like all the people we invited to our party are on time.




The show begins.
















The moon is still up in the sky as the sun as the colors gather down at the horizon.








And here it comes.  Just a glimmer.



We’ve begun the longest day of the year.  What a great beginning.



David has to spend today at the clinic for his infusion so he is unable to join Nancy and Bill and I later in the morning when we head in to Bar Harbor for a walk on the former estate of George Dorr who is known as the father of Acadia National Park.  The story of the park is an intersting one in that it is the only national park to be created entirely from donated land.  Much of that came from George Dorr whose family fortune financed the purchase of many pieces of land that were later donated to create the park.  Dorr actually died in near povery in 1944 after having been the park’s first superintendent.  It seemed fitting to visit the land he so loved on the day of Summer Solstice.

The grounds of the estate are beautiful. 





Unfortunately his lovely home is no longer standing. A very sad story in my mind. Only the foundation, a patio or two and stairs leading into and from the house remain. 




But beautiful Compass Point that he so loved is now available for all to enjoy.





















Later in the day, David and I continue our celebration by setting up our bird station.  I have wanted a set up for the birds since we first began full timing 7 years ago but we really do not have a place for the  sheperds hook to travel with us.  Our car isn’t big enough for it and neither are any of our outside storage bins.   But this year, after seeing the one Nancy and Bill have set up, I decided that I wanted it badly enough to wrap the pole in a blanket and put it in living room of the motorhome while we travel.  

There are 4 feeders – one song bird mix, a suet, a thistle sock and a hummingbird feeder.
Ok guys, dinner is served!!   This way.



And of course there must be a Solstice Cake.  Nancy and Bill are going to help us with it since Carrie isn’t here.   Help us eat it that is.





David’s cutting a little corner for Nancy at her request and the rest of the slice for Bill at his request.  Bill is watching carefully.




Summer Solstice marks the turning point in the year which has been waxing since the Winter Solstice in December. We’ve all been cheering as the days get longer and warmer, the nights shorter and less cold. But now things are turning once again. 

With Summer Solstice, we begin the waning process. It’s easy not to notice it with the Earth so green and full of bountiful harvest but things are always changing.   It’s the Wheel of the Year.

Wishing all of you Bright Blessings on this longest day of the year. 
I hope you did something to celebrate that despite our arrogance toward the intricacy and fragility of our environment, the sun is still on its yearly rounds.  
May it always be so. 




  1. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful. There is no place to watch anything from where I live, but my bedroom window faces south east, so I get a good view in that direction every hour or so that I have to get up to go to the bathroom! Also, I can watch the moon travel across the sky at night. I miss seeing stars, and fewer are visible every year I think, unless you are away from city lights.

  2. Congrats on being able to see the solstice. I never thought of it and since I am in WA state at the moment would have missed it anyways:)

  3. Thanks for the memories... Great photos of a wonderful day!!!

  4. Ayuhhhhh! Sure is a pretty sunrise up on the mountain.

  5. Amazing pictures.

  6. Wow, what beautiful shots of the sunrise on the best day! Nice that you were able to share it with Bill and Nancy!

  7. Thank you for taking us along for this wonderful sunrise! Awesome! I went to a garden party that evening, so that was my celebration!

  8. So glad there are so many hardy folks willing to get up in the middle of the night to share this beautiful morning. What a spectacular morning over the water! Your photos are wonderful:) Thanks for getting up for those of us snoozing away:) They really need to move sunrise to later in the day...haha! Beautiful coastal photos, as well.

  9. What a glorious dawn!

    I was familiar with Mr. Dorr's story. Quite a man.

  10. What a lovely way to celebrate the longest day of the year. Starting with a beautiful sunrise and ending with cake not to mention a wonderful walk in between.

    Happy Summer!
    Celebrating the Dance

  11. Now I know you're going to have a wonderful time with Nancy and Bill hanging out with you. RV friends are the best! :c)

  12. How wonderful! I must say I'm impressed with all those with you before dawn. And that cake...oh how delicious I know it is. Beautiful icing sun! Happy Solstice! I missed celebrating it with you. Love the feeders. I hope you get pictures of some cool bird visitors.

  13. What an awesome sunrise to engulf yourself into. Your pics are fantastic and Compass Point int the Park was beyond beautiful and serene...thanks for sharing!

  14. What a beautiful sunrise you sure did it up with your pictures

  15. Wonderful - you did it! And you had company :-) I had tears as I watched the sun rise on the solstice. Acadia is so beautiful, I'm already enjoying it through your eyes. Love the cake!!

  16. Thank you for your great shots of the predawn and dawning of the sun on the Solstice. Wonderful to see! That was rather way too early for me to rise & shine, ;)

  17. My Mom had a thing for summer solstice. I don't think there was ever a year that she didn't call to wish us a happy solstice. I don't remember her baking a cake to celebrate. :)

  18. Wow, I can’t believe you had all that company that early in the morning! But what a wonderful way to celebrate the dawning of the Summer Solstice. I love your bird buffet set up! And I know the birds will love it. Can’t wait to see who you attract – it will certainly be a variety with all that you’re offering. Now you need a little birdbath to go along with it. :-) Happy Solstice! So much to be grateful for.

  19. Oh Sherry, the solstice sunrise is spectacular and you really captured the feel of welcome to summer. Does look like you had a bit of company. And the best kind to share the solstice cake which looks delish. I do love to watch the birds but have concerns about introduced bird seed in a national park.

    1. Gaelyn I'm glad you brought the idea of concern for bird seed in National parks to my and others attention. I hadn't thought of it before. We are not in the national park by the jump ahead time of this post. But I didn't mention that my other concern about a bird feeder was the short term use of it. Birders convinced me that birds are opportunistic and will find other sources once I leave. Would love your opinion on that.

  20. Spectacular sunrise! I so wanted to do that while we were. Thank you for being there and showing us how the day began with your great shots. I believe you celebrated the summer solstice the best, being in the perfect spot to see the sunrise first in the whole USA!
    I agree with you birds are opportunistic, the only time I won't put up mine is when it is clearly prohibited to do so.

  21. We camped with the kids in Acadia when they were small and I always love reading posts from folks visiting there. Cadillac Mountain was one of my favorite spots and I have a picture I took of the kids there hanging in the hallway. How special to be there for such a lovely sunrise on the Summer Solstice!


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